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In a large well furnished room with a raised platform, were a throne was placed, the Dwarf king, Morgan Lurian. He sat on the stone throne with his armor suit and his large warhammer sat against the throne on the right side.

On his left side was a young dwarf girl dressed in formal royal dress with her hair washed and braided while having jewelry adornments on her hair and shoulder bands and gold wristbands. Amazingly this young girl was very much like the young knight that Void had spent the night.

Ironically, with King Morgan rubbing his temple, he looked at the two men kneeling. They were Nil and Void, both of which were sweating greatly while waiting for the king to speak.

What happened could be explained looking back at about an hour ago.


Feeling a small movement as he slept, Void slowly opened his eyes and felt groggy. His eyes a bit bloodshot as he looked around and noticed he wasn’t in his own room and was in a rather girly tent.

The next moment he looked down and suddenly count the musky scent coming off him. He saw he was naked and what’s more, a rather cute dwarven girl was hugging his chest while her leg was wrapped around his while she rubbed her cheeks on the side of his chest.

“WHAT!?” Void suddenly shouted as he bolted up and saw not only himself but her completely naked.

“Hm? Is something wrong?” The dwarf girl asked.

“W-who are you? W-where is this?” Void asked completely unable to remember what happened during the latter half of the afternoon and the night.

The dwarf girl scrunched up her face, “Y-you don’t even remember?! You were so forceful.” She pouted and suddenly got anger, “Don’t you dare say you forgot!” She said and suddenly jumped with surprising agility and slapped him across the face sending him out of the tent. She grabbed his clothes and threw it out in a ball and snorted.

Void quickly dressed confused about just happened, “Damn her slap almost made me fall unconscious.” He said stumbling up. “What kind of strength does she have and still dare say that I was forceful?” Void said as he put on his trousers and clothing before scratching his head and finding his way to his family's house.

As he entered he found his family eating.

“Void, where were you all night?” Nil asked.

Void scratched his head, “I remember… going to a tavern… talking to a Lurian female knight… starting a drinking contest with her and… that’s it.” Void said.

Nil raised a brow while Zip began to laugh, “Little bro, congratulations for getting rid of your virginity ahahaha!” Zip laughed.

“Don’t joke brother, this is a knight we are talking about, the knight in service of another king.” He said.

Zip kept joking with his brother as Void sat down and began to eat and push the fermented smell of ale in his mouth away with juice and meat cooked by Ashley.

As they ate, Xero walked in and joined them for a while but as they were talking at the table a knight walked in, “Lord Null, a Royal knight comes at the king’s order requesting a meeting with lord and young master Void.” He said.

“Void?” Nil frowned looking at his second son who shrugged.

“Come on Void, go get washed quickly and put presentable clothing so that we can meet his highness.” Nil said and stood up.

He walked out and went to put on some social clothing.

“Void, what in bloody hell did you do to get called by the king?” Zip asked.

Void frowned, “Like I know. I guess I’ll find out.” he said and did as his father had said. To his shock, his little brother had gone as far as to build a spring bath by opening channels from the ground to make a ‘spring’ bath and what is more is that before it falls down, there are five ‘boxes’ built of stone and Xero had formed a mana gathering magical formation to feed four heating magic formations that cause the water to turn warm before spilling out into the main bath before spilling into a drain leading down once more into the ground propelled by magic to keep the water down.

“Little bro is getting better and better.” Void sighed and got in the bath and scrubbed himself clean quickly getting a lot of the dirt, dust and grime from training and… whatever happened the previous night, off.

When he got out, his skin tone had even lightened, his hair had loosened after using some hair soap, which was a noble’s luxury, and he smelled much fresher. Gargling to remove the smell from his mouth and brushing his teeth with a toothpick like brush with soft bristles that cleaned his teeth while getting out the grime from between his teeth.

He then took out some social clothing they had bought making him look like an actual noble since it was a white suit like a knight without his armor but he lacked the medals and adornments unlike Nil who had shoulder adornment and his medallion hanging on right breast buttoned in that position.

The two walked out and followed the knights to the manor Xero had built and entered and was lead to the throne room, a room specifically made for meetings.

