"Okasan, good morning," Miyuuki greeted her mother excitedly.

     "Good morning, my dear. Be careful and don't forget to what I'd said to you. Got it?" Her mother said back tries to remind her about things that she need to do.

     Miyuuki nod mean yes. She wears a pretty red blouse with a red rose hanging near her waist for her first day of work. She is still a student. She walks out of the house and enter the taxi as it arrive. She waves her hand to her mother. Her mother is too old to go to work and she is very ill. 

     Miyuuki go to the Egothirus Mansion by the taxi. Egothirus Mansion is deep in the forest and it takes hours to reach by car. Miyuuki doesn't sleep at all and keep her eyes open along all their way to Egothirus Mansion. She watches all of the dark forest trees and takes some photos too. She doesn't really care what her works would be as long as she could provide money to buy medicines for her mother and for their everyday expenditure.

     "We're arrive, miss," the taxi driver told her lightly with a creepy smile. 

     She paid for the bill then slowly alights from the taxi blissfully. The taxi then leaves after she has finish pack out her bag. Miyuuki watch surround her wonderfully. Egothirus Mansion is like a paradise on Earth and the most wonderment. The mansion is surrounded by old rusted fences with veins grow at each of the fences bar. There are also flowers and herbs garden beside the mansion. An arbor also available and its roof are made of lavender veins.

     Miyuuki walk around the garden steadily while taking beautiful photos with her cell phone. She saw a purple butterfly flying in front of her then landed on her tiny finger. The butterfly flies away when she tries to move her hand slowly. 

     "Wait, where are you going?" Miyuuki told the butterfly with a little laugh.

     She walks slowly and sneaks from behind the butterfly from a distance. She stops as she saw a little boy with dark blue gothic suit sitting in the garden near a rose tree. She forgets about what she is doing before and she forgets about her purpose. She sneaks behind the lower flower trees. She lowers down her body when the boy turns towards her and try to watch her. The boy stood up then walks closer to the lower flower trees at where Miyuuki is hiding. 

     "Who are you and what are you doing here?" Miyuuki looked up to the boy when he asked her.

     "Oh God, I just remember it that I'm your new maid and I went here to go for sight-seeing," she explained then stood up straight. She lend her hand to him and smile, "its very pleasure to meet you."

     The little boy just watches her hand and ignores her. She is too annoying to him. She pull her hand to herself as he refuse to shake hand with her and he also quickly watch the rose trees to avoid her eyes. The boy is as high as her above chest level.

     "What's wrong?" Miyuuki asked him gently and try to be polite.The boy shook his head then lead his way back to the mansion.

     "You're one of the Elmada's, rights?" Miyuuki asked as she raised her voice but she isn't angry at all. 

     The boy stops then turn back. Then look straight in front again and continue walking.

     "Wait! Can you tell me more about your family and this mansion? I'm new so can you give me some tips?" Miyuuki asked him again and walk quickly to fetch his steps. Miyuuki walk beside him as she reaches him. The boy watch her feet then continue looking in front again. 

     They went inside the mansion by the dark brown with gothic designed wooden door near the garden. Miyuuki stop but the boy still walking as they arrive at the dark brown wooden gothic staircase. 

     "Misamoto Miyuuki," Miyuuki looked at upstairs as somebody called her name with rough voice. 

     Miyuuki started to feel nervous and her heart beat quickly like fireworks explode in the air. The woman that call her name just now walk slowly to downstairs. Her shoes produce heavy footsteps sound. Miyuuki lower her head and watch the woman's pretty red high-hill shoes. The woman wears a long red dress, darker at the top and brighter at the lower. Her white hair shines under the latte brown-colored light from the candles on the chandeliers. She stares at Miyuuki along her way from upstairs to the downstairs. 

     "Misamoto Miyuuki," she repeated Miyuuki's name as she stood in front of her. 

     "Yes, ma'am," Miyuuki answered nervously. She laughs like an evil witch retrieving victory then stop. Her voice is echoing in the house as she laughs before.

     "You don't need to call me ma'am. I'm Cordelia and just call me Miss Cordel and you're just in time. By the way I'm the eldest," she told Miyuuki with no wave frequency on her soft voice. Miyuuki speechless and nod as her final answer.

     Cordelia turn without giving any expression on her face then went upstairs again. Lawrence is starring at her from upstairs since just now without her realizing it. Miyuuki turn back and look at Lawrence upstairs then she smiled. She waves her left hand slowly to him. Lawrence immediately excuses himself from her eyes. Miyuuki just watch him from downstairs. She turns back as she heard somebody call her name from the other side of the entrance at upstairs. 

     "Hello, Misamoto-chan," another woman greeted her with her comeliest smile. The man beside her is her twin."I'm Grallice and this is my brother, Grace. It's nice to meet you. Grace is the 8th and I'm 9th and we're twins," Grallice introduced excitedly for her second speech with Miyuuki while waving her hand.

     Miyuuki just smiled and waved her hand back to them. Grallice went downstairs quickly like running during a serious race follow by Grace. Grallice hug Miyuuki excitedly like hugging a soft teddy bear as she reach downstairs. She is too excited to have a new maid plus Miyuuki is like a friend to her. Grace just raised his hand as high as his shoulder like declare a swear to Miyuuki. Grallice let her go then she shook both of Miyuuki's hands quickly. Miyuuki give her a smile. 

     "She looks pretty when she smiles!" Grallice told her twin, Grace but Grace just ignore.

