"-Sorry i'm not from around here" i answerd Izu.

"-You must have come from a very far away place if you do not know about the Azril Guild" He replied "-The Azril Guild is one of the biggest Guilds in this continent and has around 1 million members, though less then 1% of them are actually somewhat strong its still a very big force, and this is the main guild house and the first to have been built.

I didn't know what i was going to reply sense i don't know what a guild is but i guess from what Izu said it's some kind of place for people to train and get stronger or something similar to that.

After some awkward silence Izu said "-You can join the guild at any age, you just have to take a test to know how strong you are and to receive a ranking".

"-And if that power you displayed at the gate when you stopped that man was not a fluke you should be able to pass the test and receive at least rank 5-Low" he added.

"-What do you mean ranking?" i asked

"-You don't even know that?!" Izu looked very trubbled and confused at this "-Well There are Lower, Middle, High, Top which are then devided into 1-9, So if you are a rank 9-Low and go up a level you become rank 1-Mid" He said

"-There are also special cases to where like for exemple some dragons are King class which is like 10 Top ranks or some ancient beings are God class and they are incredibly powerfull but i haven't heard of a God class existing in over thousands of years and in history records only 3 King class monsters have been spotted in the nearest two hundred years" He added

"-Okey, So how do i take this test and what do you do in it" i asked him after some time of memorizing these rank's

"-The test is devided into 2 parts, in the first one you fight a Guild match supervisor to evaluate your strenght and the other one is to test your magic power" Izu answed my question

"-I guess i can try it on" i said a little bit curious

I hope the Guild supervisor will be someone strong so i can try somethings while fighting

"-So where do you take this test?" I ask

"-Follow me" Said Izu as the walk against the reception desk.

"This boy wants to take the Adveturer test" Izu said to the woman in the reception with a high voice.

Some people looked at us and then at me and laughed and some shouted things like "-Hope you have enogh healing potions" or "-Are you sure you didn't just lost your way to the candyshop little boy"

Izu just stood there smiling and ignoring the shouting men.

I had wanted to try something for a while and now i had a good place to do it, I concentrated on the people in the guild and released some power, the same power i had felt from the dragon as that was the only magic i had felt sense i came down here.

As i released some magic aura into the room for only a moment everyone freezed, not a sound could be heard as no one moved not even Izu as he had a terrified look on his face, after some seconds which felt like hours many fell of their chairs and some started screaming, Izu looked around and saw me standing there with a curious face and looked more confused than before.

"-WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?" someone yelled

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