Violet's story



The beginning of the start of the universe


What counts as 'the birth of a godling'? Well, it counts as when the godling first opens her eyes. I was a little special. I opened my eyes exactly at the strike of midnight so I could chose my birthday.

I was born looking like a ten - year - old, just like the rest of my sisters. I was immedietly introduced to my sisters.

Oh, if you are not interested in what my sisters do then just skip everything.

My eldest sisters are Coraline, Tina, Diana, Laura, Eminem and Isla.

Coraline is the Godling of Colours. She has multicoloured hair and eyes. She wears a white dress adorned with multicoloured jewels. She created all the colours in the universe.

Tina is the Godling of Time. She has gold eyes and short black hair. She doesn't like to fool around much and always throws in idioms when she talks. She controls time. She always seems to wear the same golden, sleeveless dress.

Diana is the Godling of Darkness and Light. The left side of her hair is white and right side black. Her eyes are grey. She is seems emotionless but has a heart of gold, like Tina. She controls the volume of all the light and darkness in the universe. She wears a black and white dress. (Duh)

Laura is the Godling of Love. She has pink hair and eyes. She's pretty much like Cupid from 'Ever After High'. Once, she misaimed one of her love arrows and it hit me instead and since then, I fell in love with Jericho. She normaly wears that greek robe or a short pink dress.

Eminem is the Godling of Emotions. Her hair and eyes change colours according to her emotions. She controls every living thing's emotions. But for some reason, I am more emotional than her.  :/ Her dress chages colour according to her emotions.

Red = Anger

Blue = Sadness

Purple = Fear

Grey = Peaceful

Yellow = Happiness

Isla is the Godling of Immagination. She has pink hair with purple, blue and white streaks in it. She has multicoloured eyes like Coraline. She helped Credence to create the rest of her sisters, including me. She normaly wears a dress of colourful clouds.

Well, that's all for this chapter. Be sure to check when I upload!






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