When they entered, the king and the princess appeared but Void’s face looked at her and the king when walking but he could not connect the puzzle immediately and just followed his father and bowed.

“We greet, your highness! We have come as you have summoned for us?” Nil asked.

Morgan remained quiet for a long time and sighed, “Second Rank Great Knight, Nil Null, I wonder if you know what I have called you for?” he asked.

“I do not, your highness.” He said after a moment.

Morgan nodded and sat up before gesturing towards the girl next to him, “I believe you know who this is?” He asked.

Nil nodded, “Yes your highness, it is your royal daughter, 2nd Royal Princess, Hilda Lurian.” Nil said.

The two looked up and Void looked at her again but this time for some reason he felt a bit of nostalgia as he looked at her.

“Okay, so you know.” Morgan said.

“I wonder why her royal princess is within the dungeon, I heard your royal princes were the only ones allowed to enter the dungeon.” Nil said.

“Yes, this is the topic I was hoping to touch. This girl snuck in… she snuck in along with the common capital’s knights and was hiding out in a small magic tent.” He said.

At these words, Void suddenly paled almost losing all color of blood from his face.

“It seems your son has realized.” Morgan said.

Nil looked at his son who was pale and had begun to sweat greatly.


And so, returning to the present, Nil remembered what he heard this morning and connected the dots figuring out that the female dwarven knight that his son had bed was most likely the princess in disguise causing his forehead to break out with sweat.

“It seems you also realize.” Morgan said.

Nil nodded slowly, “My… my son said that his memory blacked out last night after… a drinking contest with her royal princess.” Nil said.

Morgan sighed, “Yes, this is why the situation is as such, although this little brat of mine did get taken home by him, she provoked him until he bed her. Even if I wanted I am truly unable to blame your son for her.” Morgan said.

It shocked the two men but that did not drop their worries a bit. After all this was an illicit relationship with someone of the royal family. ‘Officially’ the male would be in the wrong for bedding or ‘forcing’ the princess but there was a single fact that made this impossible. “If your son had been at least a rank 1 knight with strength over level 30 I might have done something to him but he hasn’t even broken the chains of mortals while my Hilda… she is already level 42. It’s impossible to say that she was forced because even under the effect of ale she could crush your body with a flick of her palm.” He said.

Realizing this, Void did not calm down and instead paled even more because he knew he had bed someone like that, if she did not have even a single iota of true rejection during the night he did not even remember, he wouldn’t even be awake to enjoy today.

“Really, if not for the fact that your family’s 3rd son was connected directly to Grunt and you, Sir Nil, didn’t have the Idol beast of the Dark Ice church, and your three sons had demon type familiars, I would have secretly executed all your family and cleared this instantly.” Morgan said making Nil pale as a sheet of paper. “That said, giving my old drinking buddy a hell of a lot of face, I will give your son three choices.” he said holding up three fingers before leaving one, “First, die and be done with it.” Raising the second finger, “Cut ‘it’ and become an eunuch…” He said and raised the last finger, “... or marry my little girl. Of course, without the political rights that come with the position, until you actually show you can handle the position of duke by reaching at least level 50, the minimum as well as undergo nobility training.” He said.

Void was in a daze by the three suggestions, all three would probably ruin him, the first was a dead end, the second removed his manhood, and the third… how many people were not suiters with the 2nd princess after the 1st had married. How many powerful, overwhelmingly arrogant, people didn’t want the duke post gained by marrying a royal prince or princess?

“Y-your highness…” Nil began but Morgan lifted his hand,

“This fact, your son marrying my daughter, she is marrying into your family but I will send all the required trainers and instructors to make him into someone worthy of the position of Duke. As long as he reaches level 50, he will become the Duke of the North west’s Desolate mountain range. It would become a new duchy he and my daughter would be in charge of. As long as he reaches level 40 Great Knight, builds up his forces and builds his own city well enough, as soon as he becomes a duke jumping from Rank 2 to rank 7 giving him control of all the villages and to knight his own nobles.” He said.

It was clear, his words were easy to understand, either die, cut your manhood or marry her and train for his life, learn under the torturous methods of the royal instructors and build enough forces to set up his own duchy.

