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-Mike have you finished with a delivery device?-Ton was impatient because he was standing at the doors to the restricted zone. He started to kick the dor out of boredom.

-Yes, I finished, check this out. -Mike walked out of the room, on his arm he was carrying a howitzer 152 mm and with length of cal.53

-Is that?-Tony slapped his face.

-Yes, that is Kryl. I slightly changed it into a sniper rifle so it would be easier to aim.

-I know but why are you8 using howitzer?

-Because anything smaller will not work, and I am not going to steal a railgun.

-Okay, I am not gonna comment, you guys from the legions are weird.

-Nope we just have our rule " Bigger, stronger faster is better"

-Wasnt it "If one gun isn't enough you should use more guns."

-That right we have that rule too.

-Like every army, okay let's go, they are alone right now so it should be easier to sneak around them.

-Let's go, Tony check this out!

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania lucifer anime


-Nice, you have a good taste. If she was real I would like to meet her, and I did not know that you like anime.

-Do not fret! Oh, and by the way, this is Luke.-Tony fainted.- Mike grabbed him and put him on his shoulder. - Such sexy sister would be much better than this stupid workaholic. -Luke sneezed in his office.- I never expected that he would turn so pretty as a drawing.-Mike mumbled to himself.

Mc PoV:

-Mothra why are you helping me to find opponents when you know that they will probably die? Weren't they your friend?

-They were when I was in a cage not a single one of them helped wats wors some of them joined together to help that butcher. It was at that time when I got to know that true friendship does not exist.

- I can understand you, I have a similar experience.

-What happened my lord.- She landed on a mountain, in the sunset she looked beautiful. Her wings were seen thru in every color.It was thru that she was a goddess. STOP do not think any further it will end up like the last time. I will and as a fool.

-I do not want to talk about it, maybe other time.

-As you wish.- Her antennae were very cute when she was moving them, I would like to stroke them so much. They must be so soft. Ehh. WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING TO ME! WIKI!

Matting Season? ASke her if she is in the heat it will be normal for you to feel like a.....? I do not know how you can feel like, I am a computer program.

Okay, this is weird.

-My lord, we are nearing the nest of your next opponent. His name is Baragon.-Mothra was flying higher and higher. And I could see mountains. I hate climbing. So I just decided to walk not over the mountain but through it. It wasn't hard, few punches and I was right on the other side.I started to look for him but he was nowhere to be seen.

-Where are you? Come to papa. Papa will rip off your head.- I am going all out all these hormones are too much for me. I took a deep breath and roared.- SHOW YOUR SELF YOU MAGGOT!- The next thing I noticed was that I was falling int the hole.

Again holes in memory are what brings me problems. I shouldn't be drunk at the time. Baragon what was his abilities? Digging holes and... I got hit by a flame. He can breathe flames. I have to say that temperature of his flames was pleasant. It would be good when you have damaged your back while deadlifting.-Screach!

Short nuclear pulse blasted earth away from me creating a crater. He was standing on the cliff above me. - You will lose, I have the high ground!

Oh, I remembered something, Baragon at his biggest form weighted only 1000 tons. Right now, my wieght is over 90 000 tons. I fell like a bully.- You could find someone better you know, that thing does not even fit to be a workout.- Mothra did not respond to me, I could hear only that she mumbled something in fear. At the same time, Baragon decided to jump and ram with his horn. Exactly what I expected. He got slapped with a tail, and he flew away.- The team Rocket blasted off again! - Baragon quickly came back for the next round. - Your high ground does not work.

-Die, you villain.- He jumped again, this time a let him bite me. He locked his jaws on my left arm. It is weird how light he is. I grabbed his neck and threw him at the wall. He started to scream

--Ne Baragon-kun?-He shut his mouth.- Omea wa mou Shindeiru.-I took a deep breath.

-Nani? How do you know this...- WOOOOOOOOOOOOM, he just evaporated in gold particles.


-Yes, my lord?-She was shivering in fear when she landed on near mountain.

-I am not going to kill you.- Again when I saw her my tail started to harden - That was fun, but I do not like to beat weaklings, I do not know how you see me but you have to know that I have a sense of honor. Well, sort of.- The tip of my tail started to itch.

-Yes, my lord, I will try to find someone stronger next time.

-Good if you know your fault now as a punishment you are going to train for a whole night. Go fly as high and as fast as you can, you will know what to do, I need some peace to meditate. So I am going to stay here.

-Yes my lord. - She flew away immediately and finally, I could calm myself.

A note from saszeta


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania baragon

I never expected you to choose him, well you see I almost pity him since he always gets a beating. 

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