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Chapter 12 | Two step plan

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Making me realize that I am in no way near the level of skill in writing that I would like to be and posting now just feels like an insult to the art of writing as I believe I could do much better if took some time to improve it.


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Like after every battle there is a rewards to be reaped.

This is what Zed manages to scavenge together with his new greatsword.


Tier 1 Lucky Coin
Type: Acsocery/consumable
Holding it increases luck by 3
You can consume it to gain a 1 permanent luck.


It was a beautiful gold coin the sheer size of it would be worth 5 gold by itself.

Do to orders of jewelry or other highly valuable items required to be given to the general he could quickly use such convenient item with none the wiser.

Zed even got a skill after stripping the equipment from all the dead soldiers, mercenaries and merchants.


Novice Scavenger
The location of items you are trying to scavenge can be sensed.


This is how he even found the Lucky coin that was hidden on a fat merchant he had killed.

The trip back was starting to feel familiar already as after scavenging for anything valuable or worthwhile they set it on flames and left the sean.

Zed could even hear a young Soldier asking why they do it.

"So why do we burn the bodies after we kill them?"

"That is all due to the great plague that happened 200 hundred years ago. Back then they just left the bodies without any real care after a battle and scholars determined that to be the reason why the plague happened that killed 30% of the people on the continent.

"Is this also the reason why Kron kingdom uses those bugs on corpses?"

"You are correct we burn the dead giving them a just death while the scum of Kron kingdom let bugs eat the dead."


As the loot from this battle was much more plentiful the reward given to squad leaders was also much greater.

"Great job out their men this time I will give 20 gold to each of you."

The general had a wide smile do to the great success this time.

"Zed I heard that your medical knowledge is very impressive from the men, is this true?"

"I wouldn't call it impressive it's only good enough to take care of flash wounds."

That was the trough he wasn't even a bit confident to be able to do surgery or fix a fractured bone.

"Still that is a very valuable skill in these tough times, I will be giving you extra 10 gold coins and a tent so you can treat the soldiers."

"In 3 days we will be attacking the reinforcements that the Kron kingdom is sending to their border city."

"Thank you general."

"You are dismissed!"


"So how are we disturbing the money this time?"

"I say we just keep giving 6 silver."

"That sounds reasonable."

"I will give 30 silver to each of my men." With that Zed left he really couldn't be bothered with these greedy men.

"hmph easy for him to do that with his extra 10 gold." The sly man said out loud.

"30 silvers does seem a bit too much."

"We will be giving away just a bit more them half of what we got so I have no problem with 30 silver."

"That does sound reasonable so let's do 30 silver then."

As 3 of the 5 man decided to go with 30 the remaining 2 had to do the same if they didn't want to lose the trust of their men.


Zed was shown by a man to the tent near the general that had been emptied.

"Hey, can you get me some things that I need?"

"If it's not anything too complicated I don't see why not."

With that Zed got a place for the men to lay down as he treats them and place to sit down with a box as a table.

"Thanks here takes these 15 silvers for your trouble."

"You for real? Thank you so much."

After all 15 silver was quite a lot it would be enough to get wasted

and get some wrenches in town for couple days.

'Since I was given 10 extra gold might as well pay them for gathering the plants'

With that Zed got his men to spread the word that if you collect certain plants you can get 1 silver for them and it even helps the camps Healer in treating wounds.

This was like hitting 2 birds with one stone as word spread about the camps Healer and the materials he needed to help with your treatment.

With a camp of around 500 men had gotten so busy that he had to hire Clark his blacksmithing buddy to help with transactions for the plants and cut his training time in half just to manage it all.

Zed didn't realize how many dumb questions he would be getting as the camp healer and all the strange requests.

But at least he had gotten something for it.

Novice Healer
Any type of healing done by you is 5% more effective.

This even affected his passive health and mana regeneration, but weirdly it didn't affect his stamina regeneration.


It had been two busy days for zed and he was about to rest as tomorrow will be the day they would be attacking enemy reinforcements.


But most times your future plans don't work out like you wanted them to.


"Enemy attack!" A loud yell travel through the camp in the middle of the night.


He grabbed his greatswords and dashed out of his tent going straight for his squad to get them in proper defense formation.


