Izu lowerd his arms and stopped emitting that dark aura, Ana lowered a knife she had pulled from her waist.

Harold gave the receptionist a bright red potion and took her outside, Ana was still focused on Izu and did not take her eyes of him for even a second.

"-What kind of magic was that?" I asked

"-Its an evil magic used by evil and corrupted magicians" (Ana)

"-What, what is wrong with it?" i replied

"-It requires souls and death to use it and many innocent people were killed and used for more power" Ana said with an angry expresion.

"-Right, you what is your name and how did you get that dark magic" Ana said as she turned to Izu

"-My name is Izrusiel and i got this power from defeating a dark magician and absorbing his magic" (Izu)

"-What!, don't tell me that a dark magician was inside the city?!" (Ana)

"-No, it was in the silver mountains" (Izu)

Ana got a little more relaxed after he said that, she sat down on a broken piece of the wall.

"-What happend here then?" (Ana)

"-I don't know, Ryu here was just going to take the magic test when the place just exploded (Izu)

"-Maybe this has some connection to the dragon mana that was felt a while ago" (Ana)

"-Yea maybe" (Izu)

I didn't know what if i should say anything about it being me who destroyed the houses by mistake but i chose not to, i don't even know if they would believe me even if i told them.

"-Now i will have to report one more thing to the king" (Ana)

"-By the way, how does your power work?" Ana asked Izu

I too wondered about that and thats why i chose to check out his stats

Name : Izrusiel Level : 500
Strenght : 13 500 (1 350) Speed : 9 000 (900)
Intellegence : 5 000 (500) Vitality : 5 400 (540)
Mana : ? Race/Species : High Human
Powers Other

Absorb : Can absorb any kind of mana in the users area.

The higher lever the user is the longer the absorption is.

Keeping strong mana absorbed can hurt the user

Because of the Power : {Absorb} user can not absorb mana any other way.

Because having power : {???} absorbed, Leveling decreased by 99% and all stats reduced by 90%

"Oh seems that Izu is holding back more secrets than i thought" I smiled a little

"-What is a high human?" I asked curiusly

Izu almost fell when i asked that but Ana didn't notice sense she was looking at me, She said "-What have you heard that from?"

"-I just heard some people talking about that on my way here" I lied

"-Well, people say that is you reach level 500 hundred you become a high human, but i have never heard of it being confirming it" She said

"-Wouldn't it be nice to meet one?" I said to Ana while looking Izu straight in the eyes.

"-Well i doubt that i will ever even see one though if they are even real" She replied

Izu walked up to us and said "-*haha* didn't you want to know about my powers?".

"-Yea right" said Ana and I walked away as Izu started explaining the details about his power.

I went inside to the park of the guild that was not destroyed and saw Harold and the receptionist sitting on two chairs and her arm was almost healed.

"-Hello, i see that the injury is already healing" I said as they looked at me.

"-Yes, I gave her a grade 5 healing potion so she will probably be fine in about an hour" (Harold)

"-How are you feeling?" (Harold)

"-Good, what about you?" I replied

"-I'm fine just a little roughed up" (Harold)

Now Ana and Izu came walking trough the door as they were done discussing Izu's power.

Ana walked over to Harold and they started talking, as for Izu he grabbed my arm and dragged me to a empty hallway and said "-Do you know something about me!?".

"-What do you mean?" I replied in a calm manner

"-Do you know what....I am? (Izu)

"-A High Human, Right?" I answered

"-How do you know that?" (Izu)

"-I saw it in your stats"

"-What!?, How have you seen my stats" (Izu)

"-I guess you could say that its a special power i have" I said

"-What?... prove it" (Izu)

"-Uhhh well you have absorbed some kind of energy that makes you level up 99% slower and lower your stats by 90% i think" i said

Izu made a angry and sad face when i said that.

"-Don't tell anyone about it okay" Izu said with a threatening tone


Izu lifted me by the throath and said "-Don't think i will not hurt you if you give me a reason to"

I grabbed Izu's wrist and squeezed until he lost his grip then let go and kicked him in the stomach, not so hard but hard enough to make him fall and hold his hand over his stomach.

"-Just like you said before... Don't look down on me" I said while Izu was looking at me with a suprised and scared face.

Ana came in and she looked confused at the scene in front of her but just said "-I'm going to report to the king and you will need to be there and tell him your story Izu", "You can also come if you want to Ryu"

"-Okay, sure" I said

Izu looked at me with a ugly face but he didn't say anything "He probably thinks i will tell everyone that he is a high human"

"-Why do i have to come along?" Izu said with an annoyed tone as he stood back up.

"-Because you were one of the few who where on the backyard when it happend" (Ana)

"Well fine, but i won't tell them about my power" (Izu)

"Okay, fine" (Ana)

And then we started walking to the kings castle


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