Chapter 8


[You have slept in your own bed. HP & CP have been restored. All aliments & negative status have been cured.]

Raito woke up unenthusiastically knowing that he was going to be transferred to 1-A which he thought to be group of crazy peoples. Shaking his head he woke up and stretched and started walking to his new daily assignment which was to wake up a loud mouth. But to his surprise he found the bed to be empty. So looking at the window, at the backyard he saw a yellow haired boy to be doing famous stretching. Not wanting to be out done, Raito also went to backyard where after greeting Naruto he also started stretching but this time he didn’t get any stat up notification even after one hour. So, he continued half hour more when got +1 DEX notification which made him a little happy when the stretching ended.

“Naruto let’s fight.” Said Raito

“Huh? Sure.” Replied Naruto

“But you will not use shadow clone and I will not use my chakra sense.”Explained Raito

Naruto nodded and started running towards Raito where as Raito took a defensive stance. Naruto threw a right straight and Raito caught the fist and tilted back and kicked Naruto on the chin and at the same time released his hand. Raito back flipped and stood looking at Naruto then again he took a defensive stand and asked, “Are you giving up Naruto?”

“Damn it!” roared Naruto as he again ran and threw his right fist and again Raito caught the wrist but this time Naruto in turn also caught Raito’s wrist and attacked with his left punching Raito’s face.

“Haha nice counter it seems you did learn something yesterday.” Said Raito as he moved forward and started attacking Naruto with punches and kicks and Naruto guarded against some and dodged with some. Raito’s attack became faster and faster after which he also added grabs and throws. Naruto was bruised and battered and also covered in dirt.

“You didn’t have to hit that harder, you nearly killed me Raito, it still hurts.” Complained Naruto

“But Naruto you recover fast so why worry, before going to academy you will heal pretty nicely.” Said Raito

“But even so it hurts.” Mumbled Naruto. “Say Raito can we go to that place again today, I want to practice some more.”

“Ok sure Naruto after we come back home. But before that why don’t you make clones for some reading and practicing calligraphy? ” Smiled Raito.

“Ah I forgot about that.” Naruto laughed awkwardly and produced two shadow clones where they went to do their things.

Both went to kitchen and Raito guided Naruto in making rice, eggs and vegetables for the breakfast and the result were nice to be said

While eating Raito said, “Ah Naruto I forgot to say but from today onwards I am going to be in your class.”

“Really!? But why?” asked Naruto

“You should be just happy that I am going to be in your class. Why are you asking too much question?” snorted Raito

“Hehe I am really happy. Now I have someone to sit with me.” Smiled Naruto

“Huh? Don’t you have a bench partners or someone you sit with? I mean every class has even number of students divided and didn’t Iruka-sensei assign partners to you all? So what happened?” asked Raito

“In the first year of the academy the kid dropped the program saying it was difficult or so. And from then on the seat has always been empty.” Replied Naruto as he finished eating.

“Ah Naruto why don’t you clean the house while I clean the dishes.” Said Raito

Naruto nodded as he made two shadow clones and started cleaning the houses. Raito thanked his WIS stat for thinking that he should teach Naruto how to clean the house properly otherwise he would have been hearing destroying of various things.

‘I should do something about my stealth; books on stealth are decreasing fast.’ Thought Raito as he washed the dishes

“Raito I am done cleaning.” Shouted Naruto

“I really envy your shadow clone technique.” Said Raito as he collected all the books he could find

“Hehe what can I say I really have the talent to be envy of.” Said Naruto with a big smile as he rubbed his head

Raito locked the door and stopped and looked at Naruto and said, “Naruto why don’t you activate the seal today?”

With a big smile he stepped forward and made a half a half ram seal with is right hand and open palm with right hand he placed his hand on the door. A yellow-orange layer of chakra glowed around Naruto and passed through his hand and went to the seals and activating it.

“What was that?” said the stunned Raito

“Mm? That?” asked Naruto confused

“That orange light covering you. What was that?” asked Raito

“Ah that was yang chakra or chakra related to life force; it was written in the book that people from my clan had incredibly strong life forces, granting us tremendous stamina and vitality and it was all because of this chakra.” Said Naruto

“Wow does it do anything else?” asked Raito curiously

“I think it is a bloodline thing but when my yang chakra is strong enough I can form chains, chains made with yang chakra.” Said Naruto with a V sign.