“Why… why me? Why is it that the only time I drink myself to sleep it had to be with the princess?” Void cursed his own luck.

“So… what do you choose?” Morgan asked.

Void was sweating but bowed, “I-I thank your highness for… allowing someone with such low rank to marry your esteemed princess.” he said.

Morgan nodded, “I will say this now, this fact will stay within trusted, it would cause the nation to much trouble but be prepared to deal with her suitors. Most are all above level 30. Take the chance we are here in the dungeon to train to your limit or else it will only end badly.” He said.

“I-I thank your highness for the warning and chance.” He bowed.

“Good, my daughter will continue to disguise as a knight but now under your family, as for her sleeping arrangements…” her narrowed his eyes.

“Father, I shall deal with that myself.” She said narrowing her own eyes at him.

He looked at her and smiled like a doting father, “Papa is just worried for you.” He said.

She rolled her eyes. “I choose him from the get go so it’s not your place to judge father. I’ll deal with my own love life from now on. Also warn those sleazy bastards that if they keep coming after me I will crush their balls with my familiar and leave them crippled.” She said snorting and turning and leaving.

The three men paled at how vicious she acted, the King turned to them and stood before walk to them and pat Void on the back, “Good luck, you're going to need it.” Morgan said and chuckled while Void only cursed his own luck while leaving with his father.

“Father, when she comes, tell her I went out hunting.” Void said and turned simply to leave the walls so that he could vent on something, even if it was a large tree that he could punch.

Nil just sighed, coincidences are far too unpredictable and some are just too big to react quickly enough to deal with them and can only be adjusted to with time. “I better give him some time alone. It will probably do him good, or maybe I can try and see if Xero spars with him a bit.” Nil left with a sigh.



The last of a series of hammer hits. Xero slowly gets up after a while and thanks his brother while stretching and hearing the popping on his body.

“Senior, you're really brave to go under that hammer.” One of the 1st years said.

Xero looks at them while washing his head with water. “If you five go under together you could handle it. Your strengths are already starting to be left behind by your familiar you know.” Xero said.

They paled when they looked and shook their heads. Without desire, they wouldn’t openly ask for such a torture just to grow quickly when they can get the same result with safer training.

“Master, I finally finished it.” Ashley said and handing Xero a sword. It was a common long sword but it seemed to be made of steel.

“So this is the Metal Sword minion.” Xero said and admired the sword that lacked any spells. “Master, the defensive and close combat offensive power of this is higher than all the other ones for now.” Ashley said.

“Really?” Xero muttered and began to try and merge and met much stronger resistance showing it was female as well as a strangely more developed spirit.

“It took me 25 iron swords to make a spirit sword of this and then 100 kilos of pure iron ore and charcoal mixed together to allow it to feed from before I could forge it. The sword spirit is really developed well thanks to the mana here. In its linked form it is a katana, the curved blade like when master uses the wood minions in.” She said.

“Is that so. That sword is good for quick drawing but this is metal so wouldn’t it be weaker in normal situations?” Xero asked.

She shook her head, “Metal is considered a branch of earth in hell and this world. Probably only in certain worlds with different elemental systems it might represent something different.” She said.

“I see.” He said and suddenly the sword began to shine and suddenly Xero was covered in full body steel armor that shined in the light of the sun and in his hand was a katana that he held in his left hand before grabbing the hilt by the right and slowly pull it out showing a glowing blade and when the blade was half out he suddenly drew it quickly shooting the mana blade in a concentrated stab.

The mana shot like a penetrating bullet and cut its way to a tree all the way 300 meters from him.

The armor glowed and came off and he pinched the spirit’s gem before he even collapsed and stood firm. “The sharpness is much better since the material is made for this anyway. Maybe we should go hunt something.” Xero said.

“It has been boring, why not, I’ll gather the minions and we can go hunt for something to kill time.” Ashley said nodding.


Flying in the skies, a sapphire drake made its way past the second wall of Everlight city. This was Univa and Tryus, in the last month, with the presence of so many serpents, Tryus was, amazingly, about to grow and almost reached peak of his rank while Univa was a step back due to humans being weaker but her strength had been evolving like a dragon's since the dragon aura Innate Skill appeared.

