P.I : Eternal

by Revive

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Sci-fi Anti-Hero Lead LitRPG Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Strategy Strong Lead Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

On 2059, virtual reality was finally realised. With it came a multitude of innovations for its use. Militiry became more advanced now with access to A.Is and more.Humans could stand atop a 11km tall mountain in a Dive gear, so life got easier meaning life got boring. In 2064 came a boom in VR games now capable of all 5 or 6 senses. 2119, Parallel Idendity was scheduled to be launched on 10/10/2119, almost no info was given to the world and all the world knows about the game was that it was created by a company named Parallel worlds and that it was 9/5/2119 when they announced ther launch.17 years old Kal Rehin is a avid gamer hoping for a release from this stagnant world was invited to the beta, which started from 11/5/2119, this is his story.


Its my first novel so pls provide constructive feedback thanks. I'll also be adding more tags as the story progresses. Cover ain't my of course, the boy in the pic is definately not the mc.

Schedule currently is 2 chapthers per week.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
1: Diving In [Edited] ago
2: Finally starting and Death? ago
Just a poll ago
3: Re-spawn and Traits ago
4: Aspects and Training ago
poll entry 2 ago
5: Ready and Onwards ago
6: Ito, Goals and Farming ago
7: Goblins, spiders and Explosions ago
Details? ago
8: Crystals and Naked ago
A little teaser ago
9: Party and Rift ago
10: A bit of history and Rewards ago
11: Crafting ago
12: The main Continent and Idiots? ago
13: The orc king ago
14: Exploring and Dungeons ago
Info sheet ago
15: Guilds and outbreak ago
16: Home ago
17: Frontlines ago
18: Defence ago
19; Break and Fall ago
20: Alive and Training ago
21: Training part 2 ago
Editing ago
22: Training Part 3 ago
23: Purple Siege ago
24: Assault Part 1 ago
25: Assault Part 2 ago
26: Assault Part End ago
27: Corrupted Sea Part 1 ago
28: Corrupted Sea Part 2 ago
29: Corrupted Sea Part 3 ago
30: Corrupted Sea End ago
31: Song of the Third Part 1 ago
32: Song of the third Part 2 ago
33: Song of the Third Part 3 ago
34: Song of the Third part 4 ago
35: Song of the Third Part 5 ago
36: Song of the Third End ago
Update ago
New story? ago
Bk 2: Prologue ago
Bk 2: 1, Peace and Quiet ago
Bk 2: 2, Re-entering ago
Bk 2: 3, Demonic Presence ago
Bk 2: 4, Questions and Answers ago
Bk 2: 5, Style ago
Bk 2: 6, First move, Recoilless Counter ago
Bk 2: 7, Field #5902 ago
Bk 2: 8, Battlesuit ago
Bk 2: 9, Lab Rat ago
Bk 2: 10, First Contact ago
Bk 2: 11, Conflict ago
Bk 2: 12, Monster Outbreak ago
Bk 2: 13, Declaration ago
Bk2: 14, Many more questions ago
Bk 2: 15, Progress takes time ago
Bk 2: 16, Endless Horde, Certain death, Heartseeker ago
Bk 2: 17, Nightfall ago

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Magic and tech (as of chapter 13)

so far an awesome story with the rare magic and technology, not too much focus on technology yet but seems that the promise is there looking forward to more