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Most monsters were spawning near areas with high quantities of people around. Which meant the businesses areas would have the most monsters. It was random yesterday but it changed today so I guess the difficulty does raise.

At least it looks like people simply grouping together with the numbers advantage isn’t going to work. There were a few monsters flying in the sky too, which weren’t there in the last wave. I couldn’t see what race they were but they looked around the size of a eagle.

Bringing my attention back to the ground, it was filled with mostly orcs, trolls and zombies. To be exact they were more similar to ghouls as their bodies were much darker than a normal zombie.

Well I’ll have to get closer to confirm but usually ghouls have a sort of poison on their teeths and nails. If there is then there would be a green liquid dripping from either the nails or it’s teeths.

I can’t deal with a troll since their regeneration speed is too superior to the damage I can deal. As for the zombie/ghoul I don’t want to touch them since it’s too annoying to fight them without any light attribute objects. So the fastest way is to aim for the orcs. But I can’t fight now as the roads are still filled with panic stricken humans running around.

I guess they thought that things would have been just as easy as the last time? But there is too little space for me to move around in, I guess this is the downside of going to a business district. There too many humans around to fight properly.

But what was more scary was the fact that there was an overwhelming number of ghouls rising up every second. Even the other monsters were giving these hordes of ghouls a clear berth in case they get caught up too.

As such it meant that the orcs and trolls who were the majority of the monsters around would be forced to move away. This is fine and all but it also means I have lesser chance to pick out the stranded monsters and instead be forced to make risky plays.

I’m not yet used to moving in this body too and there was still hints of expectations that I can perform to the same degree as my other body. It might prove to be deadly if I am going to make such risky attacks at a big group of monsters.

I was only level five and my only skill being analyse, a shitty version of my Sight. But at least I can see the names and levels of the monsters that aren’t 10 levels above me. I was tracking a group of orcs right now with a strength of 10.

Their levels ranged in between the 10s and 12s which was about twice my own level. But if I do this properly then it wouldn’t be a problem. Still it’s not like everything will go according to my plans so i need to make sure.

They were moving towards a intersection just a couple hundred meters away, orcs usually don’t like hunting together so they might split up. Indeed, the moment they saw the crossroads the orcs grumbled to each other before moving in their own directions.

They split into a 7 and 3 formation which means that the 7 should be the weaker ones. Since strong orcs prefer to only have similar strong orcs near them when they hunt. The seven orcs were all 10s and only one being 11.

Whereas the three going on the right path were all at the 12s so the choice here is obvious. Chasing after the seven orcs by using the high ground provided by the buildings around, I was undetected by the monsters on the ground.

With the boost from Grace I have little to fear from this group of orcs. Jumping into the midst of their messy formation, my sword flashed out taking a life instantly.

“ Goh?” The orcs that were used to attacking now stared dumbly as the ones that they thought simply as prey as now killing them.

But this makes things so much easier, within a couple seconds i had already taken out another four of them before they finally started moving. But sadly they were just too late without their numbers advantage.

The remaining two were cleaned up easily after that and ending the fight relatively easily. This netted me another two level bringing me up to 7. The smell of blood would probably attract the ghouls so I should leave quickly o I’ll get swarmed.

Like that I continued to hunt any monsters that weren’t too strong for me to handle. Things went relatively smoothly and by the time I took down my fourth group of orcs I was already at level 10.

As such I would now have to start thinking about the path I want to go, as for the xp I had already set up a mental command to use it to improve my body. But really, since I went for a spellblade kinda path how else can I do this then.

The blade part for me is mostly speed and power, so I can maybe go for a tanky build? But that’s not up to my alley so let’s drop that for now. As for the magic I’m using, most of them are simple offensive spells made to destroy the target.

I can either go for a control/illusion or soul type kinda mage? This is really hard on my brain and I don’t have any hints to work with. Then there is another restriction that I must be the first and only person walking this path.

However I was too caught up in my thoughts that I forgot that I was still in a warzone and thus I am now facing a entire horde of ghouls closing in on me. Well looking at their levels they only around the 7s and 8s, this shouldn’t be too hard of a task to kill them all.

Ten minutes I regretted my previous conclusion very much as I am almost being overrun by the continuous assault of the ghouls. To be honest, even in my other arsenal I didn’t have much against a group of enemies aiming at me at the same time.