The Crost family were a family with a unique bloodline for dragon type creatures, this bloodline almost always induced an aura to appear and this aura affected both the familiar and the master. The aura was the greatest benefit, specifically, the Dragon aura was always active in a passive state around the two, it improved sight, smell, hearing and reflexes. What’s more, the dragon aura, while in passive form, already transformed the strength of a human into the strength of a dragon.

Comparing a human and a dragon at level 20 would not work. The dragon’s strength caused their strength to be nearly 10 levels above others. Of course, because of their size, dragon type creatures were slower but to fix this, the dragon aura aided the dragon in spreading the damage causing the impacts on the ground to send shockwaves, the wind blows powerful winds and magic was many times stronger.

Because of this, Univa did not really fear the level 30’s within the surrounding space outside of the city and freely came and went. Within the second city walls was only at most level 30 monsters so her strength was too much for it not creating a challenge for her.


Tryus growled and stopped in the air vigilant. Univa frowned and looked around and looked around. Even as she looked she found nothing and looked down. Already having learned how to control her aura, she focused it on her eyes, ears and nose making her senses evolve to a dragon’s level. Her pupils turned into slits and like a bird of prey it seemed like her vision zoomed in on her surroundings and everything became as clear as day.

“What is it?” She asked Tryus and looked around slowly.


Tryus was sniffing while she stood up and looked down only then she saw a green snake but on its head were two dragon horns.


Like a spring a 50 meter green snake burst out from the treeline and amazingly flew at them.

“TRYUS RUN!” Univa said and he suddenly flapped bursting forth.

Univa crouched but turned around and drew in a cold breath. “This is a Nature Wyrm, why is there one so close? Wait we already passed 10 kilometers! Did it come in close to pull us out?” This thought appeared when suddenly a voice reached her ears.

“Puny drake, cease your pitiful struggle and let me swallow your blood and chew your marrows so that I may ascend further as a dragon!”

Univa turned pale when she heard the voice. Normal monsters could start speaking only when they reached level 41, this is when they evolved into mythical creatures with high intelligence. Dragons on the other hand, naturally speak after reaching level 31 no matter the type. What is more she looked back and measured the Wyrm by eye and grew cold. “This is an adult Nature Wyrm. It must have met some kind of low ranking dragon in this place and got lucky when killing it as a Vine Snake to evolve but… that means this is at least level 41.” She said.

Although her Dragon Aura was strong, the gap between level 40 and 41 was just that big. A perfect example was Nil’s Lesser Fenrir Infant, it broke through ‘only’ to level 41 but it could outpace, and kill, a level 40 alone even without the help of its spawned pack. The bottleneck between level 30 and 31 was large but the gap is possible to cross but a huge gap like from level 30 to above level 41 couldn’t be made up so easily. Dragon aura raised power by a lot but it wasn’t that domineering since it raised overall strength. Still she would not resign.

“Tryus, start slowly circling back to the city, I will try to distract it. Focus on flying faster.” She said.

Tryus roared back to her and suddenly began to speed up.

“Pitiful!” the wyrm roared and also began to speed up.

Univa turned around and lifted her wand. In her mind, a quick smokescreen spell formed but she gathered her dragon’s aura “Dragon smoke!” she said.

From her wand suddenly a roar came and a cloud of very thick black smoke spread out even covering the two but Tryus dove momentarily before turning around and doing a 180 and burst back towards the city.

“WHAT IS THIS!?” The Wyrm roared but very quickly Tryus burst out from the back of the cloud just as a massive roar came from inside causing the smoke to instantly disperse. When it looked around and did not see them, it looked back and saw them running away back to the city. It instantly caused the Nature Wyrm to enter a rage.


“YOU LITTLE BITCH! DON’T GET IN MY WAY!” He roared as suddenly the green body suddenly shot out thousands of thick thorns on its body. It then suddenly whipped its body causing all those arm length thorns to shot out like cannons towards them and suddenly burst into countless needles.

“Kya!” She shouted.

