Original HIATUS Action Satire Sci-fi LitRPG Strategy Virtual Reality

What happens when one dies? Actually, the short and correct answer is nothing at all. The brain shuts off, the mind stops and well, the human being that was the mind ceases to be. But, with the invention of copying mind states into crystal substrates, a mind could be recorded and thus, kept alive after a fashion.
Nobody really wants to die so when the game of Samsara was created to house disembodied, dead minds everyone decided to join up.
Samsara is a place where you can be anything and you have unlimited time to do so. It is not a paradise for the devout, nor is it a hell for the unbelievers.
There are no conspiracies by rich and powerful conglomerates, no AIs to enslave you, no way to ‘game’ the system and become super powerful in a short while. No pre-knowledge of what will happen and sure as hell no colour coded equipment to increase one’s prowess.
In a world designed for the human consciousness to prosper, the only enemy is human nature.
Welcome to your ‘After-Life’.

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