I opened my eyes and saw that i had teleported into a jungle, I heard birds and other animals flying and running around but didn't see them because of the many big trees.

I noticed something trying to access my mind, I looked at it with my powers and saw that it was named "The System" and it existed around and inside everything on this planet and meny other planets to.

I accepted the thing the "System" tried to do because it was not harmfull, not that it would be able to hurt me anyways.

It seemed to be a system that helped you use the power of magic that i created on this planet, also i noticed that magic had been transferred to some other planets too.

Now you could also bring up some kind of status but you could normally not do it manually, But I am not what normal living things call normal so i forcefully open it for myself and this is what popped up

Name : ? Error ? Level : ? Error ?
Stenght : ? Error ? Speed : ? Error ?
Intellegence : ? Error ? Vitality : ? Error ?
Mana : ? Error ? Race/Species : ? Error ?


? Error ? ? Error ?



I kind of knew that this would happed from the begining but i had hoped for something more informative then just error's.

Anyway now i wanted to explore and maybe get out of this jungle, of course i could just teleport anywhere but i wanted to do things with this new body of mine so i will try to restrict my powers.

I heard a loud bang further ahead and i started going in the direction of the sound, after walking for some minutes i arrived at a little clearing without trees and a cave that lead inside of a big mountain, in the middle of the clearing was 10 humans standing around a big creature.

I could also se the status of other creatures using the system so i looked at the creatures status.

Name : Icrus Level : 257
Vitality : 13 627 Race/Species : Fire Dragon

I only made the system display some aspects because it was easier for me, I also analysed the humans and they were around level 80-90 exept one female who was level 120.

All of the humans looked pretty tired and beat up as they were looking scared of the dragon they were facing, the dragon only had some scars and cuts and didn't seem tired at all.

The female human shouted something and they all started moving at the same time, 3 of them started activating magic and 4 run at the dragons with swords drawn another fired a bow and one stood at the back with a staff in his hands, The stongest female human drank a bottle of yellow liquid and draw two swords and jumoed at the dragon straight on and slashed at the dragons eyes while the 4 swordsmen struck his legs.

The dragon quickly slashed at the swordsmen at his legs and hit one of the and he flew a few feet before landing in a pool of blood from a big slash in his chest, the human in the back with the staff ran to him and started healing him with magic while the other were still fighting the dragon.

The female had missed the dragon with just a few inches she quickly jumped back and shouted something else, everybody else started to draw back to the female while the mages started to fire magic at the dragon, one of them missed but the other 2 hit its head and body and it got pushed back a little.

I saw that they stopped attacking eachother so i walked towards them, i got out from behind a tree where i had stood and calmly walked against the battleground.

The dragon noticed me first because a came out behind the humans, i waved at it but it only looked back with a angry and little confused face, the humans were to focused on the dragon to notice me.

I stopped just some feet behind the female and caughed to get her attention, she turned around so quickly one would almost think she broke her neck.

She staired at me with an confused expression then said "-Who are you and what are you doing here?"

I just said "-I was bored so i walked over here" because that was the reason i was here and i didn't have a name so what else could i say.

The humans all had suprised and confused reactions and the female shouted "Can't you see were fighting a fucking dragon over here kid!?"

I just stared at them and said "i'm not the one attacking it why would it be dangerous for me?"

The humans just looked more confused after this but a loud roar came from the other side and they rememberd that they were actually fighting a dragon.

The female said to the others that they should retreat and they re-grouped and started to prepare a magic circle by using a yellow cristal looking object, the woman remembered about me but it was to late as when she had turned to me they had been telepoted away.

I was just standing there looking at the dragon and it was looking back, It roared again to try and scare me but i didn't even lift an eyelid to it.

I said to the dragon "Hello Icrus".

The dragon was very suprised and answerd "How can you speak my language and how do you know my name!?" It was a female dragon but its voice was still very deep

I said "Why did those humans attack you?"

It replied quickly an angry "Answer my question human boy".

I said "You answer first" and just sat down on the ground because i wasn't used to walking quite yet.

The dragon said "If you do not answer me right now i will kill you om the spot!"

I just giggled a little and said "*giggle* I'd like to see you try" in a childish manner

The dragon closed its mouth and you could se something red filling it and after just a few seconds it opened it and a storm of fire blew out against me, I got an idea so i did the exact same thing but not with fire but with normal air.

I took a deep breath and blew the air against the fire and just as quickly as it created it disappeared but i accidentally put to much force in it and the dragon and some trees were all blown hundreds of feet into the air, but the dragon was lucky to have wings and it landed about 30 feet away from me with a scared expression.

The dragon said in a worried voice "What are you?!"





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InpartiorKNO @InpartiorKNO ago

"A troll." or "The Game Master, using cheats to bully the newbs."