The place was a dark spacious room filled with human’s. Covered in luminescence of everlasting light the place was filled with individuals dancing ,singing and merrily enjoying .In the midst of all these the main host of this wonderful event began to make a gesture with his hand calling someone.

“I’ve come, master?”

“Did you bring the prisoner?”

“Yes, I’ve brought him!!”

 The prisoner was brought after that the whole hall fell in silence. The reason for this was the prisoner was one of the most powerful and influencial individual in the entire demon continent. The person possessed candle wax skin and sharp teeth ,a key characteristic of the vampire race.

“Then shall we begin the inquisition”

The hall which was filled with individuals of numerous race but none could raise their voice against the person in front of them.

“If you want to kill me go ahead!!You will get nothing out of me human’s!!”

Screaming loudly the vampire ended his speech, showing reluctance of answering any questions.

“Oh, you must surely be mistaken. I won’t kill you. How could I kill someone who I once loved?”

Upon hearing the statement the entire hall fell in confusion. The vampire then asked,

“Why did you summon me?”

“Because it’s an inquisition. Answer the question’s asked and you can leave?”

“Can you start?”

After thinking for a while the vampire began to smile thinking of ending this pathetic charade.

Suddenly the vampire broke its chain .The vampire came closer to the individual in front of him and his servant and abruptly dissapeared.

“A-ah!!I thought I was a goner”

“Well your acting is spectacular “

After a while a large crater fell in the place where the banquet took place. Upon impact the crater sent all to oblivion. The place was charred and beyond recognizable.

“Now let’s drown together to our destruction.”

After this incident the humans declared full scale war or their final stand against the demons.


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