Tryus reacted to her shout and suddenly stopped and turned around while breathing in deeply. A red aura gathered around it and mostly around its throat as it opened its jaws and released a torrent of flame.

Even so there were so many needle projectiles that it pushed through the flame and Tryus suddenly had to use it’s own body and wings to shield Univa.


Countless clicks hit it but the drake scales, tempered by Cinder, were already more powerful than common scales, not only that, it was tempered in a chaos storm. Defensively, with its body covered in it’s Dragon Aura, it was enough for its defensive power to reach level 40 so these tiny needles couldn’t pierce.

That said, much to its dismay he heard Univa shout.

“I-I was hit.” She said holding her leg that had instantly numbed.

“Human, you are lucky I do not use killing poison as I like my food fresh, but your puny body will not survive long with my paralysis poison in your system. You’re simply too puny to handle the dose. Tiny drake, hand yourself over so I can drink your blood and marrow and I will heal the girl.” The Wyrm said.

Just as it finished, Tryus turned and gathering even more wind mana and burst forth.

“So be it!” He said.


As his voice reached the drake the drake suddenly felt something pierce its tail making it roar in pain.

When it looked back, it found a massive thorn halfway stuck in its tail. Tryus looked solemn as it burst even faster to get back within the wall’s barrier where level 40 and above monsters could not get in.

That said, unfortunately for them both, in the short time they ran away, the two had traveled nearly 20 km away. With so much paralysis poison flowing into the drake’s body while Univa was getting more numb, they had the luck to reach only the 10 km distance were there would be people hunting still.

As Tryus’s speed began to slow as it felt his body start to numb, making it hard to move, it did one last drastic move that would probably attract friend and foe but was their only chance to attract someone strong enough.

His throat actually clenched in a very unusual manner as it drew in a very deep breath before roaring.


Unlike the deep pitched dragon roar, this one was a high pitched screech that was reinforced a dense flow of Dragon Aura and densely packed Wind magic meant to transmit sound waves. This was called the dragon distress call, there was no skill for this, this was a biological ability each and every dragon has for when it is in a desperate situation. Almost always, a full grown dragon would never use it but it’s another story for the drakes, wyvern and low ranking or infant dragons.

The sound would almost instantly travel 10 km within a few seconds and could reach almost 50 km after a few minutes.

After releasing the screech Tryus tried his best to fly but eventually his wing’s stopped and he could only turn himself and numbly grab Univa near its body to cushion the fall allowing his body to crash through the trees and falling to the ground with a crash.

Univa, who was still half wake, looked around where they were, she held her wand and tried to cast a detoxification spell alleviating the poison in her body. She looked at her leg and with trembling hands she removed the spike. “I-I need to move.” She muttered.


Her body trembled when she heard that. She looked up only to find a huge green Viper hanging from a tree. It’s thickness was nearly 2 meters and it looked like a vine.

“Vine Snake…”

“Hiss, Dragonssss blood!” It hissed.

She paled even more as it spoke.


Two large leaf like wings appeared making Univa tremble, “Winged Viper… T-There is no hope.” She thought while trembling.

“Humansss blood… yoursss isss mixed with dragonsss blood.” the viper said licking the air. “You blood ssshall make me a dragon!” He shouted and shot toward’s Univa.

“It’s over!” She thought before her mind dulled and she fainted.


At the moment she fainted, a sudden tiger’s roar followed by hundreds of howls and roars came from around when suddenly a huge black tiger with burning red and shining strips burst out of the underbrush and like a spark crashed into the Snake and bit into its wing as it landed on top and ripped it.


The Winged Viper hissed in pain before whipping it’s body causing the giant tiger to be hit away.

“Insssolent!” he hissed and suddenly pounced at it only to find shards of ice flying at it but after a moment it continued on as the ice was weak and didn’t even pierce the skin.

The Tiger was, without a doubt, Ember in her demon form. With a burning in her eyes, her body was enveloped by a thick killing intent and aura that shined like a burning flame. Flame’s gathered in its mouth before it’s slit eyes shined and it roared.


