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A note from Adamroxnas

I accedentaly pressed Ctrl+W when i was gonna press Shift+W and deleted almost half og the thing i wrote so sorry if its not as detailed becouse i was couldn't remember everything i wrote. Sad

And i'm gonna use "Race" instead of "Race/Species".

I woke up to people screaming, I looked outside and saw people running, there were mostly women and children.

"Well, what has happend now then" I sighed

I heard a loud roar from the direction everyone was running from, I quickly went outside and started going in the direction on which a hear the roar, on the way i heard someone scream "How did a dragon get into the town!".

"Oh, i wonder how strong this dragon is" i thought while i came out to a clearing near the wall.

There was a dragon about 40 feet, Almost double the size of Icrus the dragon i meet before, and in front of it was the woman i had meet who was facing Icrus and beside her was Ana.

They had bruises and scars all over their bodies and where breathing heavily.

I checked the stats of the woman and the dragon.

Name : Alice Level : 257
Vitality : 475 Race : Human
Name : Aldor Level : 784
Vitality : 67 000 Race : Pure Fire Dragon

"Oh, it doesn't look so good for Ana and Alice" I thought while getting closer.

"It dosn't look to be going so great for you?" I said as i was behind Ana.

"What?, What the fuck are you doing here!?, why haven't you gone to the town bunker?" Ana screamed

"-uhh, don't scream so loud, i just woke up" i said as i covered my ears as Ana was screaming

"What you just woke up?, how could you sleep through all this commotin?" (Ana)

"Well it was actually the first time-" I said but was interrupted by a loud roar from the dragon.

The dragon fired a fireball from his mouth at us, Ana and Alice jumped to the side as the fireball was comming against us, but i just stood there as the fireball hit everything 3 feet around me got incinerated including my clothes.

"-Ohh, come on, did you have to do that?" I said to the dragon

"Wha... how can you speak my language?" (Aldor)

"-And why are you even fighting these people" i asked pretty annoyed.

"-Don't ignore me!" the dragon roared.

Ana and Alice had just stood there not able to take in what was what happening, he was talking dragon language!, but when the dragon roared they came back to their senses and both attacked the dragons leg.

The dragon roared in pain as their attacks landed and his leg started to bleed, he kicked Alice so she flew into the stone wall and passed out.

The dragon streched its wings out and readied itself to take off, it did but when it was about 7 feet into the air it suddenly stopped, by a boy who was holding its claw tightly enough to make it crack.

"Wait a minute now, not only have you not answered my question you also tried to leave, and that is not so nice now is it" I said annoyed by this.

"-Let me go!" (Aldor)

I tightened my grip around the claw and the dragon roared in pain and fell to the ground.

I felt a sword at my neck and when i looked back i saw it was Ana who held one of her short swords to my neck, "Why can you speak dragon language and what did you get that super human strenght from?" She asked.

"-Why do you care?" I answered

"-I'm the one asking the quetions here" (Ana)

"-And why is that so?" I replied

"Annnnd of course she thinks she is stronger than me" I thought.

"-Because i'm not the one who's got a sword at the neck" (Ana)

"-Oh really, then what if we change that then" I said as i quickly took the blade from her and turned around and laid the blade against her throat.

"-What about now then?" I asked humorously.

" She was speechless as she just got beaten by a child.

"-I'm not your enemy" I said to her.

"-And this is a situation you are in when you are not enemies huh?" She said sarcastically but you could see a hint of fear in her eyes.

"-Here let me prove it" I said as i lowered the sword from her throat.

She didn't take her eyes of me for a second as she stood back up and backed away a little.

The dragon got back up again and Ana was just a few feet away from it but she didn't see it as she was to consentrated at me,just as the dragon was about to take a bite out of Ana's head I infused the sword with some Air-magic and slashed at the dragon standing behind her "-NOOO!" She screamed and covered her head right when i slashed .

"Oh i think it looked like i slashed at her, oops" I thought as i facepalmed

"Huh? she lowered her hands and looked at me confused, suddenly a loud splash sounded behind her and she jumped aruond, she saw a cut off dragons head looking back at her, its head had been cut clean off while it was standing.

Ana could only stair with wide eyes as the body of the dragon fell too.

"-See i'm no enemy" I said as i put my hand on her shoulder, when i did she jumped up and screamed.

"D d d d ddd..don't come near" she said while she held her sword in front of her, but it was shacking like crazy.

"-Okay okay i'm not gonna hurt you for no reason, here" i said as i tossed her sword back to her.

She tried to catch it but stumbled and fell but as she was expecting to hit the ground she felt someone grab her, she opened her eyes as I held her in my arms, her whole face became red then she passed out.

"uhhhh this is just getting more and more complicated" As I teleported me and Ana back to my room.

A note from Adamroxnas

Should i involve the system more like this maybe :

                      Title {Dragon Slayer} Achived

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