"-Hmmmmm yes i wonder that too actually" I answerd the dragon

"-What do you mean?, don't you know what you are!?" The dragon had an weird expression on its face as it said that.

"-Plus why would i tell you even if i know" I quicky added then said"-I don't want to fight you now so lets stop this"

The dragon looked around a little and said "-Just don't cause trubble since this is my tribes jungle or else someone will have to take care of you"

He probably thought that i had used some kind of artifact or mana-stone to counter attack his fire-breath because no human or humanoid being can alone overpower a dragon without being insanely strong or have some kind of stong artifact and i looked way to young to be someone powerfull.

The dragon was just gonna fly away when i asked it "Eyy, which way should i go to have fun?"

The dragon didn't seem to understand my question but answerd "-if your looking for the nearest human town, its that way" as he pointed to his right with a charp claw

I started walking in that direction while the dragon flyed away against a big mountain at the horizon.

After walking for a while the trees started to lessen and i heard a bell ringing somewhere far ahead, I kept walking until i saw a big wall about 30 feet and a big gate almost three times my size.

There were 4 guards at the gate and a line with people getting checked and paying a fee to get inside the city.

I didn't know what to do but i had no obligation to have them check me or to pay some fee, plus i had no money so i couldn't pay anyways.

I walked by everyone and tried to walk trough the gate but one of the guards put his sword in front of me, it was long and had many cuts so you could se it had been trough many fights.

The guard ask'd me if i had any gate cards or adventurer cards, I shook my head in a calm manner and tried to walk trough again but he stopped me again and i got a little irritated at this human.

"-Boy, You can't just go trough without paying the fee ya'understan?" Another guard with a bald head with a scar across his face that passed over his left eye said.

"-And now you have been not so nice to us so you have to pay a fee for that too and by looking at your clothes you don't seem so poor" The man with the scar said

I had created a black shirt and pure white pants with black boots, and i didn't have a single bit of dirt on my face and my hair looked fresh because my body was not created so long ago.

"-Yea boy, You wanna be able to walk home right" A big man behind the guard with the scar said threateningly.

"-I don't have any money, now move" I said in a demanding voice but the guards only became angrier and the one with the scar raised his hand and tried to slap me but i grabbed his hand by the wrist, he looked very confused because he was almost 2 heads higher then me and was very muscular and i just stopped his slap with one arm.

The people in line backed up and looked equally confused as the guard, one man didn't back away and walked towards the guards.

He wore a rode with a hood on that coverd his face and he was around the same lenght as the man i was holding but he was not as muscular and looked pretty weak, in his right hand he had a staff with a fist sized dark purple crystal on top.

The guards pointed their swords at the man and said to him to stop but he keept going towards them when he was a few inches from the tip of the swords he stopped and said "That boy is with me" and took out something from his pocket and showed the guard, the guards face lost a bit of colour when he saw the symbol the man was holding up and quickly jumped to the side and allowed him to pass trough.

The other guards looked confused at this but the one who saw the symbol said "-He's a rank 8-Mid!" and the others stiffened up and i let go of the man as he quickly stepped to the side to let us enter.

I walked inside with the hodded man and soon we where in the middle of the busy streets with loots of stalls and people buying stuff, i saw a girl with dirty hair trying to steal some fruits but got punched shouted at by the owner.

The man next to me asked "What's you name, boy?" in a wondering voice

I answerd the man with "I don't have a name" in a casual manner

The man answerd "Okey if you wanna be that way, then what can i call you?"

Hmmmm it seems that I really need a name as everyone seems to ask for it, lets see

I picked a random guy who stod in front of a stall and analysed him

Name : Ryu Level : 13
Vitality : 150 Race/Species : Human

"-Call me Ryu" i said to the man.

And now i have a name.




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