“Chains?”Raito raised an eyebrow

“Not just any chain but adamantine chain the strongest chain there is which can even hold down a tailed beast.” Said Naruto with pride

“Tailed beast like a dog or wolf or something.” asked Raito

“What? No.”

“Then what is tailed beast?”

“Uh don’t know I haven’t read till that chapter.” Said Naruto in a guilty voice

‘Uzumaki? Adamantine Chain? hold down Tailed beast?’ questioned Raito mentally

‘I feel like I am missing something. Something really important.’ Thought Raito mentally

“Wait where did you read all this from?” asked Raito as he knew Naruto wouldn’t have read a lot of books.

“I read from the book you gave me, it also talked about Uzumaki clans, their history, their abilities and some seals.” Said Naruto

“All those things there? But when I looked I only saw seals on one side and description on other side.” Said Raito

“What are you talking about look here this page has the origin of Uzumaki clan and this page talks about their establishment of the village in the land of whirlpool and……..” Naruto continued explaining


Beginner fuinjutsu book

- A book guide to learn basic level fuinjutsu

- Uzumaki blood seal- only people of Uzumaki blood line are able to read the true content of the book.

“Fuck me I should have done it sooner. I just made me look like a fucking fool.” Cursed Raito

“What Raito?” asked Naruto surprised at his friends anger

“Nothing I was being stupid it seems I got your stupidity affecting me too.”

“Oi I am not a stupid.”

“Then why haven’t you told me about the blood seal? Aren’t you a fuinjutsu practitioner?”

“Ah that I didn’t think about it but anyway let’s go to the class.” Said Naruto as he ran towards the academy

“Don’t think I will forget about it Naruto, ah and why don’t I make some bamboo shoots tonight? Huh?” Replied Raito as he also ran to the academy

Class 1-A

“Oi you guys did you hear?”

“What are you talking about?”

“The demon brat, he was taken in.”

“You mean Na-”

“Shut up. Do you want to get us killed?”

“Didn’t you hear about the Spring Silk Company?”

“Mm, the chairman got changed yesterday.

“And did you know who the previous chairman was?

“Some fatty’s dad in another class.”

“Fatty? Who?”

“No idea but I heard he was taken by an ANBU.”

“Maybe he did something stupid.”

“Not just stupid but he violated S-class secret given by Hokage-sama himself.”

“Is he really that stupid or what?”

“But how does it relate to the demon brat?”

“Everything is related to that demon. Listen………”

As the thin boy narrated what happened yesterday the two boys paled.

“I heard it from my friend in class 1-B so it is 100% true

As the boys were discussing, Choji was standing listening to what they were saying and the more he heard the angrier he got. Shikamaru had to drag him and calm down.

At the same time Naruto and Raito entered the classroom and everyone stopped talking.

“Choji, Shikamaru morning.” Yelled Naruto

“Yo.” Raito also waved his hand

“Naruto!! Why are you so loud early in the morning? Some of us are trying to sleep. So shut up.” Said a boy with a messy brown hair, sharp black eyes with vertical slit-like pupils, pronounced canine teeth and red fang markings on the face wearing a dark grayish pants reaching to his calves and a grey, hooded fur-lined coat and the most eye catching thing was the dog snuggled inside his jacket only showing his face


Name: Inuzuka Kiba Lv 8 4000/6000

Title: Ninja Academy Student (+25% Exp till level 10)

Age: 12

HP: 1325

CP: 400

STR: 17

VIT: 21

DEX: 24

INT: 16

WIS: 11

LUK: 20

Inuzuka Clan Member: Additional +100 HP per level, +1 VIT and +2 DEX per level. Higher affinity towards Inuzuka Clan techniques, +20% while learning Taijutsu

Bonded Ninken Partner: Can communicate and understand the partner.

Description: Kiba Inuzuka is a member of Konohagakure's Inuzuka clan. Despite his headstrong and at times egotistic attitude, Kiba is loyal to his comrades and will do anything to protect them with his trusted ninken, Akamaru, by his side.

“Akamaru? Observe.”

Name: Akamaru Lv 4 1000/2000

Title: Kiba's Partner, Ninken (Ninja Dog)

HP: 125

CP: 125

STR: 5

VIT: 5

DEX: 10

INT: 5

WIS: 5

LUK: 10

Description: Ninja dog and Kiba's partner. Though young and appearing like a normal puppy Akamaru is quite intelligent and strong for his age and size.

