Episode 3: Chapter 35 - Helpless

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The fight lasted longer. I faced the Rock Knight and another one called Thane. He uses wind, so he was able to keep up with my speed powered by magic. I was having fun earlier and now I have to deal with the Rock Knight and his freakin’ spear! He was faking his fatigue too!

I’m so fucking stupid!

Now I need to mind attacks from both sides and I’m wary about the other one who came with that Thane-guy but I have no choice but to focus on their attacks.

I can’t use my qi yet! I need to save it after they’re done!

“Sit ventis veni ad caput meum!”

Wind projectiles from Thane flew towards me, while the Rock Knight continued to attack with his spear. The 3 meter long spear wasn’t slow either, it was even faster compared to his punches earlier.

Their continuous assault eventually left me with shallow cuts and bruises but I know I can still take it. I just need more time, dammit!

After a couple of spells from Thane, the ground shook. Then I knew, that was my cue! The beating of the door was all for this!

Jordan heard it! Yes!

I got ready to run and luckily, the wind barrier flickered and finally disappearing from the forest.

“Nice! I’d hate to be a party pooper but, see ya!”


“Sit ventis veni ad caput meum!” “I imperium terrae!”

The two knights called magic to stop me. A 3 meter earth wall stood in front and 3 tornadoes formed to surround me. It was amazingly awesome! But it wasn’t enough to stop me.

I focused qi on my legs and jumped over the earth wall and sped through the tornadoes blocking me. The tornadoes tried to run me over but qi channeled legs are way faster than a magic buffed one!

I passed through the tornadoes but the ground shook once again, more stronger than the last one. There, I stumbled on a root and almost fell flat on my face.

“Woah! That was a big one!”

I stopped to check the surrounding and saw the trees shook, birds flying from their nests and animals running away.


Dozens of the same voice echoed around me. It was a clear sounding voice that reminds me of spoiled princess. It should sound amazing, but with all the echoes, it made me mildly annoyed.

“2,7... 10, 12... 15?! Is this a cloning technique or something?! I want to do it too!”

I excitedly count the clones. If I can use the same skill, then I can doo all the barrages I want to defeat stronger monsters!

Surrounding me were 15 beautiful silver haired beauties of the same face. I can only see 15, but there might be others hiding on the trees for a sneak attack. I stood still. Against these odds, running is the most effective.

Five of the clones came to rush at me, in their hands were two ornate daggers and their stern blue-eyed gazes glowed magnificently in moonlight.

I parried an lunge with the back of my hand, the dodged a jump slash and kicked another near me. It was an all-out brawl. After one finished an attack, another one would enter and every time I delivered a critical blow, they would collapse into puddles of water, falling on the forest ground. Then, another one blobs up.

“What on earth?!”

This time, my puns dealt more damage than laughs. The angry reaction from the beauty was much stronger than her previous attacks. Soon, the cuts and bruises continued to pile up and my focus wavered. My qi flickered unstably leaving me undefended.

Her daggers bore through my skin, cutting my cloak, my clothes and my flesh. It wasn’t fatal, but blood spilled from my side.


Looks like forcing the plan to happen earlier was a bad move. I haven’t recovered from mental fatigue due to my travels, so I now I’m in a pinch! Without qi, I used my gauntlets to deflect the blades coming at me. Then I activated a card I got from Nadi.

Smoke hissed loudly from the card covering a radius of 10 klicks. The clones dissolved in confusion and I used that chance to run away from the area. Without a stable magic to power my legs or qi to channel, I used another card to dig, cover and hide myself until my pursuers give up.

... is what’s supposed to happen, but...


Big sis trained me to be able to sense my surroundings and it’s not just my immediate surroundings, I could sense at least a radius of 5-8 klicks. Though shorter compared to big sis’ it was wide enough to hide myself.

But, since an hour ago, I could still sense the beauty’s presence around that small radius. From the presence, I understood that it was just her clones but to scour the whole forest just for one measly assassin?

The ditch I dug was a little wide, making it easier for me to pace around. I covered it with a layer of hardened dirt and left holes for me to breath, it’s basically a bunker.

With my blood slowly draining, I felt the hot stinging pain from my wound and my body slowly getting colder. I’m not equipped for an encounter like this! Aren’t I supposed to level up slowly?!

From weak minions to stronger ones?! I’m not good at planning but I know there shouldn’t be strong guards here!

Who are they?

The Rock Knight was a strong earth mage and is an expert, no, probably a master spear-user. That Thane guy was also a strong wind mage. And that woman!

WHY ARE THERE ONLY STRONG PEOPLE?! Is Aurelis a hub for the strong?!

I grit my teeth in frustration. I knew I’ll meet someone stronger than me sooner or later, but I never thought there would be this many. If I waited after three days, would everything still work as planned?


I wanted to scream. I wanted to punch something, anything! But I was already weak, moving hurts and my consciousness wavers.

If only... if only...

My frustration piled up. I was rarely ever cornered like this back on earth and ever since coming here. And if I was, I would break through with my guns or fists.

Fatigue and frustration caught up with the pain making me weaker. Tears gradually formed in the corner of my eyes. I lay there, still. Silently panting for air.

Shit! Shit...!

The tears hanged on, threatening to fall into blobby drops. If I still have qi, I can make my body move even for a little bit! If they’re just normal opponents then it’s fine but I underestimated them! If...!

Now fear crept up as well. Memories of deaths of countless of people I know flashed. Is it my turn now? My throat was dry and the image of my death was starting to get clear in my mind.

I realized that without qi, big sis, big bro and Nadi, I’m helpless.


Curled in the corner of the ditch, I reluctantly called my brother through telepathy.

[Bro... help...!]

Silent sobs left my mouth.


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