Next day everything returns to normal, everyone starts talking about their experience in World of Edolas and one of the happiest member of Fairy Tail is Gajeel...

For having a Cat partner which is Panther Lily

"Have an issue Erza?" Dekar

"Um... I think you really should start getting a quest?" Erza

"Right, I never saw you doing Quest even an F-rank Quest" Lucy

"Um... I think it’s better if you start now than later" Levy

"I never lack money, I'm free rent on the mountain, food is I pick, at most I buy condiments and seasonings" Dekar

Lucy analyzing because she must do a lot of Quests to spend for her daily life, like renting an apartment and etc... but Dekar living almost for free

"Don't think about it, living in the mountain there's a random beast that will randomly attack you..." Erza said to Lucy

"Did I easy to read?" Lucy smile wearily

Everybody laugh

"But I'm just curious.." Wendy look at Dekar

"Everyone here said that your strong and I think of it too but.." Wendy

"But?" Dekar

"They say you always pursue Cana, Erza, and Mira but I never see you pursuing them since I came here" Wendy

"Because before I was dreaming like stupid.. until I wake up the reality, it just happened that I realize it, on the night of your and Carla welcoming banquet" Dekar said smiling

"Dreaming like a stupid? What do you mean?" Carla

Then Dekar stand up and pat the head of Carla while saying

"If a frog pursues you what will you do?" Dekar

"Hmmf... That stupid, his dreaming..." Carla

"Right? I think the same because Carla is the cutest Exceed I see, the ugly frog doesn't have the right to even think of it.. right?" Dekar said then walk toward outside the guild smiling.

"Where are you going?" Erza ask because Dekar almost just got here

"Just a little walk on the mountain, for fresh air" Dekar then leave

"I shouldn't have asked him that" Wendy ask worriedly

"No, it’s not your fault... his only stating the fact stop crying Wendy" Carla, even she is guilty of her answer

"Right its Carla fault" Happy

"You..." Carla clenching her fist

"No.. no one fault!" Happy with body straight saluting to Carla

"That idiot, does he thinks everyone look at appearance?" Erza

"No, if I am in his position I would feel the same, I may not leave the house" Lucy

"Um.. having that body, being anxious about his appearance is normal" Levy

"Having that body?" Carla

"What does his body have?" Wendy

"Scar... full of scar.." Levy

"I think his body is cool..." Natsu

"Right it’s a body of a real man!" Elfman

"Enough of this .. I think you all should start accepting Quest" Erza

"Why?" Natsu

"Did you all forget? That time now is near" Erza

"You mean..." Gray

"ho ho ho!'

Everyone start to cheer and get Quest

"Why? What’s the event?" Lucy

"It’s near the S-Class Mage promotion trial once a year!" Erza

After leaving

'S-class... What happens before Tenrou...' Dekar thinking what will happen next.

Then he remembers, who's going to enter then write something in his hand

After a few days of preparing, Dekar even set a space magic disruptor rune in 4 corners of Fairy Tail which he can activate on free will.

In the guild almost everyone starts to assemble at the front of the stage, the stage there is like always but now have curtain,

"Yo! good morning! What's happening? Is there today I was about to meet?" Dekar

"Yes, they say the guild master will announce something today so you should just wait" some guild member

"Yo!, Lisanna your so busy today? Where's Mira? and Erza?" Dekar

"pfft*! Later you will know so you wait a little understand?" Lissanna

"Everyone acting mysterious" Dekar

After a while

A powerful and dignified sound resound the whole guild

"Everyone quiet!!!" Makarov,

In the next instant several forms appear on the stage, leading by Makarov





All class S mages of Fairy Tail

"Yo! does S-class mage going to perform a dance?" Dekar

Mira laugh

Erza Laxus Gildart even Makarov and all Guild member look at Dekar

"What? I keep asking but everyone acting mysterious, nobody tells me and then you show up the stage? Sorry?" Dekar awkwardly stroking the back of his head.

"Cough*! According to Fairy Tail old custom, now announce the list of s class mage promotion trial selected candidates" Makarov said with clear and resonant voice

"Oh oh oh oh oh!!" Everyone starts to cheer

"S-class promotion trial? so that's it" Dekar keep checking his hand because something is written on it.

After a while, Makarov say the candidates

"We have 7 Candidates!!" Makarov

"First is Natsu Dragneel!!" Makarov start to say one by one

Gray Fullbuster!!

Mest Gryder!!

Elfman Strauss!!

Gajeel Redfox!!

Juvia Lockser!!

Cana Alberona!!

Every time a name mention, Everyone cheer, everyone is happy

"They are the candidate for S-Class mage Solution!!" Makarov did saying then


The table where Dekar sitting destroyed!

"Dekar what happen?" Mira

Dekar start to spread his magic all around

"Dekar stop..." Erza

"[[ Rune activate !!! ]] [[ Mud Clay !!! ]]" Dekar start to stop any space fluctuations in the whole Fairy Tail then restrain Mest with Earth magic, which only head shows

"Put down Mest!!!" Makarov start to get worried

Then a dagger appears in the hand of Dekar then walk toward Mest

"Dekar I'm not sure why but explain it to me, I will listen" Gildart arrive the side of Mest

"It’s me should ask you all right? What happens to you all guys?" Dekar

"What do you mean Dekar?" Laxus

"Do we have a Fairy Tail guild member call, Mest Gryder?" Dekar said and Mest got sweat on his forehead.