‘Strong? Just as strong as Sasuke and if we add his ninken to fight than that would be troublesome.’ Compared Raito

“Naruto! Don’t shout we can all hear you and Raito what are you doing here?” asked a girl with fair skin, blue eyes and long platinum blonde hair worn in a ponytail, with bangs framing the right side of her face wearing a purple outfit consisting of a high-collared blouse and matching apron skirt with bandages on her abdomen and legs and white arm warmers

Name: Yamanaka Ino Lv 7 200/5000

Title: Ninja Academy Student (+25% Exp till level 10)

Age: 12

HP: 275

CP: 425

STR: 8

VIT: 13

DEX: 18

INT: 23

WIS: 23

LUK: 15

Description: Ino Yamanaka is a member of Konohagakure's Yamanaka clan. Though not as intelligent as her rival, Sakura, Ino is still one of the top students at the academy. Ino is talented in her clan's teachings but due to her attitude and infatuation with Sasuke she isn't as far or as proficient as she should be. Ino is notorious for her gossip and fashion sense, very little happens in the academy that she doesn't know about.

“Morning Ino, I was transferred to this class so here I am and the reason don’t ask me, I am as clueless as everyone else.” Sighed Raito as he explained

“M-morning R-Raito-kun, Na-Naruto-kun.” Greeted a girl with featureless lavender eyes with short dark blue hair just above her forehead with chin-length strands framing her face wearing a cream-colored hooded-jacket with a fire symbol on the upper sleeves and fur around the cuffs and hem and navy blue pants.

“Hinata-Chan/Hinata-san morning.” Said Naruto and Raito simultaneously.

‘Hinata huh? I forgot last time so ‘Observe’’.

Name: Hyuga Hinata Lv 7 1500/5000

Title: Ninja Academy Student (+25% Exp till level 10)

HP: 875

CP: 550

STR: 14

VIT: 14

DEX: 22

INT: 20

WIS: 32

LUK: 10

Description: Hinata is a very kind but very shy young girl who comes from one of Konoha's four noble clans. Despite being trained in the art of the Gentle Fist at a young age, a renowned and deadly Taijutsu, Hinata's skill is lacking for reasons currently unknown. While not one of the best students in the academy Hinata is still one of the more intelligent students. Her love for cinnamon rolls is said to rival Uzumaki Naruto's love for ramen.

Hyuga main family member: +75 HP per level, Increased affinity to Gentle Fist Style, 40% Increased Taijutsu learning speed, +2 DEX per level and +2 WIS per level.

Byakugan: Byakugan is the Dojutsu kekkei genkai of the Hyuga Clan giving user a near 360º diameter field of vision; penetrate through any solid objects or obstructions.

Tips: ?

“Raito here come.” Pulled Naruto

“Oh isn’t it just the best place.” Replied Raito as his hands felt the table and sat down.

“Sasuke-kun why don’t we go out after the academy ends and stroll around the park and we can also………….” Said Sakura. Sakura had fair skin, green eyes, and pink long hair wearing a red qipao dress with short sleeves.

“Naruto why don’t you complete that book and maybe we can find out what is that thing is really about.” Said Raito

Naruto nodded and started reading his small black book. Raito tried to peak if the words had changed or anything but found that to his eyes it was just the same as before.

“OI! FOREHEAD! What do you think you are doing buzzing around my Sasuke-kun!?” Yelled Ino

Everyone took out ear plugs and wore them in such a practice manner that left Raito dumfounded even Naruto did the same.

‘This class is sick no wonder Iruka-sensei shouts all the time.’ Thought Raito

“ENOUGH YOU TWO!!” shouted Iruka-sensei who came inside and hit the two shouting girls with the register.

“Ah I see Raito-kun you are here on time.” Said Iruka-sensei

“If you like sensei I can always come a little bit late and you can just let me go.” Replied Raito

“I dare you to even try that, I already have my hands full on Naruto whenever he does his pranks.” Said Iruka

“You mean stealth and trap making practice?”

“That is a nice way to put it but still it is a prank.”

Iruka-sensei began calling out names and then he started teaching the class. Many of the civilians were listening but a lot of people were doing something else. Shikamaru was sleeping and Choji was copying the same, Ino and Sakura were looking at Sasuke and had a big smile pasted on the face. Hinata was looking at Naruto fascinated at the image of Naruto reading a book. The boy beside Hinata was doing nothing while Kiba was playing with his ninken and Sasuke was well he was just looking bored staring out of window.

