The man who stared at the Abyss

by TiedStrings

Original HIATUS Horror Psychological Tragedy Anti-Hero Lead Summoned Hero Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Traumatising content

In an age of blood and fire, a kind and generous hero was summoned. His name was Hiromi.

Through his multiple mind-boggling actions, he brought about an era of peace in a mere 3 years.

Making the Demon King his best friend, having the Elf Matriarch and Fairy Queen as his harem members, he united all the races under one banner.

After he had achieved everything he could, the Goddess decided to grant him three wishes for his services to her world. 

His first wish was to make the world a better place.

The second wish was to make him immortal, and under his own words, "So I can forever enjoy the company of Maria-san, Yue-san and all of my friends!"

Since he had no real other wishes, he decided to casually ask, "Mmm... I also want to know the truth about everything! Grandpa has been searching for it since, like, forever, so maybe I can help him!"

Despite the goddesses' warnings, he persisted. Hence, the goddess gave Hiromi a small mirror and said to look into it when he was ready.

After getting back home, he looked into the mirror. In it, he found nothing, just a black background. It was just like an Abyss...

And after looking into it for a while, the Abyss stared back.

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