"Stop maybe your just jealous because you’re not chosen to participate in S-class Mage promotion trial!!" Mest everyone thinks too.

"Stupid everyone here knows I'm not... I never did single quest... did anyone remember hanging out with Mest? S class candidate I should have seen you or heard you at least once but NOT, this is the first time I heard that name!" Dekar

One thing he's sure he is the one who writes the thing on his hand because it’s in English alphabet...

Written in his hand -- "Mest Gryder is an infiltrator"

He write this in his hand before, because he is not sure if Mest skill will work to him, and even he feels like no problem with Mest so it's mean something wrong with him too... he was affected by Mest skill, but the writing in his hand is he writes so he trust it.

"Dekar put down your weapon he is our guild member" Makarov

"Dekar" Erza

"Mira! What quest did Mest accept before telling me even just one?" Dekar

"This..." Mira can't remember

"Laxus did you met this stupid before?" Dekar

"Right..." Laxus

"Natsu this is an S-class candidate did you ask him a fight once in your life?" Dekar

"Right I should ask him a fight before" Natsu

"Erza do you even know single abilities of him?" Dekar

"That is...." Erza can't think of any

"I think his ability is to tampered memory, I'm not sure but killing the Magic-user will surely return everyone to normal... Oldman.. everyone in the guild I treat as family, but this one ... I can tell you he is not one of them, for tampering everyone memory I will kill him" Dekar look at Makarov

"[[ Golden Fox Mode : Three-Tails !!! ]]" Dekar

"So now, would you speak the truth or I will kill you? No one will save you here!" Dekar spreading murderous aura.

"w... wait " Mest trying to use teleport but he can’t activate it so he was scared

Makarov appear in front of Mest

"I'm not sure what happen but killing guild member in front of me! Your crossing a line Dekar!!" Oldman

Everyone scared because Makarov turn serious to fight Dekar

"Oldman stop... ask anyone here if they remember him? Even one... even Mystogan who once in a while shows-up... is I met but this guy..." Dekar

"One more step and I will attack!" Makarov said

"Oldman, what I need to do for you to believe me?" Dekar

"Nothing! Stop now!" Makarov

"Guys! Can you trust me?" Dekar said look around

"Dekar stop it now!" Natsu

"Right how about you calm down first" Lucy

"Dekar, don't anger the Oldman" Gray

"Dekar stop for now" Mira

"Why don't we talk it first" Levy

"Dekar.." Wendy

"Man should not kill a family that’s not a man would do" Elfman

"Dekar I'm not sure what's happen but killing a member should not" Lisanna

"Dekar, why are you acting like this?" Erza

"Dekar you’re not this.." Gajeel

"Dekar, how about we drink?" Cana

"Sigh*! Oldman, can you trust me this one?" Dekar said

"Drawback Dekar! This my last warning!" Makarov

"Dekar! stop it!" Erza

Dekar release the Golden Fox mode hide the dagger.

"I'm defenseless, trust me and I will kill him, I hate someone I trust doesn't trust me back, so be sure to kill me on your attack not to make me disappointed" Dekar gently say while smiling

""""Dekar!!""" Mira, Cana and other

Dekar takes a step forward...


Makarov hand became ‘Giant’ then


Dekar has been smashed and thrown outside the guild...

The wall was broken

And look like a dead body because he doesn't really put any defense.

'Fuck this Gomu-Gomu Devil fruit user!!' Dekar


"ENOUGH!!! You disappoint me! For attempting to kill a family... Dekar you are dismissed to Fairy Tail" Makarov

"From now on Dekar is not part of Fairy Tail!" Makarov shout then start to walk the second floor

"Master! " Erza wants to say something but she knows that Dekar really cross the line.

No one helps Dekar

"cough*! cough*!"

Dekar cough blood, even the left arm break, facing in the wrong direction.

Then Dekar hardly stand up, look disappointed, with full of blood all over, without looking at anyone start to walk away and disappear


About the author


Bio: Just ordinary reader... that find writing is fun(as of now...)... Not professional writer so expect a noob writer here haha...(awkwardly laugh)... I only use English Language for reading novel and watching anime... ^_^

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Xvier @Xvier ago

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    Yea it also doesnt help that he does not have any of the information from after the timeskip. (Stuff i wont mention due to spoilers) But, if he had that information he might not have done what he did.

Xintest @Xintest ago

thx for the chapter.

can you please stop this forced drama thing -.-

you and I know that he can fix his fking face anytime he wants

and this emotional kid stuff is really inappropriate after 10 yrs old

and now he... instead of killing him and disabling the spell so they know they said wrong

he did not disable his def. and kill him but get hurt and stuff and get dramatic

you went the worst road possible by not killing him and act the aggrieved child and went away FT doing nothing

I really like this novel but really these few chapters were killing my interest.

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      when I hate that you get angry easily doesn't mean that I hate you...

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