All of them were also around my level so it made things much harder than I expected. I should be able to deal with this once I’m strong enough, but like he said, I will never have that chance easily.

Everyone including a portion of the people inside our own universe are all ready to kill me for what I represent. I need to be able to counter everything coming at me regardless whether it’s quantity or quality or both together.

I can deal with quality with my other body but it just just to that extent, there surely will be all kinds of tactics and enemies that I will be facing. So I can’t half-ass this decision like I did previously when I simply thought it’ll be fun.

WIth the constant killing I was quickly racking up on that sweet xp and levelling up every now and then. But it was just a short respite as I only recovered my physical stamina. My mind was still weak to a extreme or prolonged source of stress.

I can’t do this any longer, the stench of blood is spreading far and wide constantly attracting more ghouls over. Not only that I’m constantly being forced to hit and run if I didn’t want to get surrounded completely.

This was an uphill task that was slowly turning into a impossible task, I need to leave now or I’ll be killed by the continuous wave of ghouls. Swinging Grace in a wide arc, I jumped upwards before landing onto a nearby roof.

After that, I quickly fled the scene while searching for a place to clean away all the blood on me. Eventually the monster stopped spawning, but the numbers of the ghouls didn’t decrease in the slightest.

In fact it could be said that the ghouls were now the most dangerous ones amongst the three main species appearing today. Almost anything they ate would have a 50/50 chance to turn into another ghoul so their numbers could be easily replenished.

We had no holy type items so we needed to resort to using blunt weapons or cutting off their heads in one go. So that we don’t get infected by their virus at all, destroying the brain is the fastest way to kill a ghoul undead type.

As such because of all the ghouls now being the main force in the city the orcs and trolls have no choice but to group up. This made hunting them almost impossible as they now moved in groups of ten with levels ranging at the 11s and 12s.

However not everything was for naught, I was able to snag five levels during the brief time fighting the ghouls.With a three to four level difference, I should be able to bring down some of them in their rear.

I just need to find the right place and time to do it so I don’t get killed for being too hasty. But regardless of the danger it poses, I can’t just continue fighting ghouls as I’ll be overwhelmed sooner or later.

MAybe after I gain another ten levels worth of stats then I’ll try taking on the ghouls. But for now I should stick to the riskier but more rewarding orcs. Their weak points are also much easier to hit so say what you want but I’m taking the orcs.

As I thought, the orcs were now all clumped up in groups of fives and sixes. Coming from their back this time, I ran up to them before jumping up and slashing at the spine of the orc closest to me.

“ Gueh!”

The rest of the orcs turned around to see that their comrade falling down while a shower of blood covered them. Not letting their shocked state go, I was able to take down another one before they finally started fighting back.

The orc on the left slammed his makeshift club down at me which I rolled away from. Pieces of concrete flew up as the club smashed away the road, some of which grazed my skin. Luckily they were just small injuries.

Jumping to my right, I dodged another club that came smashing into my previous location, bringing me back to the first orc that attacked me. Rearing its arm up again to commit another blow, I didn’t let it finish as a stab to it’s armpit and another one to its throat ended it’s life.

So with four left and probably more incoming I should end this quickly. A kick flew into my stomach right then causing me to fly away before smacking face first into the ground. I still forgot that this wasn’t my other body and thus dropped my guard for a few seconds.

I really need to force myself to keep my guard up as long as I’m in a battlefield. But for now, towards the orcs charging at me without any plans at all, I can kill them easily. Taking a running start, I jumped into the air, with both hands gripping Grace, drove the blade into the head of the middle orc.

Twisting the blade sideways I pulled it out with a ungodly strength causing brain matter to splatter all over his comrades.

“ Gueh?” The pieces of brain matter and blood had splattered onto their eyes causing them to lose their sight. In the process causing the orcs to wave their weapons frantically in the air. Without any sort of defence left, I killed off the the ones nearest to the dead orc.

The last one was just a bit further away so it didn’t get touched, but the frantic motions had resulted in it being smacked in the face by the club. In no better shape than the others, the last orc was just another pile of xp waiting for me to take.

With all that done, I left the scene silently before any other monsters would come and check on the smell of blood oozing out. But seriously, I need to take a bath or this smell might just stick to me forever.

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