Neziah, The Glyph Born Lich

by Ela

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead Magic Non-Human lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Warning: Adult/Dark/Gore/Questionable Morals

Neziah, lich, Glyph Crafter, Conqurer. Her tale is a sordid one, and starts at her first death, the death of her old self, of her weakness. Filled with self loathing and a desire for more, Rose, the weakest of the Guild within the empire set out with her alchemy and her lore books to find the old Glyphs, to find the Tomb of The Foremost and their secret. She found it, and it contained more than she bargained for. Killed for her troubles, brought back for her sucess, she remade herself, in an image she can now truly live with. As one of the powerful, now she begins her true task, her desire.

To bring low the Guild, and the Empire itself, to reveal to those within it the sordid, rotting corruption she lived with and suffered from.

Little Rose is dead, wilted in the cold power that floods her now. Neziah is all that remains.

They will learn, they will know the truth, they have been judged, and found wanting. This is Neziah's story, this is Rose's story, and the story of all those in the Empire who rise with her.

The Empress is here, Long Live the Empress. Long Live Neziah.


Tentative Schedule - Going to be posting every week at least once, no set day yet. Possibility of more posts each week depending on time.

Cover Artwork - Done by Pershun (Commission) - - -

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Very interesting story so far centered around a woman who becomes a Lich and starts to builod an Empire in response to a culture of Strength and Might is Right makes others the playthings, the disposable. She has some serious grudges and some seriously bad things happen to her (rape/torture). These are in small flashbacks though and are well done, to drive the story and character development. This is not dark and edgy for the sake of it. I would recommend following this.

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Good. Read it. That's all. 
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Unfortunately I had to give this story a bad score.

Apparently this author has never learned the difference between a comma and a period. Frankly, trying to read this is quite appalling. 

As of now I don't recommend this to anyone until the writer fixes this. And considering just about every single sentence is a run-on or comma-splice sentence it means an entire rewrite of the story.

A pity as I would have like to read this. The plot seemed somewhat interesting.

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So far pretty unique story

 I like the idea and story so far, but you need to go thru and remove all of the not a chapter/hiatus notices. If anything put them in the author notes at either the beginning or the end of the chapters, out of 25 posts more than 20% are not actual chapters.