     "Grallice that enough, you can meet her again, soon, alright," Grace persuaded his twin softly trying to carry her away.

     Grallice watch Miyuuki, and then look at her twin back. Grace takes his twin's right hand slowly and demands her to meet Miyuuki later on better. Grace leads Grallice's way to the staircase then walk to upstairs. Grallice turn back and look at Miyuuki then she waves her hand to Miyuuki like they're going to say goodbye forever. Miyuuki repeat her action. Grallice smiled in satisfaction then look ahead. 

     "Misamoto Miyuuki?" Miyuuki screamed and jumped like a squirrel as somebody call her name from behind.

     "I'm sorry, I truly didn't realize that you're behind," Miyuuki explained try to make her understand. The woman smiled.

     "It's alright and I just come. I'm Marguerite, the 6th. Let me show you all parts of this mansion since we're still had times before dinner and I'll explain the rules in this mansion to you later," Marguerite declared to their visitor. Miyuuki just nod and follow her.

     Marguerite shows her all of the room in the mansion including Miyuuki's bedroom. There are 34 bedrooms in the mansion, three kitchens and three special dining rooms, bedrooms are also provided to each part of the mansion since there are three part of the house like block. Marguerite also shows her bedrooms that are forbidden especially the men's bedrooms. Lawrence's bedroom is at the second floor next to Marguerite's bedroom. Libraries are at the first floor and also the second floor.

     "This is the music room and it's no longer been used since 10 years ago," explained Marguerite to Miyuuki.

     Miyuuki look inside the music room. All of the instruments in the music room are covered with black canvas and the room is full of dust even spider webs on the ceiling and the corner.

     "You wanted to clean this room, absolutely you can and you could also use this room as your wish," Marguerite told her.

     They move to the next room at the second floor. The second floor is very silent and only Marguerite and Lawrence lived there. Miyuuki's bedroom is at the second floor as their new neighborhood. Marguerite then explains about the important things that she must and mustn’t do.

     "Listen, Miss Misamoto, first thing that you need to know is just like I'd said just now, don't simply just enter the boys' bedroom without their permission and also Cordelia's, Dacosta's and Georgina's rooms too. Second, never make any strange noises especially singing. All of us in this house can hear you even from downstairs if you sing from your room while closing the door. Third, Lawrence is the youngest, so you need to care more about him too and finally, don't forget to do all of the works we've list for you next on time. I'll leave papers in front of your door, alright," Marguerite warned and explained to her. 

     Miyuuki nod while taking notes for her new job. She then enters her bedroom as Marguerite leaves her alone.

     She jumps on the bed blissfully and hugs the soft white blanket with care. She smiled and feel glad that she is allows to live in the mansion. She never feels the life of living in luxurious home in her whole life. She is just a poor lady who lived with her sick mother. 

     She sits up straight on the bed when she heard somebody knock her door like calling for room services in a hotel. She rubbed her dress properly and walks closer to the door then open it.

     "Yes, may I-" she stopped as the person in front of the door shut her mouth with his finger.

     "Shhhhh, I do no harm to you. I heard that, may I come in?" The person asked. Miyuuki speechless and do nothing but the person just walks in.

     He sat on the red antique sofa and crossed his leg. He wear white gothic outfit with golden line and black leather shoes. Miyuuki close the door and stand up straight in front of him but she keeps her distance. He smiled and grinned to her.

     "Come closer, are you afraid? I'm Romeo, Romeo Elmada" He told her with his evil grin. His piercing red eyes staring at her make her blush and look the window to avoid his eyes.

     "I'm just a maid and may I help you?" Miyuuki asked him back try to chase him away politely.

     He smiled. His piercing red eyes are killing and full of lust and passion to force her to come closer. Miyuuki says nothing to him. She sits next to him but not too close and he even changes his lusting expression.

     "That's too far," he declared as he raised his rough voice then he pulled her hand and pull her body towards him, "this is what we call closer."

     She watch his face that express an evil smile as she feel the evil presence got worsted. His evil and wryly smile make her nervous and wanted to escape from his touch.

     "Sir, please, I need to go back to work, please!" she made an excuse to escape from him but she fail. Romeo refuses to listen to her excuses like an idiot rumors. He smiled like a devil winning in bringing somebody to the dark side and his touch got more passion and more lustful.

     He touches her chest then follows by her body then her hips. Miyuuki struggle to escape but his touch is too tight that she even couldn't gots a chance to move a bit.

     He kisses her on the lips and pretended to be her first kiss. He watches her eyes as he stop kissing her. He hugged her body tightly. He unbuttoned her upper blouse then removes her collar. He bites her neck then he sips her blood.

    Miyuuki moans, trying to control her voice instead of screaming. Just like Marguerite had said, don't make any strange noises. Romeo put her legs on the sofa then he grovels on her with lustful way.

     "Sir Romeo, please stop it," she begged but useless.

     "Don't worry, I told you I do no harm but I'll make you feel the greatest pain you ever felt before," he declared with his lustful voice.

     He spread her legs with his knees and tries to spread her legs more. He pull her blouse slowly while touching her leg gently. Miyuuki struggle, crying for help in her mind because her mouth was froze in words. Romeo whisper to Miyuuki's ear softly and say that they're going to have the greatest night ever. Romeo is very lustful and loves sex and filthy things.

     Romeo kisses her neck then removes her blouse and started to kiss all part of her body. He enjoys his sex with her that night.



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