Mitch threw his bag onto the table and closed the door. Only  to have it collapse and disappear onto the floor.

He had found himself in a circular patch of grass, surrounding this clearing were trees that seemed to climb up into the clouds.

Wondering where he was, Mitch heard a voice shout out.


Turning toward the mysterious voice, Mitch was immediately freaked out by the artificial ‘creature’ in front of him. This creature looked like a mannequin wrapped in wires.

“Sup, bet you never thought that you would ever see anything as magnificent as me.”

“wh-what are you.” Shouted Mitch

“me, well I’m the god of engineering, mechanical engineering to be exact. Most people just call me the god of clockwork or machinery though, as to not confuse me with other engineer-related gods.” Replied the so-called god.

Now that he had calmed down, Mitch took a closer look at this ‘thing’. It wasn’t actually a mannequin, it would be more accurate to call it a robot. The robot had many different types of technology, with its one arm a set of gears and springs, its chest a metal frame encompassing pistons, its leg wood with copper wires duct taped to its exterior, sending and recurving signals to tiny engines that pulled cables serving as muscles. The rest of this mechanical man was impossible to understand by Mitch, it looked like a mess of materials which functions he could not begin to think of.

“I want to make a deal with you!” said the god, “I'll give you lots of power and in exchange, you’ll show people how amazing I am.”

“am I dead?” said the shocked Mitch

“no, why would I propose an offer like this to a dead man.”

“Why me? What’s so special about me?”

“Goodness, your one of those mortals, the ones that ask a lot of questions! I didn't pick you, you’re not special, your just lucky. So, do you want to work for me or not?”

Feeling a bit put out, but happy none the less, Mitch replied “sure, why not”

“great see you in a bit.”

“WAIT!” cried Mitch, however he was too late, the god had vanished leaving but a mark in the ground and a backpack. The mark was in the shape of an arrow and pointed towards the tree line.

“Well, I might as well go where he wants me to, not like I have any other choice. He’ll show up again, wont he?”

With nothing left to do, Mitch grabbed the backpack and followed the direction the gods arrow pointed toward. As he walked, he noticed a gigantic wall stretching into the horizon. Upon this wall was a gargantuan gate, and, surrounding this gate were guards armed with spears and brown leather Armor.

Mitch groaned, “goodness me, I’m dead.”


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Cazqa @Cazqa ago

Try putting italized for the gods word or like " coz its confusing mate