Undead Anima



Chapter 24- Farming monsters


After a month of training and also learning various things I'm completely ready to go outside.
Im outside right now wearing my usual armor. Death empress garb, it's a magic item that has high defense and also absorb dark elements. A sleeveless indigo shirt tied with a yellow ribbon in the neck part while its tail extends from my right arm unto my back neck. Also my neck is decorated with deep violet colored roses. In my right arm are a big shoulder plate in a shape of a skull with only one red eye intact and an alignment of the teeth that looks like it's smiling, sometimes when I use my necromancy skill I sometimes felt it just move. My arms are covered with white wide sleeves decorated with red markings. Also under my body, I wore dark violet short skirts covered by a long white cape that the hem splits into five pointy parts and a wide part on its back ( kinda like this ΙΙ|ΙΙ). My legs are covered with black stockings and black boots with a skull on it. I think this armor is too revealing, since my upper part only covered my chest till my neck, showing my abdomen. I'm actually just 14 years old, well the inside is actually already 18 years old.

"Now, what should I do?"

"Well, let's try to find some prey first right. Milord." (Loki)

Today joining me on my way to level up is the Wanderer's clan, Loki.

"Hmm, okay then."

"Sylph, Hawkeye!" (Loki)

So this is the monster users.

"Found several kobolds, a pack of goblins, and also I saw one golem."

"Then let's hunt them all!" (Loki)

➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖

"Root bind!"

"Gueh!!!!" (Kobold)

Since I've level up my Overgrowth skill my skills rank up, my root bind are now the exact same size as a mature tree and instantly crush the kobold's body.

"Milord to your right." (Loki)

"Okay!! Snake vine!"

A green scaled snake with the size of a boa appeared strangling the kobold.
Now all of them started to attack me, five kobolds ran straight to me.

"【 Overgrowth 】"

Huge roots appeared on the ground taking a hold to the kobolds making them immobilize.

"Thou wisdom is from the world, words of fruitful merit. I'm am beloved by the forests, thy shall become one with the earth. 《 Words of the forest 》"

This skill enables me to connect my mind with the forest, and right now I'm one with the forest. The vegetation around me started to grow.


The combination of this skill with the words of the forest are amazing. Flowers all around me started to bloom and let out a gust of pollen encircling the kobolds.


After a while, poison ivies came out of their skin, the roots are visibly crawling under their skin.

"Their already dead huh."

【 Level up conditions been met: LVL 10 >> LVL 11】

NAME: Vetys Stygal
LVL: 11
RACE: High lich
ATTRIBUTES: Death, life

HP: 4300/4300 【 Undead: High regeneration 】
MP: 【 Infinite 】

UNIQUE SKILLS: Necromancy 【③】, Overgrowth 【④】
PASSIVE SKILLS: Undead charm 【①】, Curse touch 【①】, Eye of life(left) 【②】, Eye of death(right) 【①】
ARCANE ARTS: Niflheim, Vivera la vita, Extinction

TITLE: Undead Empress of the fallen clan』

The status system, according to Velvet-sensei, the level system only had 100 levels. My current level is 11, it will be a while for me to level up. In order to gain more experience points i need to kill more. Skills will level up when I reach a tenth level.
Hmm, kill? Now that you think about it, I'm literary killing right now. Beings that has a life and a pulse.
It never cross in my mind that these creature also had a life. Ever since I came into this world, my mind is completely fixated to my clan. When I'm on my first battle, when I experience my first kill, it's seems normal to me like it's already part of my system. The feeling of flesh being cut with my scythe, I think it's pleasurable.
Is this the effect of my body becoming a monster? When you think of it, I'm actually experienced in small fighting.
I'm a normal person before I came to this world and right now I'm killing living beings.
I never even killed an ant in my entire life.

"Uhm? Milord, are you okay?" (Loki)

My mind return to normal after I heard a familiar voice.

"Loki!umm...yes I'm fine."

"You were frozen a little while ago, are you sure your okay milord?" (Loki)

"Yes! It's just that...Loki? Can I ask you a question?"

"Anything milord!" (Loki)

"Do you feel any sympathy killing these monsters?"

"Well, at first I'm scared to even hold a blade, but after a little experience I'm kinda get used to it. For feeling sympathy, I don't, because monsters also killed people so it's kinda mutual." (Loki)

"I see.."

Loki and I continued our hunting.


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