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"-EVERYONE CALM DOWN!" Someone comming down the stairs shouted.

He was a somewhat long man with a well trained body wearing green pants and a black tank top and short hair.

Everyone quieted down and calmed down a little but there they still had terrified looks on their faces.

"-And who are you?" someone asked.

"-My name is Harold and i'm a guild supervisor" he replied.

So this is the supervisor i'm going to fight in the test i think, lets see how strong he is, I looked at his stats.

Name : Harold Level : 53
Vitality : 1 976 Race/Species : Human

Well that's kind of strong to be a human but not so strong in comparison to the dragon from before but oh well.

I wonder how strong the woman who was fighting the dragon was.

"-What the hell just happend?!" some of the men by the table shouted.

"-I do not know, but it felt like a stong pulse of draconic mana" Harold replied.

"-Where and why would someone get dragon mana in this city?" one of the men asked.

"-The guild master has gone to see the king and report this incident, and i don't think it was anything dangerous so please go back to what you where doing before" said Harold.

Everyone seemed to come back to their sensed now and sat back up and started chatting with their friends again.

"-Supervisor!, this young man wants to take the adventurer test" the woman in the reception shouted to Harold

The man looked at Izu first but he nodded towards me and Harold looked both suprised,happy and a little bit sad when he saw me.

"-Oh okay, I don't like to fight children sense i feel bad though" he said as he scratched the back of his head.

"-Well don't underestimate him because of his look's" Izu said with a slight grin.

"-What is your name?" the woman in the reception asked.

"-Ryu" i answered back.

We just stood there silently starring at each other for a while then.

"-Eeeee.. don't you have a family name?" she asked.

"-Family name...? i replied confused.

"-This boy is not from around here, and his parents aren't among the living anymore" Izu said quickly as he still thought it was a painfull subject.

"-Ooh i'm so sorry" she said and apologized to me

"-Well lets start with the test now shall we" Harold said and tapped on my back with his palm

"Follow me" he said and walked outside to the backyard

The backyard was a big space about 60 feet across and with a square circle in the middle about 30 feet across and it was about 4 feet over the other ground.

"-This is where the match will be held" said Harold

He walked to one side of the circle and i jumped up and stood at the other side of the circle.

"-You will attack and i will defend, attack me like i was an real enemy and as if you where trying to kill me" Harold said

"-Ehhhh you sure?" I replied with a concerned face

"-Hahaha yes i'm sure, i'm pretty strong even if i don't look like it" He said while laughing

"-Well okay" I replied

I always had wanted to test my powers anyways so why not I thought.

"-READY!....SET!....GOOOOO! The receptionist shoted from behind me.



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Thanks for the chapter

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Attack wanting to kill...

"Once upon a time there WAS a kingdom.."

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