Sighing Raito also took out a book from the inventory and started reading them.

Iruka-sensei was also sighing a lot internally, he knew that civilian children had very little hope of passing the test and also that they would heavily depend on the written part of the exam. He put a lot of effort to guide the children but only a few were willing to put the effort, he was a little sad about that part but he was more than happy enough today because the worst in the class or his self proclaimed smaller version Naruto had changed, changed for the better he had to say because Naruto was reading in class today rather than sleeping or disturbing class he was reading a book. Iruka had no idea what Naruto was reading but he was happy nonetheless. He had guessed it was because of the boy by his side.

Iruka-sensei was even more surprised when a book came out of thin air but didn’t show it on the face and continued teaching. Even though he was a Chunin that had determined to stay in academy for the most of his life teaching students, he was training sometimes alone and sometimes with group. Right now he was a decent sensor who could easily out rank anyone in his rank in sensing but he wasn’t able to sense any chakra used when the book came out of thin air.

Raito on the other hand was smiling inwardly; he had seen his teacher looking at him when he took out book from the inventory.

After some period of time

“Everyone move to the grounds, from today onwards we are starting advance academy level shuriken and kunai throwing.” Said Iruka-sensei

“So did you find anything about the tailed beast Naruto?” asked Raito as they were leaving the classroom

“No nothing about them but I completed the basic level of fuinjutsu. Later I can ask jiji if I can start practicing the seals, I have a lot of awesome ideas.” Laughed Naruto evilly

“Whatever.” Raito scratched his head annoyed thinking what was about to come.

After finishing shuriken and kunai practice and eating their food, the five lay on the ground watching clouds.

“Argh I am sooo bored, Raito come let’s spar I have got to repay you for this morning.” Said Naruto pumped up

“No way I don’t want to do anything right now, but you should ask Hinata-san, she is good at Taijutsu.” Replied Raito as he pointed at Hinata

“Come on Hinata let’s spar.” Said Raito as he pulled Hinata

“Raito, do you hate Hinata or something, you sound so distant when talking to her.” Said Choji

“Hate her, no but I don’t like her clan.” Replied Raito

“You got to give her some break you know? She is not her clan and she seems very different than rest of them. Don’t you think so Raito?” asked Shikamaru

“Yea you could say so. I am surprised as how she grew up in a house full of expressionless faced calculating old mans. She is a lot different than what her clan says about them.” Replied Raito

“Look at her. She is not even trying to attack, it would be better for Naruto to not train with her at all.” Continued Raito

“She just doesn’t want to hurt Naruto and looking at her it seems she is too afraid of hurting anyone.” Added Choji

“Afraid? Kind? Being a ninja means you have to do things that you may not like, you have to hurt someone you may not like. If she cannot even support someone why is she even trying to be a ninja?” growled Raito

“Oy Raito you are taking things too far she just doesn’t understand what she should do. If she had someone to guide her than she would be one of the best ninja Konoha could ever get.” Said Shikamaru adding his own mischief in it


Quest alert

Quest created

Description: Hinata Hyuga is a shy and timid girl; she doesn’t want to hurt others. As such kindness is keeping her from making any more progress.

Main objective: Help Hinata Hyuga to progress

Quest rewards +2000 Exp, Skill book-Healing



‘Fuck, you show me this reward and ask me. Why would I even say no.’ roared Raito mentally. Raito accepted and stood up

“She has no one to guide? Then how about I give it a shot.” Replied Raito

“Shit Raito I was just joking around….” Said Shikamaru

“You don’t need to worry too much Shikamaru. I will do my best.” Said Raito

“Shit my luck. Choji if anything goes bad then I am not going to help this Saturday.” Said Shikamaru

“Y-You don’t mean it right Shikamaru? You wouldn’t do that to me.” Said Choji horrified

Sighing Shikamaru could only hope things do not go bad

‘My healing technique here I come.’

“Naruto come here you don’t need to fight with Hinata anymore. AND YOU SHOULDN’T SEE HER ANYMORE TOO.”


‘Shit I knew it.’

Choji sighed and Hinata had tears in her eyes ready to burst.

“Raito what are you saying? She is a friend.” Yelled Naruto as he removed the hands Raito put on Naruto’s shoulder.

