"-Ryu huh" said sad the man

"-What about you, whats your name" i asked

"-My name is Izrusiel but people just call me Izu" he said as he took his hood of and showed a adult mans face with red hair and a small scar on one of he's cheeks.

"-So what are you doing here Ryu" asked Izu

"-Looking for something fun to do" I said with a slight smile

"-But where do you live, which district?" Izu asked

I was confused at this question and didn't know what to answer but i did not need to answer it because right after Izu said "-Or you shoulden't say where you live to any random person on the steet i guess" i was glad he said that since i wouldn't have to answerd the question now.

"-So i saw you stop that man at the gate, something tells me that was not on fluke" Izu said with a more serius face

"-What do you mean?" I said

"-How could you stop that mans slap with just one hand, martial arts,body strengthening magic,some kind of unique skill?" Izu asked curiusly

"-No i just grabbed it" I answerd

Izu looked suprised and seemed to be thinking about something then said "-Who are your parents?"

"I don't have any parents" I answerd and looked away because i heard something.

Izu looked at me with a sad expression and quickly apologized ,he probably thought it was a sensative matter.

"-Is this your first time in this town?" Izu asked after a while

"-Yes" i said

"-I can show you around if you would like" He said

"-Okey sure" suddenly my stomach growled loudly.

"-Haha well then, lets get some food first" Izu said with a smile

Izu told me to follow him and we walked for some time until we arrived at a big building with a sign with "Azril Guild" typed with big letters.

We went inside and it were many people inside with fighting gear, some had staffs and bows but not so many.

When Izu stepped inside everyone went quiet and looked at us or more at Izu for some seconds before returning to their own my business, we sat down at a table in the back, after a while a woman came up to us and asked if we wanted to order anything.

Izu gave her 1 silver coin and said that he wanted two beef stews with a big beer and some juice for me.

"-What is this place?" i asked Izu

He looked at me with a surprised expression and said "-You went to Azril without knowing that!?"


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