As he ran to his men camp he could see the Soldiers of Kron kingdom charging at their defenseless camp.


Afterall this was only a good strategic location for attacking with no defenses expect the men in it.


"Form up and attack them before they reach the camp!" The General took command quickly as he gave his orders as all of his men took a formation followed by the squad leaders greatly dismissing the chaos that was happening in the camp.


Before the enemy could rache them Zed instructed for his men to take 4 man formation were 4 men cover each other.


Zed took the lead as he was just behind those that had horses.


Even his first opponent was on a horse.


The advantage of being on a horse was reduced a lot just because of the sheer hight of Zed as he was quite a bit taller than the horse its self.


The increased speed of the horse just made their deaths so much quicker as Zed swung his greatsword with enough skill and power to Split the man's spine in half.


He had no interest in the horse itself as he had no experience riding one.


The battle was gruesome as they were outnumbered 1:3.


But as always Zeds might shined in battle as he seemed immortal to his enemies.


Even when their blades struck him it didn't seem to faze the man one bit.


Corpses were starting to pile up near Zed hindering his movement making him get hit more and more as the battle continued and even with his regen things were starting to look grim.


Glancing around he could determine that the men of Kron kingdom would be winning this fight with heavy loses if nothing changed.


'If I use it there would be too many questions.' As the option of running away was still possible for him he decided to still wait and see how things continue as he retreated behind his men to apply healing times to his wounds.

Using this extra time he analyzed the battlefield to see if he could come up with anything.


'That could work'


"Retreat to the armory take the bows and the...!" He gave his remaining 32 men the order to retreat as he took the front lines to defend.


Bows were only recently becoming a valid option in war as the materials to make arrows were starting to be farmed in greater quantity.


So mostly they only used bows in defending cities and not in skirmishes as using a bow required a bit more finesse than just to swing a weapon.


But even if you hadn't shot one before it was still possible to use it.


The first part of the plan begun.

Plan Horsy no more.


Zed started to target the remaining 14 horsemen that could reach his men.


Most of them were wounded and it turned out much easier then one would think as 6 of the 14 horsemen ran away.


But due to zed and his men retreating the Kron kingdoms soldiers were starting to dominate the battlefield with their superior numbers.


With that, the second part of the plan could begin.


Fire spirit Drinks

As he saw his men come back carrying bows and sealed boxes he rushed to them.


"Those of you that have some balls grab the bows if not take the spirit and throw it at the enemies when I give the command."


Most of them grabbed the bows but some of them did understand their limits and pried open the boxes to grab the spirit.


Zed ordered his man to make a fireplace in front of him.


It didn't even take a minute for wood to be thrown into a pile in front of him.


Using the highly alcoholic spirit and his Alchemy fire a great fire rose from the pile of wood.


He started instructing his men in their roles and what they would need to do.


This caused more than half of them to chose to pick up the spirit instead of the bow.


Afterall how could using the bow to defend in case they were attacked compare to killing Kron soldiers upright!


"Follow my lead." He picked up a spirit bottle opened it then stuffed a cloth inside of it


"Make sure that cloth is properly lit." The cloth quickly caught on fire as Zed used firepit in front of him.


With the lit Molotov cocktail he moved closer to the battlefield aiming straight for a patch where the enemies were extra dense.


This wasn't hard at all thanks to the minimum amount of their own soldiers left and the sheer size of the enemy's army.


The spirit bottle split right on the head of one soldier as fire covered him and those in the vicinity of him.


That was the beginning of a legend in Kron kingdom of The fire-throwing Demon.


It only took them a couple of minutes to force the soldiers of Kron kingdom to retreat as the fire started to rain upon them.

"So this was you're doing Zed?" The General was the on to ask Zed as he road his now injured horse.


"Yes General."


He got off his horse and bowed to Zed.


"General!" Instantly the men next to him tried to stop him jet he just brushed them off.


"Thank you, you saved all our lives I will make sure you are properly repaid for this."


"I just did what any soldier should have done General."


"Nonsense you showed tactical powers that are beyond any regular soldier."


"Now I will be relying on you again to treat our men's wounds."


"Don't mind it General, it's an honor." Zed normally wouldn't have been this polite, but he was trying to be the perfect soldier to quickly raise his rank.



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