The Cosmic Series: The First Apprentice. (On hold(life problems.))

by Labith

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy LitRPG Magic Martial Arts Reader interactive Reincarnation Slice of Life Strategy Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity


Chaos has chosen his first disciple and will not change his mind.

He will mold his world and free its souls for him.

He will rip beyond the great beyond and show him the truths hidden in the hands of the tyrant.

He will do anything to bring him back...



The world has moved to a true mother multiverse; a place full of the savage energies of the beginnings.

A man favored by a certain entity lives here, he holds no certain quality but his raging heart, a thing that will make him the first pillar of chaos and with time...something else.

The tyrant has noticed and has sent his defects to reclaim his territory.

The old ones are tired and mad.

Will humanity survive?

Will the Tridimensional's fail again?

Will the main character get to fuck?...Probably in a million years... but hey one can dream, right?

Find out here and probably in a few weeks.

(HI, I'm new to writing(like not actually professional writing.). I made this on a whim of inspiration, but I promise I will not abandon this story, as I have more in the works. So I'm gonna become an active author in the future.

With love, Bye. Also, this story will take place in the real world.

(All pictures in this novel don't belong to me, I don't make a profit out of this novel so you can't sue me.)The pics will be replaced by fan art...or mine art. ^_^

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Times Change. Prologue (Chap 1) *Completely author rewritten*(ADDING DETAIL TO IT.(1/28/18)) ago
The Storm's Out to Get Ya.(Chap 2) *Author rewritten* ago
The will to survive.(Chap 3) *Author rewriten* ago
What are the crystals?(Chap 4) *Author rewritten* ago
Let us be close. (Chap 5) *Edited* ago
The first phase.(Chap 6)*Edited* ago
The first day, of the first phase.(Chap 7)*Not edited* ago
Fake Eater of worlds.(Chap 8)*Not edited* ago
The first wright. (Chapter 9)*Not edited* ago
What is happening?(Chap 10)*Not edited* ago
Shorter than a...(Chap 11)*Not edited* ago
Changing perspectives.(Chap 12)*Not edited* ago
For the loved ones.(Chap 13)*Not edited* ago
I'm Heyla the gangsta! Not...(Chap 14)*Not edited* ago
Homn the forgotten.(Chap 15)*Not edited* ago
Time travel?(Chap 16)*Not edited* ago
You may be wondering...(No chap) ago
Were do we go now?(Chap 17)*Not edited* ago
What happened here?(Chap 18)*Not edited* ago
The old baby pacer.(Chap 19)*Not edited* ago
I really need the help of my children.(Chap 20)*Not edited* ago
The Fourth Wright.(chap 21)*Not edited* ago
(Not chap) Speech of labith...hi *Blushes*(No chap)*Not edited* ago 22)*Not edited* ago
HOLD YOUR HORSES(click it. I know you want to. Muahhahahah.) (Chap 23)*Not edited* ago
The mysteries that hide in plain sight.(Chap 24)*Not edited* ago
Astronaut?(Chap 25)*Not edited* ago
Otreal.(Chap 26)*Not edited* ago
The end of the begging, a simple lie even.(Chap 26)*Not edited* ago
Christmas special. ^_^ ago
My renaissance.(Chap 27)*Not edited* ago
Happy new year!!!!(Chap 28) *Not edited* ago
_start_(Concept) ago
Pure-blooded. (Chap 29) *Not edited* ago
Welp, here we go! ago
I'm back, stronger than ever. ago
End of the first arc(TEST) Beginning of the second arc: The first apprentice ago
A short start before the next chap(Tomorrow I will post another chap) ago
I never break my promises. ago

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great story with lots of potential. as i've stated in my comments there are a few kinks that need working out but all in all it's great. definitely worth reading if you don't mind a bit of chaos thrown in every now and then, but in my opinion it helpsseeing as one of the main driving forces in the novel is chaos itself....