Neiero: The Journey(Dropped)

by Ken Law

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Strategy Summoned Hero Supernatural

What would you do, if you were sent into another world?
Freak out? Good answer.
But what if, you were seperated from the rest too?
Also freak out? Yeah, alright. 75 Points on repeating answers.
To put it simply, this is a story revolving around two main characters, each of them being a student that was sent into another world, the world of Neiero. However, due to odd events, one of them gets sent to a completely random area, away from the rest of his fellow students. Meanwhile, his friend who was summoned with the rest of the students and teachers, quickly realised that he was missing, and goes out to find him, only for something else to occur, truly kicking the story forward.

In this new world of Neiero, these two students will bump heads against many different obstacles, get dragged into unfortunate situations, and ultimately discover more of this world as they go! 

Oh? You're asking what're their names?

Hehe...You'll have to find out...

Okay, no. This story revolves around two close friends, Damian Alexander and Jake Darryl, and their different stories as they are seperated from each other, with Alex being sent to an unknown location, while Jake safely landed with the rest of his classmates. Alright, enough descriptions.

In simple terms, this story will jump between two different characters. They will get sucked into different situations, and ultimately make stupid mistakes.
Well, that's enough of me.
*Knock, Knock*
Oh, it seems my lunch has arrived too. Well, enjoy reading!

FYI: I'll be updating the chapters every 2 the best of my capabilities.

Alright, enough stuf. Time to eat!

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