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[CH.14] [I'M BACK] Treason! The Shadow of Death!

A note from TheTwentieth

So I learned what I really struggle with this chapter: emotional scenes.

Being shot. An experience that can only help but overflow you with insurmountable rage as the looming shadow of death shrouds you within its hellish grasp. I shifted my weak hand towards the bullet wound, feeling the hint of cold silver coiled around my burning blood. A quick look etched the memory of that horrible scar of a bloody hole in my chest.

I wanted to get out of my position so bad, but the weakness was like an iron boulder pulling me down to the earth. I couldn't do anything, all the strength in my body had been drained out with my blood. Even lifting my hand was a problem.

But what pissed me off was who shot me! My own goddamn LT? Commander of Demolition Squad, grandson and relative of Garp - shot like a helpless rabbit in Alaskan Island. What honor lies in that? What a fucking shame upon my name! The green-haired bastard's grave was already placed within my heart. Treason must be punished!

"Haru! What the hell do you think you're doing!? This is treason in the highest form!" My voice nearly cracked out of utter fury, interrupted with the occasional cough of blood. Who the hell does Haru think he is!?

"Oh relax Captain~! It's not treason if no one knows about it. Who's going to report me? Akoro? Itsuki? I'll make sure they won't see this little incident." Haru's face twisted into a hideous smile - he actually thought the whole calamity was funny. Like shooting your captain was a hilarious joke for a circus show - the scumbag is insane!

"Navy betrayal!? That's a sight you don't see often; where's a beer when you need it?" Daichi was watching the whole crisis from the other side of the bed, chained up to the bedside. As soon as I saw Haru expression overturn into a frown, I could almost hear the BANG before it even happened.


"Pirate scum. Tch. Y'know, I may hate you Kenji, but at least you aren't like these scumbag criminals." Smoke wafted from the tip of his flintlock, and the satisfaction written all over Haru's face only pissed me off further. He really still thought he was some representative of justice!

"Was that murder so necessary? He had already been taken care of!" While I was arguing with him, my eyes always remained fastened on him. His face was carved in my memory, there was nothing else I craved to do but destroy him. My teeth were clenched to the point it seemed they would explode in pearly white dust.

But at the same time, if I could delay him long enough Akoro and Itsuki could come and stop this whole disaster. Then, with some good treatment, I'd be able to pound this traitor's face into the dirt. That was my only desire.

"Look at you right now! No wonder you're such a terrible captain, defending a criminal like him! Have you already forgotten the innocent lady right next to you!" Haru exploded in his own outburst, pointing at the lady sprawled lifeless across the wooden floor. The previously white sheets covering her body were now bright red from her own blood.

But he was right, and I had almost forgotten about the girl. I was so focused on the immediate murder, I didn't think about the innocent who died right in front of me. Had my anger died off so quickly? I couldn't even reply to his accusation, I could feel my own weakness and doubt creep in.

"You're nowhere qualified to lead a squad. What was Instructor Hotaru thinking!?" Haru strolled casually to the chest, his flintlock lingering steady aimed at my head. Though he wasn't too worried, after all, no one can survive a bullet to the heart.

"You're sick! A monster! You better make sure I die here, because I will come for you! And my revenge will be the nightmare that'll separate you from the life you hold dear!" I screamed out, through various blood-hefty coughs and raging pain across my chest. Tears had crept themselves into my eyes, I was reaching the end of my consciousness.

"Good night Captain. Hahahaha!" And with that, Haru grabbed the colorful fruit and stuffed it in his mouth. His face instantly turned into a frown, as if the fruit's taste was revolting. Yet he still munched down - and at that moment I felt true defeat.

I lay there, my eyelids fluttering, as the darkness began to wrap around me as if some cruel blanket. I didn't want to die, far from it. I wanted to use everything in my power to get up and walk over and smashed Haru into the ground - destroy everything about him. But my body wouldn't cooperate, no it COULDN'T cooperate, and instead I could only lie there and watch my own defeat.

I had so many aspirations, dreams, and a bright future. A proud fighter of the Navy, with my rapidly draining strength I tapped the cap that rested upon my head. Feeling the stitching of the blue MARINE words filled me with a final flutter of hope. But it all ended when everything turned dark.

Death. Is this really what it's like?

A note from TheTwentieth

Since I've come back my motivation to write has dampened a lot but I had to put out this chapter for you guys.

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TheTwentieth @TheTwentieth ago

Tried to make this chapter emotional but personally I don't think I did a good job. lmk

Caio @Caio ago

welcome back mate!

Drace @Drace ago

It was a pretty good chapter actually

Wolfbine @Wolfbine ago

Thx for the chapter

its good to have u back I hope u can regain your motivations to write