“She is a friend that is why I am saying not to see her anymore.” Raito glared at Naruto

“But why?” questioned Naruto as he saw Hinata tears dropping from her eyes

“Naruto do you know what is Konoha famous for and the reason they have dominated three wars?” asked Raito not answering Naruto

“Teamwork.” Shikamaru whispered

“Its teamwork. But what does it have anything to do with Hinata?” asked Naruto

“Everything. Let me ask you one more question. Do you want Hinata to be on your team?” asked Raito pointing at crying Hinata

“Of course I do. Why wouldn’t I?” answered Naruto at once

“I won’t because I know she will be of no help to us, she would even be a hindrance to us and everyone around her.”

“Bastard why are you saying this? You are not like that.” Naruto felt like his friend change and turned into a demon

“Do you know what a ninja is Hinata-san or what they do? Do you know what a life of ninja is really like? Look at me Hinata and tell me what is the average life expectancy of ninja?” turning away from Naruto Raito questioned Hinata

At the same time Naruto was getting angry. He had never thought that his best friend would do anything like this. He was going to jump in and beat the hell out of Raito.

But just as he was about to jump he found he was unable to move and found two hands pressing his shoulders. Shikamaru came forward and leaned near Naruto and spoke, “Listen Naruto what Raito is doing is all for the sake of Hinata, even though he is playing as a bad guy let them be for a moment. Will ya? Don’t think about it as good or bad but think about Hinata’s future?” Saying that calmed Naruto as he just watched Hinata and Raito

“I will tell you its 30-40 years and my own father died at the age of 36 and mother at the age of 32. I consider Naruto as my family and I would like him not to die. The sparring right now, Naruto was really serious about learning from you but on the other hand you were not serious at all, you were not even attacking properly.

“I-I just d-didn’t wanted to see him get h-hurt because of m-me.”

“Yes I know. I know you have a kind and caring heart and don’t want to see others in pain but what you were doing is not helping him improve but pushing him towards his death. Hinata-san do you know why we spar right? Even though it hurts we do it, even though we feel pain we do it and the reason is simple we simply do not want to die. Pain is nothing in front of dying and the pain you once inflict now may help other in future. You may not understand but this is what my dad used to say. So that is why even though I didn’t wanted to fight with Sakura I did because I thought that would help her even if it is only a little bit.” Said Raito as he faced Hinata

“R-Raito-kun………….” She couldn’t help but watch the ground

Raito smiled as he saw Hinata waver

“Hinata-san every time you hold back, remember you are weakening your friends and giving enemy the chance. You should learn how to control your strength so you can help your friends.”


“And one more thing not shuttering, I don’t even understand what you are saying at most of the times and I don’t think Naruto also hears you properly.” Said Raito the last part in a small sound


“And I will let you in a secret. You know my mom and dad they used to spar a lot in their younger days, that’s how they came to know each other, like each other, fell in love and got married later. So do your best when sparring from now on. And Naruto here has insane recovery power so you can go all out on him.” said Raito as he pointed at Naruto at end

At the same time Raito pointed his finger towards Naruto, he felt a chill crawling his spine.

“So Hinata-san can I ask you to do two things?”


“First try to control that shuttering. Next try to give your best when sparring.”

“Yes.” Shouted Hinata in a loud voice


Quest alert

Quest completed

Description: Hinata Hyuga is a shy and timid girl; she doesn’t want to hurt others. As such kindness is keeping her from making any more progress.

Main objective: Help Hinata Hyuga to progress (completed)

Quest rewards obtained +2000 Exp, Skill book-Healing

‘Ok now the last part’ “Naruto come here why don’t you try again.” Said Raito as he faced back and looked at Naruto

“Ohhhhhh…..SURE.” roared Naruto as he took a fighting stance

Raito went down to sit with Shikamaru and Choji.

“It went smoother than I thought.” Said Raito

“Bastard don’t try things like that ever again. It was good that Hinata was able to endure but if it was any other than person then they would have been broken or something. You should really join T&I department.” Roaring turned to mumbling and mumbling turned into silence as Shikamaru saw Hinata fighting without holding anything back. It was like Naruto had his hands tied, Hinata was attacking again and again and it wasn’t stopping.

