Lungo: Now tell me...what are you fighting for? Why do you have your Pokemon fight until they can no longer stand?

Storm: Why do I make them fight!? I have my Pokemon fight because we're working towards a common goal.

Shiro would glare at Lungo, as Lungo's attention stayed focus on Storm, and then Shiro would avert her eyes to Colress, and Colress would watch everyone on the field. She sighed, as she would then kneel down to lightly shake Kuro around, he hasn't responded to her. Shiro would clutch her fist, as she would lightly tug Storm's shoulder, not facing him.

Storm: What's the matter, Shiro?

Shiro: We need to get out of here...we need to get Kuro help.

Storm: We need to get revenge, for Kuro! She did this to him.

Shiro: No, Storm...she didn't. Her absol wouldn't be able to do this much harm to him. Some other Pokemon did this...

Colress: Hmm...? I think they plan to retreat.

Colress would walk towards the three children, as Lungo would continue to stare them all down, and Pignite would walk back to stand in front of Storm, as it would keep its eyes on Absol.

Colress: Don't worry, this child will be fine. He's just unconcious. 

Storm: He looks a lot more than unconcious...

Lungo: Team Plasma...they are unforgiving. You may have only fought grunts...but there's a lot more to Team Plasma....a member of Team Plasma...did this to your friend over there. If you know what's best for'd stop messing with them.

Storm:, with the coat. Can you...step out of the way?

Colress would then step out of the way, and Storm would grin a little.

Storm: Thanks. Pignite, flamethrower!

Pignite would nod, snorting smoke out from its nose as a beam of flames soon ignited out from its nose, and it all went to Absol.

Lungo: Protect.

A light mirror like shield would flash in front of Absol, causing the flames to spilt into two different directions on both of Absol's side, missing the Pokemon completely. Colress would look towards Storm, as Storm grinned, and Shiro looked at him with a sad expression. 

Storm: You must think Kuro and I are in the same boat. Kuro may not be able to stand toe-to-toe with any of you, but I'll tear you all apart.

Colress(thoughts): This boy...his Pignite, they seem to have a strong bond. Will this increase the Pignite's power? Or perphas trainers bringing out the power of Pokemon in such odd ways isn't true?

Lungo: Absol, Psycho cut.

Storm: Pignite, Rollout!

Pignite would soon roll towards Absol in a ballshaped format, as it would blitz the Absol and knock it down, as Pignite bounced out its ballshape and smiled, and Storm would place a grin on his face.

Storm: Now, Flamethrower!

Pignite would then unleash a beam of flames from its nostrols once again as it landed a hit on the Absol, as it seemed to be much hotter than before. 

Storm: You all don't know who you're dealing with. My name is Storm, and I will take Team Plasma down -- this is why me and Pignite fight, and that's why we'll never stop messing with Team Plasma until I crush them all!

Storm would then towards Shiro, as he grabbed Kuro and swung him onto his back, as he carried Kuro and began making his escape -- as Pignite laughed and hopped after its trainer. Shiro would stand after Pignite passed her by, and he ran after them -- and soon, they were all gone. Her absol would slightly struggle to stand back up, as Lungo clutched her fist, holding in her anger as she unleashed a cry of defeat.

Lungo: You arrogant brat....using your Pokemon for your own selfish goals....You don't deserve to have a Pokemon....!

Colress: Aha! Did you see that, Lungo? That Pignite's flames grew stronger once it jumped back into the fight! Could it have been its Blaze ability? I don't think so...this is helping my research going further! Now, I'll see you around.


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