The Lord of Time - By Wiz

by WizOFTime

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy Male Lead Martial Arts Strong Lead Supernatural Wuxia

The Nine Great Clans rule the four continents.


Ten thousand years ago, the Space and Time Clans were destroyed, their bloodline powers eliminated and destroyed, decried as evil, fallen clans that made deals with the creatures of the Void.


Cast out and replaced, the world fell into a period of turmoil, where monsters abounded and death plagued the continent.


Now, it is the present.


The only thing Laujack Draeli Lo’Henson can remember about his past is his rather wordy name. Raised in an orphanage in the Duchy of Snow, Jack lives in Snowbank City, and dreams of becoming a Hunter, a powerful warrior that hunts the powerful monsters that plague the Continent, a protector of humanity.


Come and read of a legend unfolding. The tale of the Lord of Time!

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Wiz of time. I love you... for what you create.... for how you write and finally..... making master pieces that you leave on hiatus.... I really wish that the stories you made were written by someone else.... not because they are not good... but because of the lost potential ...... whole universes lost in their pages.... worlds of discriptions... of life and its struggles. I love you..... but I also hate you for not continuing  your masterpieces that you leave behind when you are gone we the  people will remember and praise the one who created those masterpieces  and you will never be forgotten even after your death. So please clear your mind..... sit down for an hour or two and think about and reread your stories and try to continue them. Thank you. 

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ok. Good story, flimsy author

Since apparently review got removed because it did not review the work, here it is :

Well written, Nice story, solid characters, extremely likely to be dropped abrutly when author gets bored, like for his other works.

3/5 because only the fools dont learn from history.

Read it If you want a well written yet ultimately empty exercise in style.

Guy Normus
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Can't wait to get to the middle of this book - y'know, when it gets hiatus'd or dropped. Like every single other one of this fella's stories.

Nice revamp of the Patreon, by the way. Can't have people seeing that you had other projects that were being funded that suddenly got dropped, with the purchase option left open for weeks (months?) afterwards. Bad for business.


As for the review, I'll say this:

The prose is passable, the grammar pretty good. Nothing remarkable, but definitely a notch above the average RRL story.

The premise is... debatable, in terms of originality. Does an alright job of balancing characterization and a power fantasy.

All this sounds fairly good, but the story is yet incomplete, so I'll leave the rating as dead-center average until (if) the story is finished - 2.5 stars. Minus an extra star for the author being indefensibly undependable and unaccountable to his patrons, of course. Can't subdue all my spite; I'm only human. I simply can't abide by thieves. 1.5 stars.


I'm honestly surprised that RRL still lets this author post a link to their Patreon, given how transparent and generally pro-consumer the administration seems to be. It's just encouraging their traffic to have their money stolen.



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I've always liked Wiz's work

I never said much besides a few words of encouragement the last few times Wiz has been here. 


I really enjoy all of his stories. The community is really toxic towards him though. 


It can be hard to go back to a place you've created after you've left it. You have to tear everything down and rebuild it. It's not the same story anymore. I get that. 


The mob of people screaming about the plot direction or the characters or whatever until wiz gets depressed and leaves are what frustrates me. One review of this says "buyer beware". For crying out loud. This is a story freely given. It's a labor of love. There's no buying involved. It's his project and I know if I were him, I wouldn't want to write with people like that hanging around and harassing me. 


Just enjoy the show. If it ends prematurely, you can be glad you got to visit the wonderful world of his imagination once again. Quit being such foul creatures. 


Thanks for writing again Wiz, the story is pretty damn nice. :D

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Xianxia through and through

I came here to read because eventho the title and image match xianxia storys I wanted to check out if it was more, aand nope, it isn't.

Descriptions are lacking depth and are somewhat generic, the world he is describing comes in greys, filled with stereotypes and plastic xianxia templates. At the same time they end up filling you with some image of what it would be, but in the end is my imagination filling the templates with color and details.

here is an example from chapter 2: 

Spoiler: Spoiler

 I used the spoiler thingy, nothing substancial happens but better safe.

Well what irks me in this description is, for starters when it says about the stores, houses and buildings, so what, are they brick houses, mud shops?, are those buildings for anything specific or are they just 4 walls and a roof? Are they maybe chinese style? Do they have glass on those stores? are there storefronts? Well that's how I feel, for you to inform me that on that streets there are houses, buildings and shops I don't need anyone to do it, I can imagine myself, xD. You can apply what I just said about the houses to everything else, it's not just lack of detail if there is nothing descriptive, I don't know atleast paint a d1ck on the wall. sealed

I understand what the author is trying to do, or I think I do, he is trying to create some general ambience of a populated city, but If I have to import the city into my memory from nearly scratch then I should probably just directly write the fking story.


Another thing that kind of annoys me is the spacing of the paragraphs, like you can see just on the spoiler box, 3 lines or 2 lines (in the standard page rrl) and 3 enters to separate them. Dunno why but it bothers my reading, and it kind of feels like feeling space to have more pages.

Characters, like every chinese cultivation story or light novel or whatever, characters feel bland, onedimensional and in this concrete case "cliche" (it may be my problem, I may've read too much of those novels when I started that now they feel all cliche, but hey! that's what I felt so here it is) then, there is the oh wow! huh blerhg puh puh, yes, the arrogant cultivators and lords! When I saw them I had to kick my dog in the nuts and sodomize myself till unconsciousness. If you are new to xianxia novels there is 3 character types, mc (they can do anything, and justify it with some nonsense while other characters are ostracized for doing the same, hipocrytical moral compass), arrogant lord and stupid bandits or sidekicks redy for a butchering. SURRY FUR MY HATE XIanxia

The power thingy is kind of original but it's nothing revolutionary, and by that I mean to say bloodlines in other storys cover nearly the same space, but anyways is a + point to this story.

Time power of the mc, yeah nothing too original but it can juice itself creating some entertaining scenes.

There are also plenty of inconsistencies in the story, breaking inmersion. Character decisions don't seem logical or intelligent sometimes.

In a general sense my hate for xianxia novels, if i can actually call it hate, cuz it's more of a rational thinking "I want a breathing world" than a "What ar you looking at ! huh!! Do you know who I am?!Do you know who my father is?!?!?" kind of thing comes from the fact that xianxia novels are the dumping of prices (from economy) of novels, they are what comes from someone writing as much as he can in a small amount of time, you get low quality and much quantity. I'm more of a quality over quantity natural selectionist.

Anyways, wraping this up I gotta say, If you are looking for an average/slightly above average (not sure the global standard for xianxia) xianxia cultivation story with a slight + then do it read this it's for you!

Otherwise you should look elsewhere for that fatty entertainment. It may come as harsh but these are my honest thoughts.

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Great characters and a fun story

This story manages to make me excited about where it is going.  I care about the main character and I know and care about the Main Characters goals.


The only negative is the lack of a proof reader.

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Decent story, but keep your hands off

decent story again, but seriously, don't bother with it, the author is gonna drop it again and then remove every evidence that he dropped it/it ever existed from his patreon and shit, he's essentially a leech

Pierre le loup
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I love the story, the character, everything is good.

The ability of the characer have a great future without being broken or anything else and that's good because it's very difficult to make a great scenario with an OP mc.

I just hope that the story will not be on hiatus and that's the real danger with this author (great idea, great writing, but HIATUS!!!!! ).

But thanks for the story nonetheless

And sorry for the grammar

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Well written, paints the world like a picture.

zero emotional value.

Lo and behold arogance vs arogance, bring along your e-penis to fully enjoy.