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Ana, Harold, Izu and me walked to the castle at normal speed now so it took about 20 minutes to arrive at a gate almost as big as the one at the entrance of the city, Ana walked up to it and talked to one of the 2 guards and said something in which he bowed and shouted something to a guard on the other side of the gate and it opend slowly.

When we went inside the gate closed behind us and 2 guards escorted us through a big hallway, we arrived at a double door a little smaller than the gate, we passed through it and arrived in a big room with 6 big pillars with beautiful carvings of flowers and other things.

At the wall opposite of the door there was a man who sat on a big golden throne, he had blonde hair, green eyes and was wearing a suit with golden buttons and a red cape.

About 8 feet away from the throne stood 2 guards with high quality gear, their armor looked newly cleaned and they had a sword and a dagger hanging from a belt at their waist, many more guards where standing behind the pillars but they did not have as good gear.

Behind one of the guards at the kings side stood a woman wearing a hood and holding a staff with a big red and blue cristal on top.

The king stood up and after that only 2 people were not kneeling, the first one was the king who was standing at almost 190cm tall ,and in the middle of the room was a single boy with black hair and one blue and one purple eye.

After a while everyones eyes where on the boy, Ana was suprised and confused at this and quickly whispered to me "-RYU?, why are you not kneeling?, its the king".

"-Why should I? he's not my king , I don't even know him" I answered with a confused face

Many of the guards looked with angry faces after I said that, one of the guards who where near the king stood up and put his hand on his sword handle.

Ana grabbed my hand and pulled me down as she whispered "-Don't cause trouble now, you donät wanna get on the bad side if the king" with a frightened look.

"Uhhh well i don't want to bother Izu and Ana" I thought while letting Ana pull me down to a kneeling position.

"-Now, what business do you have here?" (The king)

Ana raised her head and told the king everything that happened and answered some questions he asked.

After about 20 minutes we were done and were escorted out of the castle by the same guards.

Once outside Ana and said "-I and Harold need to go back and fill in some reports and repair the guild house".

The sun was starting to set and you could not see as many people in the streets, "-So Izu see you next time" i said as i waved him goodbye but he just looked at me then walked away.

"Hmmm a place to try sleeping ,that would be nice" I thought, I walked for a while until i overheard someone say "-Lets go back to the inn and get some sleep" to a girl by his side as they laughed.

I followed them to a place called "The Sleepy Sheep inn" , I walked inside and there were some drunk people sitting at a table and talking loudly to each other, there was a line with five people waiting in line.

"-I would like to have a room for 2 days" (Random man)

"-That will be 2 silver coins" Said the man at the reception, he was a man with purple eyes and half blue and half red hair and a tattoo of a blue line going over his right eye which gave him a clowny look.

"Oh right money" I thought "Well don't have time to work for any now" and i created a copy of a silver coin the man gave the receptionist in my hand.

After a while i was in front of the reception desk and the man looked at me with a confused face, "-Hey kid, what business do you have here? do your parents have a room here?" He said.

I read "Azui" on a metal plate on his chest.

"-No, i'm looking for a room for one night" I said as I hold up the silver coin up to him.

"-Well, you are the boss" He said smiling as he grabbed the coin from my hand and then giving me a key "-You room is number 67" he said as he waved me of.

I walked for a while "-65, 66, 67 here it is" I set the keys in the lock and walked in, the main room was not so big but it had a desk, window and a balcony as it was on the second floor and a bed and a small bathroom.

I laid down on the bed and thought about the thing that had happend today and all the people i had meet.

I don't know for how long i had laid there but i was brought back to my senses ny a knock at the door.

I went to it and opened it and there was a man i had never seen before, he threw a crystal at the floor and we where telepoted to an open field somewhere in the city.

"-YOU DARE DISRESPECT THE KING!" The man screamed at me with an furious tone.

I saw a sword and a dagger on a belt by his waist, he looked to be one of the kings personal guards.

"-Ryu!" I heard someone shout behind me, it was no one other than Izu.

"-I felt a teleportation spell around here so i went and checked it out" (Izu)

"-Wait Izu, you don't know how strong he is" I said

"-Can't you just use your power on him and see?" (Izu)

"-Oh ,right" I replied while scratching the back of his head.

Name : Aldor Level : 300
Vitality : 9 345

Race/Species : Human

Because of Izu's 90% decrease in stats he is only as strong as a level 100 human and probably won't stand a chance against this guy.

"-You probably won't stand a chance with your decrease in stats" I said to Izu as he clicked his tounge.

The guard didn't just stand still though, he drew his dagger and ran at us, Izu pushed me to the side and got a big slash on his right arm.

"-Ryu, get away from here!" Izu screamed.

"-Why?" I asked him.

"-I don't have time to explain just get out of here NOW!" (Izu)

"-Alright sure" I said and began to run away but stopped a bit away to look at the battle.

"-Release Al'zrik" Izu said not so loud but it could be heard over the whole park for some reason like every other sound just stopped as he said that.

A inhuman aura exploded out of Izu as he screamed in pain, his eyes turned glowing purple and his hair turned white.

The guard looked frightened and angry at the same time now, he pulled his sword out too then he rushed at Izu but the moment he slashed it looked like Izu vanished and reappeared behind the guard.

Izu punched him in the back and he flew and bounced of the ground and hit a tree which almost broke in two, Izu appeared again in front of the guard who caught some blood.

"-What are y?" Asked the guard but he didn't have time to finish as Izu summoned some kind of dark sword that emitted a dark aura and slashed the mans head of in one smooth motion.

Izu then turned to me, he began walking towards me but after some steps he fell to his knees and his hair turned back to its normal red colour and his eyes stopped glowing purple and went back to blue, then he passed put on the grass.

Now i was a little angry, angry at the king for making Izu save me from HIS personal guard, so i had decided to make a trip to the castle that night.

I teleported inside the kings bedroom and saw that he was not in bed so i teleported to the throne room in which i first meet him.

When i arrived in the throne room i saw the king standing facing away from me, when i took a step he said "So Aldor, did you take care of that insolent boy hmm?" then he turned around but was suprised to see me, the boy who shoyld have been taken care of, standing in front of him, unharmed.

"-What, what happend to Aldor?" (The king)

"-He is dead" I answered him with a cold tone

"-Wha what how can that be possible??" (The king)

"That's not your concern right now" I said and staired at him with cold eyes, "-Because of you someone that had nothing to do with this got hurt".

"-What, why should i care, well if Aldor couldn't take care of you i will just have to do it myself" he said while he pulled a sword out from one of the pillars.

The king rushed at me with the sword in the air, "Okay, Now i'm mad"

Everyone in the kingdom woke up screaming all at the same time, because an aura had washed over the whole town at once, an aura so strong even the most powerfull people in the city got weak in the knees and fell to the ground.

The king just stood there, eyes wide as he dropped the sword and his underwear became wet without him even noticing, then he passed out.


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