The first thing i remember is nothing. I mean literally nothing not some kind of void or some space or anything. Just me, i had no body, well i didn't know what a body was back then though, I mean nothing existed but me...i think.


After hmm... somthing i didn't even know if time existed, I became what i now know is the feeling of boredom and i made something.. i didn't know how i just did it.

The thing i made was small but after some time it exploded into what now is the universe, I was fascinated by all the colours and i watched all the stars and planets being created and destroyed millions of times


Now i wished to try new things so i started looking onto the many planets and saw that something living had been created on some of them, I watched the things kill and eat each other, until i saw some of the things grouped togeher and started to work to defeat stronger things, These things that grouped together call'd themself "Humans".


I felt that the "Humans" were to weak for this worlds and all it's other living things. So i gave them powers, The first humans with this "Magic" where killed by their own kind because they thoght the "Magic" was some kind of disease or curse. But then all humans started to get this power of magic and they realized that it helped them a lot.


The magic had caused some humans to mutate into what they call Beasmen, Elves and Demons. Thease races were often not to fond of each other.

Now i wanted to try something again, so i created a body for myself, the body was of a black haired 12 year old human male 150cm in length and with one blue and one purple eye, I then went down to the plants surface.



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