Inside the room one could see the shape of two figures facing each other. One of the figures looked like a meditating monk, sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed. If one could not hear his soft breathing they would certainly think that he was dead. The other figure seemed more graceful, with her glossy dark hair flowing down her shoulders and stopping right above her lovely bottom. Her thin waist made her look very alluring despite her snow white face that contained no impurities.

There was no artificial light in the room, the sun crystals that usually gleamed with bright light, at this moment seemed as if they had their energy drained. Although it was past midnight and the room lacked any kind of artificial light it was still well lit. The silver moonlight was seeping through the window and fell gently on the a cross-legged silhouette giving him an otherworldly feel. The young man was very handsome, his fair skin, that would make even girls feel envious, was gently caressed by the moonlight giving it a silver glitter. The figure of the young man seemed almost ethereal!

The silence that permeated the room for a long while was finally broke by girl's gasp of surprise.

“This…” Qing Su hurriedly covered her small mouth with her jade white hands to stop herself from making any sound. She stared in shock at the cross-legged figure of Qing Yun. His figure remained unmoved and the room was ripples, however Qing Su could clearly feel the natural energies inside the room being swept inside Qing Yun’s body.

What’s going on? This… Big Brother Yun is cultivating?! How can this be?!” Qing Su couldn’t help but exclaim inwardly as she glanced at the cultivating figure of Qing Yun.

Qing Yun was always called a cripple. Back then he was examined by many doctors, but they all said that it was impossible to restore his crippled dantian. Even her aunt Yijun examined him and gave the same verdict.

After being stunned for a while, Qing Su formed a charming smile as she glanced at Qing Yun. Her amber eyes were already moist as pearl shaped tears were flowing down her cheeks. A blissful feeling enveloped her heart.

Qing Su knew how hard it was for someone with the inability to cultivate to live in this dog eat dog world. She always worried about Qing Yun and this was the reason why she pursued the road of cultivation. She wished to protect Qing Yun by anyone who wanted to harm him. Now that Qing Yun could cultivate, how could she not be elated.

Qing Su didn’t stay in the room any longer. She left swiftly without making any sound, afraid that she would disturb him.


As she exited the room Qing Su was immediately startled by a mighty sound.

Dark clouds suddenly appeared in the sky without any forewarning. Lighting rolled within the dark clouds. Silver snakes flowed all over, producing a shocking and mighty sound as they moved.

“What is that?!” Qing Su’s lovely body started to tremble. She could feel a mighty pressure coming from those dark clouds.


Qing Su calmed down as she saw the three figures that appeared before her.

“Mother, Aunt, Uncle!” Qing Su exclaimed as she looked at the three of them with a relieved smile.

“Su’er are you alright?” Qing Yin asked with a worried voice.

“Mn, I’m alright mother, you don’t have to worry.” Qing Su said.

“Oh! Su’er you brokethrough to the 9th layer?!” Su Yijun exclaimed with a pleased voice.

“Hehe, I was lucky.” Qing Su giggled softly as she lowered her head.

“Haha, congratulation Sister Yin,” Su Xiang laughed heartily, “This lass is quite a genius, it shouldn’t be hard for her to breakthrough into Houtian Realm before she reach sixteen!”

“Mm, her talent isn’t any lower than our Xiuying!” Su Yuiju nodded her head in approval.

Qing Yin looked blissfully at her daughter. Attaining Houtian before sixteen was a great achievement. She knew that Qing Su was very diligent in her cultivation and it was for her big brother sake.

Toward their praise, Qing Su couldn’t help but feel a little awkward, after all she reached Houtian years ago! “That’s right, mother, what’s that?” She pointed her finger toward the sky.

The three of them smiled at Qing Su’s question. Surprisingly they didn’t seemed too worried about the ominous dark clouds.

“It the first time time Su’er saw this, right?” Su Yijun took a step forward.

Inside his sea of consciousness Qing Yun illusory body was seated cross-legged in midair as he glanced at his dantian. His expression was calm as he looked at the slowly disappearing Qi inside his dantian.

“So that’s how it is! This [Primordial God Physique] is certainly bizarre.” Qing Yun said as his illusory hands moved and formed several seals.

In those four hours Qing Yun came to understand more about this technique. The more he understood the more perplexed he became. At first he thought that it would be similar to Qing Su’s [Star God Breathing Technique] but that was not the case.

The [Primordial God Technique] was split into nine heavenly layers. Qing Yun didn’t even knew how to gauge the strength of every layer. A cultivator strength could be gauged by the realm they attained, but this particular technique had it’s own realms so it was hard for Qing Yun to know what strength he will gain by cultivating it.

Although he was a little perplexed, Qing Yun was also very curious about this [Primordial God Physique].

As his hand seals were formed, a sudden ripple appeared inside his seemingly empty dantian. After the first one, ripple after ripple of Qi were formed and spread across Qing Yun entire body. As the ripples traveled inside his body, the sluggish feeling that permeated his body, thanks to ten years of inactivity, was slowly disappearing.

It the middle of his dantian, Qing Yun could see an oval shaped object slowly taking form, “Core forming! After this I should attain the first heavenly layer, right?”

It didn’t take much before a crystalline core was formed inside Qing Yun’s dantian. He gave it a perplexed look, “It should be done right? Why don’t I feel anything different?”

Qing Yun continued to look at the crystalline core for a while before shaking his head and directing his gaze on the heavenly lighting contained inside the green fog.

“Hm, this time was quite uneventful!” He let out a relieved sigh when he saw that the five colored lighting seemed unperturbed.

Qing Yun shoot another glance at the crystalline core before the illusory figure disappeared from his sea of consciousness.

Inside the room Qing Yun opened his eyes slowly. He glanced around him and saw that Qing Su already left but at this moment his body was covered by a silver veil.

He dindn’t seemed surprised at this sight but a gentle smile hanged on his face, “Xiao Mei…”, Qing Yun could help but remember that petite figure who was always flapping her wings merrily around him.

With a thought from Qing Yun, the silver veil disappeared as he got up to his feet and stretched his body.

“Mnn, my body does seem a little lighter but, is this all?” Qing Yun was still feeling perplexed. He could be considered to have entered the first heavenly layer of the [Primordial God Physique] but he still failed to see any major change.

After some thoughts, almost unconsciously, Qing Yun shoot his fist in front…


Qing Yun: “…”

Qing Yun stared blankly at the now destroyed room and couldn’t help be exclaim in his head,

[Primordial God Physoque]… I’m sorry I doubted you!


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Demonic @Demonic ago

More please faster type faster I need more

Mastersgtjames @Mastersgtjames ago

“Oh! Su’er you brokethrough to the 9th layer?!”

I thought she was keeping her cultivation a secret? or is it just not a secret from her family? or maybe just the technique that is secret?

Dat_Karma @Dat_Karma ago

"Qing Su already leaved" > "Qing Su already left"