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Laying inside the trunk after having a detour to reach it, I trained once again however this time it was inside the mindscape.


Kurama was present in there however I was not sure if he was checking on me or sleeping. I didn't bother to find out as I have a time limit on training that damn technique.


I repeatedly practiced on how to perfect the Chakra Enhanced Strength technique myself as I conserved my chakra because if I practiced it with clones that would pop once they used the technique that would simply be too wasteful and that's why I won't.


 I trained repeatedly and the result did not change for I was repeatedly blasted away, even if the result didn't change I still practiced and practiced hoping that I would soon find the problem.


Soon I stopped training and left the mindscape to check what time was it and unknowingly I trained till sunrise.


I scanned the surroundings while being surrounded by the roots of the trees. Now that those unknown creatures inhabited the forest, buzzing sounds can be constantly heard in the forest.


I carefully left where I hid and walked slowly around the clearing with my breathing suppressed. I was mindful of where I stepped as I was careful to not make a slightest sound.


I left the forest without alerting it's inhabitants, and when I was approaching the edge of the forest I quickly cut a tree and quickly sealed it at a scroll before quickly dashing to exit the forest.


 Leaflet Bats fell upon sealing the tree, which dashed at me after regaining their bearings and realizing what happened to their tree.


I didn't want to fight anything today in this forest until I knew what creature arrived and knew it's weakness as fighting it now seemed to be scary.


The buzzing sound got louder and louder as if that creature was on my tail as well... 


The buzzing sound got more louder as I ran at my current speed, and as I was running the buzzing sound seemed to come from my sides.

Playing safe, I activated my Sharingan before using Body Flicker. With the assistance of the Sharingan I could slightly look back and see what was behind me, It was a wasp like thing with a colored black exoskeleton. The eyes were color gold and as well as it's joints, it had a mane like thing with a white color.


 I didn't activate the Byakugan because I was not here to observe it, I was here to escape.


With consecutive Body Flickers, I left the forest and proceeded to rung back with haggard breath... It was the first time I used several Body Flickers consecutively.


'I think I strained my body...' I thought as I continued to run, the cold breeze of the plains hit my face as I arrived halfway to the Kingdom.


Doing a few hand seals, I said, "Transformation Jutsu" while running.


I looked behind several times to make sure that it wasn't following me.


I stopped to let my body rest for a while making it recover from that strains on my body's muscle.


"Good thing it didn't follow you... else you might not even make it back alive. That speed alone was enough for you to become unable to react without the Sharingan" Kurama said, making me nod in agreement.


"It's speed is scary" I said to myself.


"You should improve... Umm... actually you should improve everything Kit. You lack at every area except your strength which was improved because of you wielding Kubikiribocho in all these years" Kurama said as he stopped for a moment seemingly thinking before continuing, "However that is not enough for you to be able to become a match for others aside from using your overbearing strength... but don't worry I will make you up a notch before your admittance to the school and I'll become straight to the point... I would tell you the thing you overlooked when training the Chakra Enhanced Strength, however in return you would lose our bet. Are you up for it?"


I didn't answer, but instead thought the pro's and con's... 'If I didn't agree, it would mean that I would solve the problem by myself and it I wasn't able to find the answer within the time limit. I would lose. I might not be able to finish training this if I refused... If I agree now, I would save some time... however the answer wouldn't come from me and it would also result in the same thing...'


I felt Kurama smirking within the mindscape as he said, "Good thing for you to think about it for once..."


'Shut up, I'm still thinking...' I thought as he interrupted me so suddenly.


After several minute of thinking about it over and over again, I arrived into a conclusion...


And my conclusion was 'Agreeing'.


'I'll take your offer Kurama' I said seriously.


"Wise choice, because you wouldn't arrive at the answer anyway" Kurama said.


'Why you-!' I thought.


"I'm just joking... anyway the thing you overlooked was to release the stored chakra at a specific direction, the more compressed the release is the more powerful it becomes. The most ideal release is a release with a perfect cone shape, where in the chakra would blast it's way on a single spot on the enemy's body, damaging that spot severely" Kurama said.


'What!? I haven't thought of that!' I thought as my eyes bulged out from shock.


"That's why I said you were an idiot... anyway I'll give you the time to train this till the time limit" Kurama stated before going silent on me.


"Damn it" I complained jokingly, before starting to train seriously on the spot.


 Noon approached and I decided to head back before going back to the plains to train, after that I would once again go back before it became dark and find myself an inn...


I walked as I passed by the gates and found my way to Gis' Saw Dust, where I would sell the trunk after raising the price for a bit...


Our discussion was like this... first I showed it like before and as he examined it I mentioned that creature by asking what it was... he said he didn't know but I said that it was pretty strong and I said that this trunk was pretty hard to get considering the circumstances. In the end he got annoyed because of my chattering so he increased the payment into 25 silver before sending me away from the shop...


I left the shop in high spirits before walking back to the plains to train, which was just beyond the Southern and Eastern Gates.


I trained there and before nighttime and achieved a little success. I was able to make the explosion into a 180 degrees one not a 360 one which always blasted me away.


I went to the Guild and asked some people there if they knew a close inn near this place, which was answered by Zennai as she heard me asking. The name of the inn was Four Shield Tavern which could provide lodging as well as food.


It was also not far from here, just a few turns and your there... she said. there was no signs but it was called like that because of the 2 pairs of shield located at both side of it's doors which was apparently cemented so that it wouldn't be stolen which was quite ridiculous if you ask me...


I rented a room there and ate before retrieving the keys and heading to the room and train inside the mindscape which lasted till morning.


A note from Zephis Seraphim

Once again I'm sorry for not updating, I was not able to sit in front of the computer quite often as I am still busy with my school works. 

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