I started to eat a plate with beef of some sort which smelled delicious, I ate everything in some minutes because it tasted very good then went to eat some other meat on the table.

Ana hadn't even touched her food yet and only looked at me eat like it was my first meal in weeks, "-What? Its really good, try yourself" I said as I gave her a plate with a nicely looking made fish looking thing on.

She awkwardly took the plate from me as I continued consuming the dish i held in my hand.

Ana tasted the fish and her eyes widened as she swallowed it "-This is... very tasty" she said as she ate some more, "-Right" I answered smiling.

"-Soo...Are you just gonna stand there or do you wanna join us?" I said loudly.

"-How did you know i was here?" Asked Azui as he appeared out of nowhere in a corner of the room with an angry look on his face.

"-Ohh i could almost feel your stare at the back of my head all the way from the inn" I answered while swallowing some more meat.

"-All the time?" He said while looking confused, "-Who is this" Ana said while looking at Azui with a confused face.

"-This is Azui, the owner of the inn i'm sleeping in" I said.

"-Okay? and why could i not sense him following us? Ana asked with a serious look on her face.

"-Did you think i would just go on and forget about what you did yesterday?!" He shouted at me.

"-You where the one who started it plus you seem fine" I said in a calm tone.

"-Well this morning i had to heal 2 broken ribs and my left arm had cracks in multiple places and i can't say that it does not feel good to do that" Said Azui while starting to release some of that dark aura.

Ana quickly jumped back and drew a knife from her belt while looking scared at Azui, "-What is that aura, it feels like dark magic but somehow darker than it?, how is that possible?" she said mostly to herself.

"-Were eating now can we take it after?" I asked Azui with an annoyed expression.

Azui disappeared and reappeared right next to the table and kicked it so all the dishes flew to the ground.

His aura exploded out and all the air in the room began to feel heavy "-Huh, yesterday i just didn't think you were that strong but i am not going to be the same today" He said as he threw something into the floor.

"Nooooooooo! , why? , always?!"

A bright light was seen then when it faded away we were standing on the top of a hill.

"-Where are we?!" Ana shouted.

I didn't have time to say anything as Azui jumped at me and punched me in the chest and i flew 30 feet before hitting the ground.

"-Okay, I will give you one chance to apologize for ruining my meal!" I shouted angrily at Azui

"-Shut up and beg for your life if you wanna have a chance" Azui said as his aura became even more thicker and darker to the point were all grass and flowers around him feet started to wither away.

At this point Ana had dropped to her knees and was just looking at Azui in horror with wide eyes.

Azui turned his head to her and said "-Don't worry it will be your turn soon" while laughing a little.

He rushed at me and threw a punch at but i grabbed it when it was right in front of my face and held it there as he tried to pull it away.

"-What?, why can't i-" Azui said but was interrupted by an aura he was very familiar with , "-A.. A.. A.. Al'zrik!?" Azui stammered out while looking at me with fear in his eyes.

" can you have that power?!" Azui said as his tries to get away from my grip got more violent.

"Haha worked like a charm, so that power Izu used was this emm Al'zrik's power huh" I thought as i released a even more power.

- Chaos Power unlocked for special action made by user -

Ana had passed out because of this power and was laying on the ground.

"-Ahhhhhhh *sizzle* " Azui's wrist where i was holding him had started to whither away because of the amount of Chaotic power i was releasing.

I let go but you could still see my finger prints in his skin , "-Now, how am i going to handle this then?" I said while smiling coldly at Azui.

"-PPP..P..please spare me, I will do anything please" he said as he went down on his knees.

"-Heh you were not this understanding a minute ago" I laughed a little while staring him in the eyes.

" have to understand that i did not know that someone like you was here in this realm and on this planet" He said as he bowed down until his forehead touched the ground.

"-What do you mean? are you not from this planet?" I asked him confused.

"-What? no of course not, do you think a chaos being like me got born on a planet like this?" He said a little bit angry.

"-Wait, how come you are here then? I asked.

"-What? a warp-portal of course , how would you else get here? He said as he looked up at me with an confused face.

"-What's that?" I replied.

"-If you don't do anything to me i can tell you" Azui replied with an really confused and relieved.

"Hmmm seems like a good offer, lets go with that for now" I thought while i stopped emitting power.

"-T..t..thank you" Said Azui as he sat up.

Just when he looked up I teleported right in front of him and grabbed his head and shoved his head into the ground then lifted it up again then said "-But don't think you can try something else or give me false information and that was for ruining mt meal too" with a smile that sent a chill running trought Azui's spine.

"-Y..yy *cought* yes" (Azui).

"-Now, tell me"


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