From it’s jaws, Ember’s Demon Fire Breath burst out like an inferno engulfing the entire Winged Viper. Being a creature born from a Vine Snake, it was made of plants still and thus weak to fire. The reinforced Devil Feral fire was even stronger and covered the entire front half causing the Viper to hiss in pain as it dropped and rolled itself. The next moment it turned and bolted away.

Ember roared causing the minion Devil’s to circle and stop it and she ran away.

Slowly the area became quiet. Void, who was nearby, had been on one of the devils and went to kill the viper and hadn’t seen Univa since he sent Ember out first to stop whatever was attacking. The fact he knew it was an ally in danger was because the dragon’s distress roar was focused on considering humans as ally and magically, he knew it was a familiar.

As the Feral Devil pack rushed after the Winged Viper it left Univa and Tryus, the dragon was still stabbed but as a dragon and as a familiar, it’s body was a bit stronger, allowing its mana to flow to the seal and back allowed it to slowly push some poison out.

As for Univa, the mana flowing out of the seal entered her body and naturally flowed with more vigor and started to clear it from her as well and returned to the dragon.

Soon she opened her eyes and saw the massive burn scar in the surroundings but could not move much as she used another detoxification spell, to no effect.


Suddenly the huge Wyrm casually found them and landed, “Haha! Stupid girl and puny drake, this is what you get for resisting. Hmm… girl your blood smells like dragon. I had not noticed but now I see, you possess a dragon bloodline.” It said and licked its lips. “This is much better than the little drake.” He laughed but slowly the grin lowered and turned into a scowl.

“Your desperate shout was heard but it's a shame that it was used up to deal with that pathetic Winged Viper. That stupid thing did not even sense such a burning hot creature coming at it. It’s a worthless thing for sure and deserves to be devoured by them.” He said.

Univa could only cry while the Wyrm insulted her.

“I have spent too long here. Let us kill you both and end this trouble.” He said and his long tail lifted.

Just as it lifted, a very powerful raging fire blade slash suddenly launched out.

This completely shocked and irritated the Wyrm as it turned its tail swung at the magic slash.

“BEGONE!” He roared and smashed it to pieces.

“Univa!” A cry came out.

She turned and amazingly saw a large burning armored child. The voice reminded her of Xero, then she saw Ashley and confirmed this.

“R-Run Xero! It’s more than level 41!” She shouted.

“Be silent!” The Wyrm roared and suddenly swung its tail at her.

“No!” Xero shouted and his body moved on it’s own. He grabbed into his bag pulling out a green sword while his armor glowed coming off.

Within him, the sword spirit was completely unbound before his soul suddenly released a massive repulsive wave completely pushing the spirit away without giving it a chance to steal his mana before it pulled in the wind sword’s spirit and bound it all within a heartbeat.

His armor changed to a green armor and wind gathered under his feet while he activated Ashley’s Super Pounce. With the wind under his feet, like a flash of green light he appeared in front of Univa.

“NO!” She shouted but his armor suddenly shined as he turned to face the giant green tail and he pulled out a yellow sword. It rapidly grew but he slammed it down on the ground sending a mana wave to the ground causing the huge greatsword to be covered in reinforced solid stone similar to bedrock the formed a large shield around them.


With a resounding impact, the bedrock cracked but the entire force of the tail was transmitted into the ground. Behind Xero, just behind Tryus, more than 20 meters of forest erupted as all the physical force of the tail was transmitted behind them all by transmitting the energy through mana in the ground and around them all allowing it loose after they were clear.

“How!?” The Wyrm shouted as it pulled back it’s tail. Xero once more changed but this time he removed the iron sword but didn’t immediately change. “You meddlesome ant! You dare go against me!” He roared.

“A wild beast like you still thinks you can make a move against my classmate! I’ll skin you alive!” Xero said as his brown eyes suddenly turned bright red. The Sword in his hand shine and turned into a ball of light that he grabbed with his left hand and then grabbed the light expanding from it and formed a curved blade. His body was covered in armor just like that of a strong knight.

Univa that saw him protecting her, under the intense situation, turned bright red as her heart began to beat heavily seeing that small but strong back in front of her.

“DIE!” The Wyrm roared.

