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Ana's POV

My name is Ana Animaz and i am one of the 12 guild masters of the Azril guild, right now i am on my way to the king to report a distubance of the mana in the guild building as a strong wave of dragon mana was released inside or near the building.

I was in my office when i felt it, it was like getting dipped in ice cold water all of a sudden, I immediately gave orders to Harold one of the supervisors to go down and check on all the people while i went and told the king what had happend.

I was about 5 minutes away from the king's castle when i heard a loud band like an explosion of some sort from the direction of the guild house.

I stopped in front of a stall which sold groceries and the man running it jumped up and screamed because it looked like I teleported there but i was just moving faster than he could see.

I looked in the direction i had heard the noise and became really worried as i saw smoke rising up into the sky, because the direction it was coming from was the same direction as the guild building.

I immediately turned around and ran back as fast as i could.

I arrived at the guild after about 2 minutes this time because i moved at an much fater speed than before but when i arrived i couldn't belive my eyes.

About a third of the building was gone and 4 houses behind it where destroyed and the ground was on fire, people were running away screaming in fear.

40 minutes earlier

"-READY...SET...GO!" The receptionist shouted to us.

I didn't want to hurt the supervisor so much but i also wanted to test my limits in this body right now.

I first tried taking small piece of stone from the ground about double the size of my thumb, I trew it at him with a small bit of force but it whistled as it flew straight towards, he quickly jumped to the side but a little to late as the stone scratched his arm and it started to bleed.

He looked suprised but also happy at the same time.

"-Hoho.. Seems like what that man said was not wrong, you really should not be underestimated" (Harold)

"-Really?" i said with a confused face "that was not that fast" i thought

I took some more stones up and threw them against him with a little more force but he dodged all of them with ease this time.

I made a quick jump forward and arrived about 2 feet away from Harold, he looked suprised but not at the fact that i was fast "maybe he thinks i look to young to be this fast" i thought.

I threw a punch at him but he slaped my arm away with the back of his hand "this seems to be to slow for him so lets speed up a little more" i thought while starting to punch him more and faster but he still looked like he was just taking a walk in the park, not even a drop of sweat on his face.

I jumped back and noticed he had not even moved 1 step from the begining.

I was just going to attack again when Harold put his hand in the air and said "-Thats enough, you don't need to fight anymore"

"What did i do something wrong?" i thought.

"-You clearly have passed the first test already, almost no one your age can move that quickly without using some kind of enhanced equipment or strenghetning spell" (Harold)

"-Oh okay, well is you say so" I replied

"-Then lets move to the second part of the test" (Harold)

"-Stand here please" said the receptionist who were standing some feet away.

I did as she said and she asked me a question that i did not understand

"-What power are you most compatible with?" (Receptionist)

"-What?" i asked

"-Oh right you are not from around here so you do not have the same traditions as us i assume" (Reseptionist)

She took out a cristal ball the size of her hand from a bag on her side and gave it to me "-Put as much mana as you can into this"

"Hmmm i shouldn't use dragon mana for this i think sense it started so much trubble a while ago" I closed my eyes and consentrated on the cristal ball and infused it with the mana I could sense in the air around me in the air.

As soon as i started the crystal exploded and everyone jumped back and looked confused

"-What happened?!" (Harold and The receptionist)

"-I don't know, i started to inject mana into it and it just exploded" I answered

"-It must have been broken" (Receptionist)

"'Well the most usual power if fire so lets try one of that one" (Receptionist)

"-This is the basic fire attack" She said while she pointed her hand against a iron target in the shape of a mans torso about 30 feet away, she said "Fireball" and a fireball about the size of a fist shot out from her hand and hit the target in the chest.

"-Now its your turn, but don't worry you won't need to make a perfect copy of it just try your best okay" she said with a smile.

I rised my arm against the target and consentrated and said "-Fireball"

A explosion could be heard in the whole city after that.

"Oh shit used to much power" I thought while facepalming in all the smoke and panic.

I was worried about Izu, Harold and the receptionist so i closed my eyes and focused on the surroundings and found Harold who had been thrown to the other side of the house but did not seem seriously hurt only some burnt skin dirt on him, Izu was just some feet behind me and had a shield of mana around him and did not even have a bit of dirt on him, The receptionist had been standing right next to Izu so she was fine to.

"Better get away from here before any trouble starts" I thought as I teleported out from the building.

"-RYU!" Harold had seen me and was running against me "-Are you hurt?" he asked while taking out some cristal and infusing some mana to it glowed then it broke in two pices.

"-There might be someone attacking the guild" (Harold)

I felt a immense wave of mana coming from behind me and when i turned around i saw a woman about 180 cm in lenght with black hair in a red dress which sat tightly on her body and vent down to her feet but it was ripped at the left leg for better movement.

"-Guild master" Harold said as he went down on one knee and said "-I do not know what has happend but it can be a attack on the guild, good that you are here now.

"So this is the guild master lets see how strong she is" i thought as i checked her stats

Name : Ana Level : 233
Vitality : 7 835

Race/Species : Half Human/Half Dragon

"Ohhh this seems interesting" I thought while my eyes wondered over the Race/Species catagory

"-What happened?" (Ana)

"-I do not know, I'm sorry i was helping this boy take the adventurer test at the time" (Harold)

A diffrent kind of mana could be felt from inside the building, a dark and evil kind of mana.

Ana's face became more serious as she went inside, Harold went after her so i also followed them.

When we came out to the backyard the receptionist had a big bleeding slash across her left arm and Izu was standing at the other side with a dark aura surrounding him.

"-He is with the dark magicians!" (The receptionist)

"-No, Its a missunderstanding" (Izu)

"-Then why can you use that dark magic?" (The receptionist)

"-You have one chance to explain yourself!" (Ana)

"-I have an special ability which makes me able to use any magic i absorb, please belive me i don't want to fight you" said Izu as he put his hand in the air to show that he didn't mean any harm

"-Prove it!" (Ana)

"-Okay fire somthing with magic at me" (Izu)

The receptionist put her hands up and said "Firestorm" and a tornado of fire shot against Izu, Izu shouted "Absorb" and the fire just kind of got sucked into him and then he put his hand into the air and said "Release" and the same fire was shot out of his hands

Everyone looked very suprised at this and Izu shouted "-Do you belive me now?!"

Ana answered "Yes, very well we belive you"


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