“Ah looks like my advice went well, she needs to learn to hold back but it seems fine for now.” Said Raito giving himself some praise

“You seem to have made a demon.” Said Shikamaru

“Now let’s not talk about them, Choji would you like to select the topic this Saturday and this time you are going to fight alone.” Said Raito as he gave Choji eye smile.

Gulping hard Choji decided, “This month last Saturday topic will be MEAT JUST MEAT.”

“Better be prepared Choji. You do remember what happened, don’t you? Those shrimps were delicious.” Said Raito as he make slurping and gulping sounds

“But didn’t you give him half at the end.” Said Shikamaru

“Damn it Shikamaru.”

“Damn Hinata-Chan you were so strong I didn’t even knew you could hit so hard.” Said Naruto as he started talking with Hinata

“Also she makes great food.” Added Choji

“A strong ninja and a great cook, won’t she make a good wife Naruto?” Asked Raito

Redness covered Hinata’s face and nearly fainted


Your actions have resulted in +1000 Reputation with Sarutobi Hiruzen. You're Reputation with Sarutobi Hiruzen is now Honored!


Your actions have resulted in +3000 Reputation with Hyuga Hiashi. You're Reputation with Hyuga Hiashi is now Honored!

Reputation system has been unlocked


Reputation plays an important factor in the world. The higher the reputation you have with a faction the more benefits and easier time you will have with them. But at the same time the lower the reputation you have with a faction the opposite effect will take place. From best to worst:


“Great! More things to worry about.” Mumbled Raito

“Raito call her, she deserves it and you know it.” said Shikamaru

“You are being troublesome. Stop pushing me Choji.” Said Raito

“Umm.. Ahem Hinata-san why don’t you come to our house this Saturday, there would be four of us and we would like to have you too and Naruto will be there too.” Said Raito

“I have to ask m-my father but I-I would l-love to come.” Said Hinata

“The house is at the intermediate residential district house number 4400.” Said Raito

At the training hall after some time

“HA!” with a palm strike at the abdomen Sakura was sent out crashing on the wall.

“Winner Hyuga Hinata.” declared Mizuki-sensei

“That was some nasty strikes there.”

“Yup that Hyuga girl is really showing her skills now.”

“Something definitely changed, did she perhaps got a boyfriend?”

“Hmph…..If that is our Kunoichi of the year than that would be a real shame, losing two times in a row. Will Sasuke be ever interested in girls that always lose?” said Raito as he watched the match

“Damn it Raito just stand still so I can punch you.” Said Ino

“No way I am going to get punched today, I can act anymore I am too exhausted.” Replied Raito as he dodged another punch

“Bastard.” Ino came running towards Raito raising her fist ready to strike however Raito had caught her fist and threw her, ending the match

“Winner Yoshizawa Raito.” Declared Mari-sensei

“Kid you should be gentle with ladies otherwise you will forever remain single in your life.” Teased Mari-sensei

“Ino looking at you I can only tell you will never make you dad proud, you are dieting and fawning over a boy who is always brooding, you are a ninja goddamn it! For god’s sake please let your dad boast a little when he meets with his friends, Shikamaru and Choji are making progress but you on the other hand are not. Just think about your dad sitting with his colleagues, when he have nothing good to say about his only daughter where as other parents will boast about their children.” Said Raito as silently as possible

“Damn it Raito, damn you.” Ino stood up tears in her eyes and ready to punch Raito when she was hold by Mari-sensei

“Calm yourself Ino match is over, come with me.” Said Mari sensei as she released her hold and looked at Raito, “Kid you sure dug a hole for yourself.”

Raito just stood there silent and smiling throughout cursing himself a million times.

After sometime Ino and Mari-sensei came back to the room, Ino returned to her place where as Mari-sensei after looking at Raito smirked and shunshined away.

“Class you need to remember about hand seals, although it has been a month I hope everyone has been practicing the hand seals. I will again tell you some benefits hoping that it could encourage you; Iruka-sensei sighed as he looked everyone and said, “Everyone should know what hand seals are but everyone many not know that a high jounin level can make twenty or more seals in one second. The faster the seals are faster you can cast your jutsu. Some jutsu have more hand seals so it will help you all in future if you start practicing hand seals from now.”

“Everyone dismissed.” shouted Iruka-sensei

As soon as everything ended noises started like a wild fire starting small spreading everywhere but in the middle a girl with platinum blond hair was standing in the crowd at the center, her eyes clear, looking at an average looking boy. The boy looked back, their eyes met and he smiled back .


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