“This is incomplete but it's a good test.” Xero muttered. He slowly pulled out the spell while chanting, “The Flames of hell temper the steel, the steel tempered by the heavens, the spirit of metal surge, ‘First Cut: Devil’s Gate Opening’!” He shouted and pulled the sword swinging it vertically. All the Sword Devil’s aura gathered on the blade’s edge and all the mana and aura merged after surging through the incomplete magical formula that was complete enough to attack.

SHING! Click!

With just the sound of the sword exiting the sheath and returning was heard as the shining mana blade burst out and impacted the dragon scales but to Univa, who found it impossible to resist, the blade didn’t break and instead intensified when it hit the dragon aura of the Wyrm. The dragon scales were split in half and the muscle was split more and more until it reached the bone. The Wyrm roared in pain as it felt the sword blade break but when it broke all those magic fragments turned into swords themselves and pierced into its body wrecking the area leaving as nothing more than minced meat near the tip of the tail.

At this time, countless lights shined as the few dozen Sword Devil’s appeared and Ashley grabbed the Bloodvine Wood minion and linked with it.

The next moment a strange event happened as similar type sword devils were grabbed by other devils and suddenly their bodies shined and almost doubled in size while two large swords formed in their hands.

They each roared as they waited for the order of their master. Xero didn’t have time to appraise the fact that the Sword minions merged he looked at the enraged Wyrm that he was going to have to fight until someone strong enough to kill it appeared.

The attack he used had used a lot of mana so he would only be able to use simple attacks or weak magic instead of the sword magic he had begun to develop.

“I will eat you all!” The Wyrm roared and roared up causing his Dragon Aura.

“Not if we eat you first!” Ashley shouted and alongside the Minions, she jumped just as Xero stepped forward and swung the sword in an overhead swing to release the magic slash that was soon followed by all the minions who rained down sword magic on the enraged dragon.


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I can see Void coming to terms with his marriage and the princess kind of allowing the "mating" process with Ember haha.

Also, nice move with the sword minions. Making the army stronger. Now I can see the real power of sword devils.

P.D.: Meldie (I think that was her name) still best girl.

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    VRDraco @VRDraco ago

    the 10 first year student's don't have familiars, year 1 is a year they start opening mana channels themselves to gain some magic control and store a small bit as well as learning basic magical knowledge. the 10 don't have familiars so atm only the 5 second year student's have them

      Darius Drake @Darius Drake ago

      Which is my point. The conversation in the part where Xero's Tempered says that a first year is talking to him, but the implication from the actual conversation suggests that he's talking to a second year. Thus what seems like a minor mistake, or an issue in wording or language structure causing confusion.

jacobpaige @jacobpaige ago

“the knight in service of another king” wasn’t the MC’s family Lurnian?

That wyrm should be utterly ashamed of how glacially slow its tail strike is. Honestly, I don’t know how it reached level 41 with an attack so slow that an enemy almost twenty levels lower than it can cover so much more ground than it and perform maneuvers so much more complicated than the tail smash, all before the tail smash comes close to its target, even with the weaker being starting its actions second. It’s quite incomprehensible. Something should have put the wyrm out of its misery ages ago.

That aside, I wonder what happens if he merges with two or more swords of different elements at the same time.

Also curious if beast cores can be used in place of demon cores for making devil swords.

    DomiKing @DomiKing ago

    i think he would try merging with 2 same attribute swords first but even that should be op

      jacobpaige @jacobpaige ago

      Well, the sword spirits themselves are already doing that, and it doesn't seem to be having any special effects beyond being stronger. At least, no special effects were mentioned that I recall.

      Speaking of which, it would also be interesting to see a fire sword spirit trying to weild an ice sword or vice versa. I expect it would destroy one or both swords though.


      VRDraco @VRDraco ago

      that is a good point. thank's for pointing that out

      Lodrik @Lodrik ago

      i think its about mana, if the firesword tried to use the icesword with firemana the effect is going to be a chaos reaction!

      And Zero does not have enough mana to use several swords at ONCE for any length of time (he cant give two swords 1/2 mana, so the idea is more of a oneshot weapon) - of course he is going to have far more mana in the future ^^