When we came down to the inn's reception, none other than Azui was sitting there.

He looked angry but also frightened when he saw me coming.

He didn't say a word as i walked past him but his eyes followed me as I walked to the exit with Ana following behind me.

"-Wait" (Ana)

"-What is it" I turned to her as i said, she jumped back a little as she was probably still a little scared of me.

"-What are you gonna do in this town?" (Ana)

"-What do you mean? I asked her as i didn't get what she wanted to know.

"-What is your purpose in this town?, are you an assassin? did someone hire you to kill someone here? (Ana)

"-No i'm not an assassin and my purpose in this town is nothing yet actually, i just found this place by accident. I answered.

"-And why should i believe you?" (Ana)

"-If you don't believe me then why did you ask in the first place, plus i don't care if you believe me or not" I replied.

She could only get out "-But..bu.." as she looked angry and confused at me.

"-Well now i'm going to explore the city, you can come with me if you want to?" I said as i turned around and started walking down the street.

Ana quickly ran to me and started walking beside me and staring me with caution visible in her eyes.

After some walking we arrived at a shop with a line around 10 people with good looking clothes stood in line, I walked to the back of the line as i had remembered from the gate that you should not skip in line as it only gets you in trouble.

Ana looked at me then the shop and whispered "-This place is really expensive you know only the richest people eat here as the owner of this shop is an legendary cook and also he is an exceptional fighter named ( Elias )".

"-Well if its money, for me it's not a problem" I replied while i created a gold coin in my hand then showed Ana who only shook her head and said, more to herself then to me "-Of course he is rich".

Power : {Gold Creation} received

"Thank you" I thought for myself.

After 10 minutes it was out turn at the reception, the receptionist was an old man in a butler suit, he had a white moustache and beard, he looked at us and said "-Have you ordered a table or do you wish to buy a table now?".

I threw the gold coin to him and said "-A table for two thank you".

The old man looked suprised at the coin then to me before saying "-Of course, young mister , then please follow me".

We were led to a round table on the second floor which looked very expensive.

"-Please, sit down as we will come with a menu for you in a moment" He said as he bowed and gestured for us to sit down.

We sat down and after some minutes 2 waitresses came out and gave us each a menu, it was many pages long and every dish cost from 5 silver coin to 10 gold coins for the most expensive ones.

"-Which one will you take?" I asked Ana who was staring at the prices with wide eyes.

"-I'm not so hungry, plus this is really expensive" (Ana)

"-Oh don't worry about the cost, i can pay for everything" I answered while smiling to Ana

"-No, no i can't have you do that" Ana said while shaking her head

"-Why not?" I replied

"-It just doesn't feel right, we just meet you know" (Ana)

"-Well then, what about just buying everything on the menu?" I said to Ana

"-What!, no no no that would cost more money than a normal person makes in almost a year" (Ana)

I called for a waitress and gave back the menu to her and said with a smile "-We will take everything please".

The waitress eyes widened and she stuttered out " beg you pardon, i thought i heard that you said everything"

"-Well that's not so weird because that is what I said" I replied.

"-i'm sorry young master, but do you know how much that will cost?" Said the waitress.

"-Nope, not a clue" I replied while still smiling.

"-I believe the total cost of everything on the menu would be about 15 big gold coins" Said the waitress.

"Hmmm, Big gold coins wonder how they look?" I thought while looking around me, at a table in the corner sat a big man who was giving a waitress 2 big golden coins which were about the size of his palm.

I put my hand in my pocket and created a big gold coin in it then took it out and put it on the table then did it again and again 15 times, the waitresses eyes seemed to grow bigger and bigger after each coin i took up.

"-This is enough right?" I asked the waitress who only continued to stare at the coins.

"-Hello?" I said a little louder while waving in front of her.

"-Oh, this is enough" She said while she quickly ran away to the kitchen.

After some time a big bald man with a black beard came out from the kitchen and walked up to our table.

"-I heard you ordered all the meals on the menu, is this true?" He said.

"-Yes, here is the payment" I said a I puched the gold coins to him.

"Thank you but we have prepared a special room for you, so if you would please come with me" He said as he started walking.

We followed him through the kitchen and out to a hallway then inside a room with a big table in the middle of it.

We sat down as a couple of chefs came in with many plates which they put on the table.

"-We will come with more food in a while, now please enjoy" Said the man as he bowed to us.

"-Thank you" I answered

Then we started to eat


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BlazingBlade @BlazingBlade ago

Thx 4 chp, the word should be than rather then that for the first sentence.

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