The Buyers World



Chapter 1- How much can i get?


Hi, my name is Alex and I’m a 6’2 black kid that has lived on the streets by himself and have since I was 6 to my current age of 20. I have had to steal to eat fight to eat and lie to live, I have been on the street for so long and been threw so much that my body can tell the history it is full with scars from been stabbed from street fights to bite marks from wrestling with people for food. I have seen A lot of shit but… I can’t really say I have seen a gang fight like this. In front of me right now is scattered bodies laid on the floor with guns that look emptied out and cars flipped over all leading to a single body that is just draped in blood and holding a black card.

Alex “What the fuck is all this shit”

 I said while walking around the dead bodies

Alex “this must be a hit that went wrong”

 I said while walking towards the dead star of this show while checking this man’s outfit I can tell he was really rich and incredibly old in fact he seems like an Egyptian mummy turning my sights on to the card in his hand i can’t help but feel a calling to take it.

Alex “Is this really a black card, I have never thought that I would see one of these in my entire life…let’s see who this guy is”

As I pick up the card i get hit with a light to my face and here someone calling

Men in Black 1 “fuck someone is here”

Men in Black 2 “Just kill him and get the card”

Alex “what?!!”

I immediately stuff the card in my pocket and start running and try to dip behind a flipped car and get my Barings

Men in Black 1 “call for backup I want this kid dead and want the card back with us”

Okay I guess I can’t do that now I need to leave now fuck who are these guys, Man these guys are all armed how the hell did they get them into the city…shit.

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang

Miss Miss Hit Miss Miss


I take a deep breath in and hold it in then let it out

Alex “Shit I might die to day”

I Get up and start running to the gate that is in front of me as bullets fire at me from behind

Bang bang hit hit hit

I hit the floor bleeding from bleeding from my stomach down to my leg

Alex “god I might just die today”

Unknown voice “If you wish to die today go ahead and die”

Unknown voice “But if you wish to stay live sell me your life”

Hearing voices now I might be hallucinating from blood loss

Unknown voice “no you are not hallucinating but you are losing a lot of blood and those men are going to find you soon make your choice now”

If this is real… all I got to say is

Alex “How much can I get?”

Unknown voice “Time”


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Taotuz @Taotuz ago

An interesting start hope to see more