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The king woke up in his bed the morning after by a guard banging on the door, but something was diffrent about his vision.

He went up to the mirror and want he saw was that his right eye had a big scar about 10 inches long going from his chin through the eye and up on his forhead.

The king couldn't believe it, he screamed and the guard started to kick the door to get it open after five kicks the door gave in and two guards rushed in, they couldn't believe their eyes when they saw their king with a big scar on his face, they only stood there with wide eyes for a while, until one guard asked "-Wha.. what what happend?" , "-...this was just an..accident" The king answered slowly "-I woke up and started to practice with my sword and i dropped it and fell on it and then i passed out" said the king.

"I can't say that i pissed my pants while facing a child or that he did this to me, i would become laughing stock in the whole town" Thought the king while regreting going against that boy, "Why was i even that mad?, all he did was not bow to me, if i had just let it go i would still have my eye left" The king thought while regretting his decision.

"-We have to get that checked out" said one guard "-oh and i have some more bad news.. the throne room is ruined, it looked like a fight between beasts had been going on and in the middle of the night a ridiculously powerfull aura was felt in the whole town. (Guard)

The king looked suprised and confused, he walked quickly against the throne room, when he arrived he saw that 2 pillars where destroyed and there were holes and cuts on the floor and walls.

"What could have happend after i passed out?" (The king)

The king passed out after I had released some aura, I didn't want him to ever forget not to ever annoy me again so i took his sword and cut his right eye then teleported him to his bed.

I was right about to leave when someone walked out from behind a pillar, it was Azui, the inn owner.

"-Have you come here for the Al'zrik?, if you have then, let me tell you that I will not allow you to lay your hands on it" (Azui)

"-What??, what is Al'zrik?" I asked confused.

"-Oh don't play dumb, what else would you be doing on this planet? (Azui)

"-What?, I'm sorry but i don't think i know what you are talking about?" I answered confused.

"Wait..Al'zrik..Al'zrik I fell like i have heard it recently" I thought

"-Wait, you seriously don't know about it? (Azui)

"-No, but what are YOU doing here then? I asked Azui

"-Weeellll that is none of your business" (Azui)

"Al'zrik!, right that was what Izu said when that power took over him" I remember.

"-Oh now i remember!, Al'zrik" I said

Azui's stare became cold as he said "-So you do know something about it?"

"-Maybe" I said as i crossed my arms.

Azui jumped at me and punched but I stepped to the side and he hit the pillar behind which broke a part of it, he put his hand on the floor and span around trying to kick me in the legs, but when he made contact with my legs it was like hitting iron and he was stopped and I kicked him in the stomach and he flew through another pillar and it broke as he flew through it and hit the wall.

He cleaned away a drop of blood coming form his mouth with his arm and stood back up.

"-What are you going to do if you find Al'zrik?" (Azui)

"-I'm not looking for it I don't even know what it is I just remember having heard it before" I said.

"-Wait, so you have only heard it before? where?" (Azui)

"-Why should i tell you?" I said while crossing my arms again.

"-I don't want to hurt you if possible, so just tell me" (Azui)

"-I just kicked you into a wall with ease, how do you expect to hurt me like that" I said while smiling a little

Azui smiled back at me and and a dark energy that felt a little like the one i had felt from Izu when he had been taken over was being radiated from him.

Now I felt like it was a good time to check his stats to see who exactly i was fighting.

Name : Azui

Level : 1789

Vitality : 89 000

Race/Species : Chaos Being

"Well this was unexpected" I thought while rolling my eyes.

"-Just wanna know, what is a chaos being?" I asked

Azui's aura stopped and he looked really confused, "-Ho.. how do you know that?" (Azui)

"-Just a kind of special ability i have, now answer my question" I answered

"-I have no reason to tell you that" (Azui)

"-And I can also tell you that whatever you are you will never beat me" I said

"-Hah and why should i believe that" (Azui)

"-I don't have time for this can't we do this tomorrow or something i just wanna take it easy now" I said as i let out a sigh

Azui jumped at me again but with much greater speed this time and grabbed my arm and shouted "-Teleport" and suddenly we were in a field.

"Oh come on, again" I thought.

Azui threw me on the ground and now i started to get annoyed "First the king and now this".

I teleported next to him and punched him in the side and he flew about 100 feet before hitting a tree which broke.

"-Don't bother me again" I shouted before teleporting back to the inn.

"Well that was unexpected" I thought as I laid back in my bed, after some time I fell asleep for the first time in my life.


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Deuxz @Deuxz ago

Thanks for the chapter! If possible can you make them longer, or put out multiple chapters a day?

Skull89 @Skull89 ago

thanks for the chapter 😀

Caio @Caio ago

Thanks for the chapter! I think you should make something like a public fight between the MC and someone strong, so he's gonna be feared/respected.

Can't stand all that ' you're a child, you're weak' attitude from other people (just a thought, either way I like the story)

axelsson27 @axelsson27 ago

Thanks for the chapter ^-^

Dragorule @Dragorule ago

Thanks for chapter! Also, can he become more...violent? I mean, why does keep leaving witnesses and not properly killing stuff. It's kind of boring unless you make a legitimate plot with perhaps world building?