Legacy of the Ancient

by Ezervane

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Harem Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

In the world of Nazula, where magic and beasts exist, a hero left behind his legacy when he mysteriously vanishes.

Thousands years later, when abilities and talents are absolute necessities, a talentless orphaned boy named Cain is given a book by an old man who teaches him about fighting and magic.

Little does he know, the very book he is given is a useless treasure left behind by the hero.

With the help of useless treasure, Cain the talentless is ready to change his fate.

An original series by me, and Mega Chintasih as my grammar police(up to ch. 3). Cheers!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Legacy ago
Chapter 2 - Wake Up! ago
Chapter 3 - The Test ago
Chapter 4 - The Result ago
Chapter 5 - First Quest ago
Chapter 6 - Brother ago
Chapter 7 - Sister ago
Chapter 8 - King Iligo Maxigun ago
Chapter 9 - Judgement ago
Chapter 10 - Sorrow ago
Chapter 11 - The Banished ago
Chapter 12 - Marel Forest and the Kingdom of Farferis ago
Chapter 13 - Prince Calbot ago
Chapter 14 - Hanearian’s Rest ago
Chapter 15 - BECAUSE I TOLD THEM SO ago
Chapter 16 - Earth Magic of Gomara ago
Chapter 17 - Bracelet of Azure Mysticbone ago
Chapter 18 - March! ago
Chapter 19 - Try me ago
Chapter 20 - Old Beast ago
Chapter 21 - Battle for the King’s Bloody Throne ago
Chapter 22 - The Power of Willbender ago
Chapter 23 - A Stalker from Farferis ago
Chapter 24 - Town of Harnow ago
Chapter 25 - The Coronation Day ago
Chapter 26 - Fine Dine ago
Chapter 27 - Relaxing on Lake Olren ago
Chapter 28 - A Horde Brawl ago
Chapter 29 - The Alpha of Kuni Steppe ago
Chapter 30 - Olrenea Gis Neus ago
Chapter 31 - It’s Your Lucky Day ago
Chapter 32 - A Picturesque Morning ago
Chapter 33 - The Prideful Water Saint ago
Chapter 34 - It has no taste ago
Chapter 35 - A Familiar Face ago
Chapter 36 - Fe ago
Chapter 37 - A Howl ago
Chapter 38 - Extinct ago
Chapter 39 - Moasrahn Village ago
Chapter 40 - The Agent For Future ago
Chapter 41 - The Beast ago
Chapter 42 - Let Me Slay You ago
Chapter 43 - Road to Ulstena ago
Chapter 44 - A Tale From The Past ago
Chapter 45 - Crossroad ago

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I did not get far. What I did manage to read through was sort of engaging and the idea seemed solid, but the grammar is a serious problem that goes beyond just typos: trouble with tenses, conjugations - what little there even exists in English - and plural. Sometimes the author tries to use advanced punctuation, but just manages to butcher complete sentences, like here:

"Palvaran Orphanage only had five orphan kids, because orphaned kids were mainly victims from war, in this peaceful time; therefore, there were only a few of them. " (4th January, 2018, Chapter 1)

If you read and actually understand the sentence the way grammar says you should, then it states that 'in these peaceful times orphans come to be mostly as a result of wars' - quite conradictory, right? The semicolon just adds to the confusion, only there as far as I can guess because of the use of "therefore"...

As for the rest of the points: the grammar doesn't let an actual style show itself, making the story read like a bad translation.

My scores for story and character are kind of an optimistic estimate, given how little I was willing to read from the story, the extra half-star I subtracted from the character score ws because of the don't call me an old man cliche that I personally cannot believe has any place in any story, let alone one with a medieval setting, as in most such worlds being able to become old is a serious compliment, given how they managed to survive far longer than their peers...

To sum it up: Author! Get yourself an editor, a proofreader, grammarly, whatever, for currently you are castrating a story that has an actual chance to become something good if you let it...

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I can't begin to try and convey the amount of grammatical sins that have been committed throughout the first 5 chapters, it's mentally scaring and to be quite honest I feel that if the story had been Google translated it would make more sense.

The story is badly explained and any semblance of plot has yet to be introduced (even with a time jump of 10 years) the characters are so underdeveloped that the other orphans literally only exist to be friends with the MC. They have no motivation of their own, no individual characteristics and zero importance to the "story". 

While I may be sounding harsh, I believe that for Ezervane to become a better writer he has to understand that his characters have to be more interesting and unique in order to create a relationship between them and the reader, not make their main motivation "we're friends so I'm going to give up on this major position of power to become a hunter instead". You characters MUST show emotions. When the MC was being beaten by Orphan#1(Hugo?) He showed not anger at being weak or resentment for Hugo for being naturally strong.

I may have rambled slightly but the fact of the matter is this. You need to work on your basics, grammar, character design, story structure, before you try a complete novel.

  • Overall Score

this story has a decent premise. Sadly, there is no real conflict. “I have no talent for all of a single paragraph?! Look, I am suddenly unbeatable! I won a mountain of treasure?! Let’s give it all to random fighters I don’t know! A woman?! She falls for me and I ignore her!”

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At this point, I have enjoyed this story greatly. I will state that I don't necessarily look for or worry about anything with grammer or spelling, so while others may have problems there, the main thing I look for in a story is whether or not it is interesting/original and if it is fun to read. This story is everything that I look for in a story here, interesting, original, and just plain fun to read. 

  • Overall Score

Really good novel, hard to put it in word but it feels real. Novel is good at conveying mood to reader. MC is not typical revenge/stoic/angst and I didin't get the feeling that mc was put on pedestal forcefully.

Story and characters really stand out in good way from most novels atm. And although one could say its bit rushed, I think in these web novels bit "rushed" may even be a good thing.

Overall as I was reading novel I just liked it and didn't find anything that I would change. Easily top 10 material.

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I read through 14 chapters that are available and I must say that it is a pretty good story. Story telling is enjoyable and keep you interested. Characters are good but sometimes there is not enough information (similar to the world). 

A twist early in the story almost made me want to stop reading but it was so good so far that I decided to continue and I was not dissapointed. On the other hand, it feels a bit rushed but we will see in the future.

Good job author and continue until the end of a story or at least book/volume so we will not feel dissatisfied when the story will be dropped, which is happening on royalroadl often recently.