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Karma walked silently throughout the seemingly endless maze of cherry blossoms. It was beginning to get slightly brighter, as the sun peaked over the distant mountains. Karma yawned, as his feet slowly propelled him forward. His eyes glanced up at the cherry blossom trees. 

“I wonder where I am.”

As he continued to walk forward, he noticed a bright light out in the distance. He was curious as to what the light sourced from. He decided to go toward it, finding a decently large, yet run down house. Karma might as well knock on the door and ask for directions, after all he didn’t have a clue where he was. After knocking about ten quiet times, an older man walked to the door. He seemed as if he was sleep deprived and confused.

”What do you want?” 

His voice was hoarse and rough, which was new to Karma.

”I’m a little lost...” 

Keima’s own words confused him by a slight bit, though, even more the man standing in the doorway.

”Come inside...”

The man waved for him to come inside, and sat down on an older looking couch. He yawned loudly as he stared at Karma.

”Alright kid, who are you and why are you wearing such odd clothes...? Are you a foreigner?” 

He seemed to have many questions for Karma, which he necessarily didn’t hate.

”Foreigner..? I’m not a foreigner... Oh, and i’m Karma.”

Karma seemed to only confuse him more, which led him to asking a few more questions, along with his name.

”Name’s Sanjo, call me whatever you like though. Anyway, how’d you end up out here?”

 Karma stared at Joss for a second, noticing his medium-sized, dark red hair. As well as his cut up and worn down shirt, before eventually answering the best he could. 

“Well, I ‘fell’ into some black abyss, and found myself out in those cherry blossom trees.”

The man, Sanjo, stared at Karma as if he was intrigued and confused.

”You have a place to stay at Karma?” 

Sanjo asked his question curiously, as he stretched out his legs. He then yawned loudly, as he cracked his knuckles. Karma stared at Sanjo, and then shook his head. Accepting Sanjo's invitation to stay for a short while.

Sanjo yawned once more, Following the yawn with the stretch of his legs. Then, the sound of a person walking down the stairs was heard. Karma was slightly confused, thinking the man might’ve been alone.

A girl with long, messy, silky, and beautiful silver and red hair walked out onto the wooden floor of the building. She wore a light blue night gown, which had covered one shoulder, leaving the other exposed.

As the girl finally took notice to Sanjo and Karma, she spoke in a quiet voice, and attempted to hide herself behind the couch. 

“W-Who’s this..? Why is he here?”

Sanjo sighed, and told the girl to politely introduce herself. She did as Sanjo asked, which made Karma question whether or not he was a father of somebody.

”I-I’m-“ her voice was cut off by the sound of another girl rolling down the stairs. 

“L? You’re not badly hurt are you? Hello?!” 

The girl was quick to hurrying over, of course, he was just as worried as the girl and Sanjo. Though, as soon as Karma decided to follow to see what had happened, another girl, who he remembered being called ‘L’ started to playfully laugh. Or at least, she laughed until she noticed him.

She became quiet immediately, and stared at him from behind the other girl with long silky crimson and silver hair. It was only now though, that he noticed the shades in within both L and the girls' hair.

“Aikuri... who’s this..?”

Karma was about to speak, though he couldn’t think of anything to really say. He just waved, and went back toward the couch where the ‘old’ man, Sanjo was.

As Karma sat back onto the couch, he apologized to him.

”Sorry about that Karma, we usually aren’t this loud. In fact, we usually are quieter than this.” 

Karma was slightly confused as to why he was apologizing, but simply returned the kindness with somewhat of a smile.

“No it’s fine, I think it’s nice to have a little bit of fun every now and then.” 

Aikuri lead L to the couch, as both of them sat down next to Sanjo, trying to keep a decent distance between them and Karma.

Sanjo continued to speak, seeing as he seemed to believe Karma already knew the two's names by listening.

”Earlier you said you were lost, and don’t have a place to stay. I’d gladly welcome you here until we can get this figured out.” 

He seemed to know something that Karma, Aikuri, and L hadn’t known about.

Karma stared at Sanjo with confusion, he wasn’t sure what to answer at first, though he slowly led himself to a conclusion.

“I mean, I would love too, but couldn’t you give me directions.. and i’d probably be a nuisance-“

His voice trailed off before he looked down, clenching his first tightly. When had he gotten so 'good' at social interaction?

”I should probably get going, i’ll get marked for school if I continue to stay out.”

Karma had forgotten the sudden time change, not to mention he had absolutely no clue where he was. Though, the sun had come up plenty more by now.

L and Aikuri looked at Karma in an odd way, as if he were some rich and popular music band member. It was confusing him.

”You’re so rich you can goto school..? No wonder you have such odd clothing on.”

The two started to confuse him even more, it didn’t cost money to goto school. Something was weird, where was he?

”Rich..? What are you talking about, school doesn’t really cost much more than about $100 usd..”

The two continued to look at Karma, though they were slightly more confused. They stared at him with plenty of curiousity none the less.

"Look.. I'm not rich, this is just a uniform." He explained, before becoming more quiet, and nervously looked down at his hands.

Aikuri walked over to him, though she was quite nervous from the looks of it. She sat down on a close, though decently distanced chair from him. She opened her mouth and spoke with what seemed to be a large amount of curiousity.

"S-So... why are you here anyway?"

Sanjo, the old man, purposefully knocked over a vase from the looks of it. It appeared as if he wanted to keep it a secret, that is, if he was correct about his thinking. Eventually Aikuri went over and cleaned up the pieces of vase which broke off.

"Geez, that was on purpose wasn't it?"

Karma sighed, before looking at Sanjo, suspecting something was up with that old man. In response, he simply looked away and whistled like a common thing you'd see in some comedic fantasy book. Though, to be fair, he'd not known what was happening from the past while.

He began to glance around the room, before his attention was shifted back to Sanjo, who asked Karma the same question from earlier.

”So, do you think you’ll stay with us for awhile? We would love to have you with us, even if its for a short time." 

He seemed to be quite focused about his question and getting a response. Why was he so interested in him staying, was it because he was the only ‘guy’? Though, he does seem to be about in his fourty’s. It was really confusing to think any farther from there.

Karma finally nod his head and sighed in defeat. He glanced around the room, as well as the three others within the room. He hesitated as he opened his mouth to speak, though, he needed to make a decision. 

“Yeah... Alright, i’ll stay here for awhile if you’ll let me. Though, I feel like I should help around if I can."

Aikuri and L seemed to glance over at Karma with a slight interest peaking from their eyes. Even though Karma has not known why, he felt it could be a good thing. Perhaps the peculiar girls could become his friends, and maybe they could get along well as a bunch of friends.


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