【 Level up conditions been met: LVL 11 >> LVL 14】

6 more to earn a skill level up.
It's been 7 hours after we killed those kobolds. We targeted the goblins next and I earn 2 level. After it we encounter some pack of great wolves and I got another level. Then we attack the golem roaming around, I didn't level up this time, and right now we just killed some Treants.

"Still no level up."

"Hmm.. I'm seeing a strange cave right now." (Loki)

"Cave? Where? What of it?"

"Monsters are gathering there." (Loki)

"Can we defeat them?"

"Hmm, maybe. They're just goblins, kobolds and slimes." (Loki)

"Then let's go."

Me and Loki go to the strange cave.

➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖

We've reach our destination and currently hiding in a bush surveying the surroundings.


I silently chant my skill, the flowers in the surroundings bloom and releases pollens to the monsters outside the cave. After a while, one by one, they all fainted.

"Hmm, guess they're dead." (Loki)

"Let's go."

I ready my staff and head straight inside the cave.
Loki took out a dagger since his skills aren't useful in a close space.

"Root bind!"

Goblins are strangled by thick roots.
Since the path is straight, monsters are coming in one direction.
We steadily progress without any casualties.

"Milord are you gonna be okay? You used so much magic today, maybe we should rest." (Loki)

"I'm okay! I can still ran."

After training with Vox-sensei, I can somehow control my mana consumption so that I don't lose consciousness when I used too much mana.

"Then milord, what should we do now?" (Loki)

Me and Loki found two paths.

"Hmm, how about we split?" (Loki)

"Eh? But how about you?"

"I'm okay, since the monsters are weak I can fight on my own." (Loki)


"I'm sure milord!" (Loki)

"Then be safe! Let's go!"

Loki took the left path and I took the right path.

After separating, I didn't encounter any monsters.
I've been walking half an hour and no sign of any monster.
Until I found a huge space and a huge door.
I got the feeling that this place is bad.


I heard something above me.
I look up and I saw about twenty giant centipedes.

"This is really bad!"

One after another they all drop from the ceiling.



I stuck the staff on the ground and a magic circle appeared together with huge roots crawling towards the centipedes.

"They are sure nimble!"

With their hundred legs they escape my roots and start to crawl towards me.


Flowers appeared from the roots and erupt an explosion of pollens.

"Hmm? Nothing's happening?!"

The centipedes didn't even slow down, they continued their chase to me.

"I completely forgot, centipedes has poison themselves. Guess they have resistance towards it."

I took my staff from the ground and used overgrowth again.
Roots appeared creating a tall tower with me in the top.

"Snake vine!"

I summon five snakes to confront the climbing centipedes.
The snakes manage to kill one but only two snakes remained.

"If that's the case, I'll try this skill! Snake vine! Overgrowth!"

I touch my root foothold and let my mana flow in it.
The tower slowly turn to a root dragon, with long slender wooden body, yellow eyes and a flowing root as whiskers on its nose, it's back are overgrown by leaves that represents a mane. And I'm standing on top of its forehead.


The root dragon roared and started to charge towards the centipedes crushing several of them.

【 Level up conditions been met: LVL 14 >> LVL 15 】

Shrieking sound of crushed centipedes resounds in the room.
After great havoc of the root dragon all of them are annihilated.
If Loki encountered this, I don't think he will survive. But Loki is good at escaping somehow.

【 Level up conditions been met: LVL 15 >> LVL 16 】

The door then slowly opened with a creaking sound.

I'm a little tired but I am still go on, I haven't met Loki yet and maybe he's in that room.

I ordered the root dragon to enter, a dark room and only the crystal chandelier emits a faint glow.

"I think this is a boss room."

*clap *clap

"VERY GOOD!!! VERY GOOD!!" (???)

Floating blue lanterns appeared suddenly and brighten the room.

"Welcome to my dungeon! Let me introduce myself, I'm Casp, the demon phantom." (Casp)

"Dungeon? What clan are you?"

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Fool! This is a dungeon, lord Pride had given me! Now prepare to die so I can eat your soul!HAHA" (Casp)

"Pride eh! Demon clan!"

"Let the show begin!" (Casp)


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