I had laid Ana beside me as the bed had much space over, I took out one of those red potions from a bag on her belt.

I could feel mana coming from it, I got an idea and used the system on the potion and this happend.

                {Grade 3 Healing Potion}

"This system seems really usefull" I thought while pouring the liquid to Ana, i could feel the mana from the bottle spreading out in her body and boosting her recovery.

                   Because of users stats - Reseting all stats -... -Reset done-... Changes done
      - Opening users stats -


Name : Ryu Level : 8
Strenght : 10 Speed : 10
Intelligence : 10 Vitality : 10
Mana : 0 / 0 Race : Human
Powers Other
None None

"Oh this was unexpected" I thought while i wondered why my stats where so low.

"Why do i have zero mana?" I pondered, then i absorbed some mana and this happened.

 Mana absorbed for first time +10 maximum mana

"-Oh now i see, it reseted all my stats to that of a normal 12 year old human, but if I do something it will raise the stat to the right number to match" I concluded

"Then what if i do this" I teleported to the other side of the room.

    Power : {Teleportation} received

"Hmmm what about this" I ran down to the steet and up again in some seconds.

 - Calculating - ..... +1200 Speed +400 Strenght

"Well seems i was right" I smiled for myself.

"AAAAAAAAAAA!!" Ana screamed as she quickly sat up from the bed.

"-Hey hey, calm down okay, your safe now" I quickly reassured her.

"-What?, Where am I? she said as she looked around.

"-This is my room" I replied

"-Why i'm i in your room?" She said as she stood up from the bed.

She looked down on her body and screamed as she was not wearing anything, "-What do you do to my clothes!" she screamed as she quickly jumped under the cover.

"-Well they were all worn out and broken so I threw them away, Shouldn't i have done that?" I replied.

"-Whaa... of course you shouldn't have done that!" (Ana) "-Can you give me something to put on for now?!"

"Sure" I said as i created some clothes out of thin air.

  Power : {Clothing Creation} received

"~Oh, well i'll take it" I thought while Ana stared at me like she was not believe her eyes.

"-How did- no wait give me those first" She said as she took the clothes from my hand.

"-Turn around" (Ana)

I was confused at this but did as she said.

"-You can turn around now" (Ana)

All clothes i had created were made of leather and were just the right size for Ana.

"-Now explain yourself, how are you so strong?, and how did you create those clothes?" (Ana)

"Now that i think about it, i don't even know the answer myself to be honest".

"-I...don't know" I answered.

"-What? no ,you need to tell me!, I demand an answer" (Ana)

"-No seriously, I really don't know ,I have just kind of always been like this" I answered.

"Now i think i have something to do, Mission : Find out what i am, haha that sounded kinda cool"

     New Mission acquired : Find out what you are

"Ohh guess it works like that too" .

"-What do you mean, are you trying to tell me you were born that way?" (Ana)

"-Probably, as far as i can remember at least" i said , "Though if you can even call it being born sense nothing existed then, i think".

"-That's impossible!" (Ana)

"-But still... here I am" I said while scratching the back of my head, smiling a little.

"-What level are you?" (Ana)

"Hmmm... if i remember right i'm level 8 right now i think" I answered her.

"-... no that must be a joke right? how can you be level 8 and be that strong? do you have a special ability or something?" (Ana)

"-I have 2 powers but they are, Teleportation and Clothing Creation, but i don't think they are any special" I answered her truthfully.

"-WHAT! you have two powers, most people are considered geniuses if they even have one, and you even say that they aren't anything special, you would get a beating for even saying that in front of people!" (Ana)

"-What? is it really that har to get a special power?" I said with a confused face.

"-Yes, some people only get their powers from doing something that is near impossible or receiveing it from someone very powerfull" (Ana)

"-Okay okay, I get it" I answered because i could almost feel her angry stare on my face.

"-Good, by the way where are we exactly, please say that we are still in Azril?" (Ana)

"-Yes we are still in Azril, we are in an inn called "The Sleepy Sheep" right now" I replied.

"-Oh thank god we are still in here, I began to wonder if we even where in the same continent as before" (Ana)

"-Well, lets go outside then" I said as i opened the door and walked down to the exit of the inn.

"-Today i want to explore the town" I said with a smile.


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