I entered my room and what I saw was a simple bed, a chair, a table, and lastly a closet. It was simple but was enough for one person. I went to lay down on the bed and read small book, the rules were simple

first: we must do our best to contribute to the guild.

second: we won't do anything that will cause harm to the guild and it's members.

third: if you want to leave the guild, notify the guild master

fourth: During emergencies, we are all required to work together

Those were it, all that's left on the book were an explanation on how the guild was founded and the past guild masters. I didn't really care so I just went to sleep, I've got to conserve what energy I have left. The next day we were called in the guild canteen, food was free but the food was like military food, tough and tasteless. After Cynthia and I had our fill, Marcus came to get us and led us to the guild hall.

"Alright you guys here are the new members!" I heard Lea's voice on the other side of the door before it opened.

"Hello guys!" The first to greet was a female elf, she had a slim body,briaded hair and a very bright personality. Her weapon of choice is a bow.

"....Hey..." beside the elf was a young woman who wore a hood that covered her head, she was reading a book and seemed like she can't be bothered. she looked like a "dark magician" from the old database.

"Oh! fresh meat!" a burly bald man quickly sized me up, this gave me the shivers.

"Oi, Uncle Fujo, please don't scare the man" a young man with a handsome face and a rapier quickly stopped the bald man from looking at me any further.

"The elf's name is Liralei Greenwood, that unfriendly woman beside her is Ella Ray, and that burly man is Shi Fujo, although everyone calls him Fujo, lastly the man with a rapier is Rick Roil" Marcus introduced everyone to us

"Good morning everyone, my name is Zeno Abbadon, due to some circumstance, I cannot reomve this helm and show my face" I introduced myself and apologized at the same time.

"I am Cynthia, Zeno is my master" Cynthia's introducted herself.

"There should be 3 more but they all went on a mission" Lea spoke

"We really want to give you a little feast for joining our guild but we're a little short on funds so we'll have to postpone it" Liralei said as she gave me a small pouch

"what's this?" I asked

"It's a little charm~" she said as she skipped back to Ella

"Thank you" of course I never forget to say thanks

"Okay, that's enough, let's all go back to what we were doing and let the newbies pick their quest" Marcus said as he pushed everyone

I walked to the quest board and most of the quests were either subjugation or escort quests the highest was D class. Quests were differentiated by class, the higher the class the more difficult the quest it. The highest class is SSS while the lowest is F.

Here are the difficulty levels:

SSS > SS > S > AAA > AA > A > BB > B > +C > -C> -D > D >E > F

The rewards for the quests on the board was a bit low but it should be enough so I picked a simple subjugation quest.


Goblins have been spotted near our mansion. My daughter usually killed them off but she's away because of her job so there's no one left to kill the goblins, at first I wanted to wait until she returns but the goblins kept increasing at an alarming rate

Kill 50 Goblins

Difficulty: +C

Reward: 5000 silver coins

Job given by: Maria von Dutch

Location: Dutch Mansion


5000 silver coins is a very kind offer

The currencey of this world is Gold>Silver>Copper>Bronze

1 Gold coin = 100 Silver coins

1 Silver coin = 100 Copper coins

1 copper coin = 100 bronze coins

I took the quest and went to Marcus so he could approve it but he gave me a weird look and said

"Are you sure you can do this? this is 50 goblins you know"

"Don't worry Marcus, we can handle this" I was a bit confident with my abilities

"But-" before Marcus could finish, Lea stopped him

"Don't worry Marcus, have some trust in our newbeies"

"If you say so..." Marcus stamped on the quest and wrote our names

"Let's go" I beckoned Cynthia

We left the guild and headed for Dutch mansion.

"Are you really sure? The Dutch family are you know..." Marcus asked Lea

"Yeah, a military family. Don't worry we'll follow them and observe, that Zeno is someone I can't trust just yet... his background is a little shady so a little investigation is needed." Lea spoke

"So you had this planned all along" Marcus spoke

"Come on" Lea said as she grabbed a sword and a shield before leaving through the backdoor


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axelsson27 @axelsson27 ago

Thanks for the chapter ^‿^

royaldarknes @royaldarknes ago

at least the guild master have common sense and do feel suspicious

Redys @Redys ago

First you say the highest ranking quest is D.

He suddenly pulls a C+ out of thin air

Jrs360 @Jrs360 ago

Hi, bronze is better than copper. It is copper with alloying elements such as tin which strengthen and can prevent oxidation. It is harder to make as well. Well made bronze is better than low grade iron. It would definitely be more valuable than copper.