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It's been a while hasn't it? Since I disappeared.

Sorry this couldn't be under better circumstances, but let's just agree that it's better late than never.

I've been finding my way back since then, traveling across worlds of magic, science, even eldritch locations. I've seen things you wouldn't believe, and some I'd prefer you didn't. I'll tell you everything, even what I became in the dark.

A long, long time ago, hahah... Never mind. Let's just start.

My intention is to explore every. single. world I can think of from scifi to high fantasy, hopefully forming an overarching storyline along the way. I hope to be able to explore most of the settings, most of the tropes, and play with them in multiple different ways.

Also exists on wordpress here, will update both sides simultaneously. Constructive criticism welcome and much appreciated.

20/3/2018. Previous cover courtesy of Archmage Naoki, also Bobb on the Discord RRL server.
26/3/2018. Current cover courtesy of ssddx. Thanks for the cover.

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Spoiler: Spoiler

 Read up to chapter25.

I was planning on just skipping this story but a review made me go oh sure why not. The novel didn't bore me, it also didn't excite me. The MC felt rather bland with no real personality. I know your trying to fill in lots of different scenarios but you are skipping past these places within 4-10 chapters and your not really writing anything interesting bout the places either. I think if you were going to detail the world more and add a story to it itd be more acceptable but the world's are not memorable. The side characters are not memorable and the main character is a empty soulless slate.

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its always a treat to see a new story pop up to read and it is awesome. Read up to chapter 14 so far so it has a good initial release. Can’t wait for more chapters! Keep up the good work

  • Overall Score

Good once you get used to the style

As the title says, I find it a good book one you get used to the style and the skipping, one thing that could be changed is making a marker or something when there is a time skip, but overall a good book with an interesting premise. Thought it would be like a light novel but it is a rather serious book, which I find a positive.