Pale skin, jet black hair, black abyssal eyes dead as hell. My mother left me with those traits. My father dark brown hair and blue eyes. 

I have a Hard time making a face, an actually expression which comes from my mother.

People usually leave me alone. I look no different from a demon but those courageous shits Ruin my life but I guess it wasn't much to ruin huh. My father gone, never home. Mother disappeared assumed dead.

My mom I haven't seen since I was 6. She seemed nice but her face would make you think she couldn't give a shit if the world erupted into flame and crumbled to ash. now i live by my lonesome basically though my aunt visits on occasion to check up on me. 

At times I felt she actually felt that way. Religions? Non. The Way it was is that mother always found a flaw. The sins prove people are born sinners, live sinful lives. Nothing to be done about it. I don't disagree. People assume they're living Righteously. Psh! Ha! 

Walking into class the board eraser fell. As I knew this I stepped back and avoided it. Only to have a knee planted in my face causing me to fall down. Before I could react I felt weight on my abdomen. i opened my mouth ready to protest, Only to have plastic shoved in my something moved. On reflex I moved to spit what ever it was out. A hand forced my mouth closed and I hit my head on the floor. "MMMMMMM!!" I was struggling to vomit out the thing which was forced in my mouth. Then I heard her laugh. That girl who ruined school for me. "HAAHAHAHA" then "EWWW the fuck are you eating tanajin!" She brought the class entertainment. Everyone erupted in laughter. it seemed that it wouldn't end.  Then from behind me someone kicked my head, making my head go right into her skirt the students went silent. I blushed. Hearty Laughter from someone that couldn't read the situation erupted From behind me. "HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" my friend gold hair, gold eyes. An ikemen. Someone who would have girls fauning all over him if not for him being my friend.

  • Ekkkkkk" the one who 'pushed me' down 'ha.ha.ha! - nope' had a centipede on her. "A FUCKING CENTIPEDE!?" I was on my feet in a second about to punch her but my friend takashi escaada held my arm and pulled me half dragged me into running with him to the courtyard. In the distance "AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Is all I hear. "your house" takashi started to my house. Knowing him since we were kids, I know he was acting cool but why allow this cliche? " wrong way." "really!?" he looked at me surprised. I continued to my house. Same direction. Solemnly. so cool. 'rest in piece chiho ito' little did I know I wouldn't see her again, the one who ruined my school life including that class. At least not in this world. I heard a snicker from behind "you're awesome, how you managed to get your ass han- I mean centipede in your mouth will we ever know?"  I lunged to hit him. He dodged casually and ran to my house while laughing. I laughed to. He's just that type of guy. Make anyone laugh yet sharp. We ran home, not bothering to greet the house and started gaming on vr. 
  • Setting up the usual game I had just the other day obtained all achievements. except one. Hard to obtain. Almost impossible. Though we usually play Max difficulty, we still finished in less than a week. One step from obtaining to legendary item. The rarest horn. Once sounded you will meet a god or as many male players wish, Goddess.                                                                                                       "Jin!!" Takashi saved me from getting attacked by the dragon's tail head on. I jumped and ran along its body jumping, weaving, dodging energy attacks and so from the dragon, harpies, griffons, cyclops, imps, goblins, ogre, oni, the demons, even elves, beastmen, and draconic enemies. Whilst even cutting some down as they came, I dashed while decapitating the dragon and cutting clean the glowing horn from it's face. I plunged my dark rare sword [∆evil god sword] into the air making it ripple at my feet.                                                      invoking [dark rebellion] creating a shockwave, destroying the last of the army with a shockwave. I dropped from the air landing near takashi, rested my hand on his shoulder and sheathing my sword I caught the falling horn in my free right hand and blew it. My vision went dark then in moment I could see a universe.. no. Multiple-universes! tons of universes and constilations. Planets and what not. Then my vision went black in a few moments I found my self in a dark void a gold orb appeared a few feet from me

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Bio: The one who sought adventure.. drama.. Joy... harem.. a story. An overwhelming omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient existence which embraced entertainment that in turn the goddess sunk her wonderous teeth in me, Such glorious fangs. I the glorified Alpha and omega. The void. Bearer of countless moniker shall wield his desire like as the hero an his holy sword or the earth and its damned obsession w/ a hero doomed to succed. I shall enjoy that I wilt and sleep nigh eternally until ive been awoken from my slumber.

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