Ever felt your life was the very definition of 'Bad luck Brian'?

Zac was such a man. The current example was when he had just been dumped by a girl via a voice mail on their supposed first date right after a bird poo splattered on his newly bought shoe. After lamenting for a moment while being super positive he thought, "it could be a lot worse," as he stood up to take a slow stride around the park.

He didn't place high hope on this... appointment anyway but at least he didn't need to see she faking it or something, and who knew, maybe she was faking it since they first meeting.

However, that was not the reason he had a face of the man who just had climbed up from a hole full of shit, even falling into a hole full of shit might be better than this. As always, his bad luck wouldn't just let it end there, and after a short zen walk in the park's trekking path, Zac stumbled upon something dreadful.

At first, he was surprised when the entire park went quiet all of the sudden and then he noticed it just beyond the bushes, there was someone flat on their fours, face down in a fresh pool of blood. He told himself, no one could still be alive with that much blood under them.

He hesitated to approach the pool of blood but Zac knew he needed to made sure, he couldn't just ignore it. It only logical, right? That someone could still be alive and needed his help, but he immediately regretted his decision after he felt the cold skin on the wrist.

Zac was there in the park for a rare occasion but he ended up with finding a dead body, "damn it! This is the worst," he grumbled.

His mind kept telling him there was something wrong with his logic to check for the pulse. Zac then noticed there was a huge machete beside the corpse with its blade half soaked in the large pool of blood. The dead body looked small and feminine to him, the two things didn't really match up with each other.

How the hell she carried around that large machete? Was she a serial killer or something? Did she trip and stabbed herself? Questions upon questions came to his mind.

"Let's return and report this, nothing could get worse than this," he mumbled, but he cursed himself for saying those taboo words not a second later.

He knew he had raised the flag again when he felt the all too familiar tingling feeling at the back of his neck. His self-developed danger detector was sending him a warning. This 'alarm' had triggered many times before, for example, that one time just before a vase fell onto his head when his strut was halted because he had stepped on a dog poo.

How can a dog poo be that big, and why he didn't feel the alarm before he stepped on it? Zac shook his head, his mind keep thinking about the weirdest stuff rather the important ones.

Zac knew he needed to focus because this time the shiver was a lot worse than usual, and shortly after, he turned towards a noise coming from the bushes not far him. His brain simply refused to be surprised when something big with a sharp bloody horn emerged from the bushes before immediately started charging at him.

The ground under his feet rumbled as its hoofs stomped the ground. Of course, the killer is still here! Why the hell not! Right?

"This is freaking... impossible!" he growled and rolled to the side, dodging that animal's charge without even blinking.

How was he able to do these feats? Well, this amazing bad luck was nothing new to him because he had long confirmed his 'unique' circumstances by the time he was twelve years old. His body had a very rare condition that completely rejected the worshipped nanoborgs implant.

Labeled by the geeks as the human-made 'midichlorians', it was a miracle of the hyper-technology which all humanity enjoyed, well, except for zero point one percent of its fifteen billion human population.

After that faithless day, Zac's survival instinct kicked in, and he had made his mind up to train himself at every chance he got. All in the name of avoiding daily painful experiences which he had suffered for as long as he could remember. Random things kept happening to him by daily basis since he was little and it only got worst as he grows up and he estimated he would be dead by the age thirty if he did nothing about it.

Zac had scoured the internet for anything that could help to improve his situation and he dedicated his whole existence to be calm in the face danger, just so he could react quick enough. One of the things he learned was how to keep his eyelids open at any situation by staring into the falling shower water without blinking. It was almost an impossible thing to do even when he knew the water wouldn't hurt his eyeballs.

He had done all sort of stupid or senseless exercises he could find, but it was even weirder to find a dead body in the park while he was living in the peaceful world of the end of the third millennium. The security in this small city branch was too high with all the security drones to have a random dead body in its hillside forest park.

"I need to pick up the machete and fight!!" a voice bellowed inside of him, the same instinct that pushed the young Zac to train himself.

Zac did what his instinct told him and he took the machete before getting ready for another rush.

He maybe had a rotten luck, but no weird mutated animal would kill him today, and he refused to go down without a fight. He checked the machete durability just in case, and banging it on a solid stone on the ground returned a sharp ringing sound, it was a surprisingly well-made weapon.

Wouldn't want to find out that it was a faulty equipment during dire moments, it would be a disaster at that time. Zac then turned towards the growl he heard and cursed again inside his heart, "What the fuck is that? a mutant... bull!?"

He hated to admit it, but luckily the mutant bull was already injured as it was already bleeding a lot, and from the looks of it, it was preparing for another rush attack when it was brushing its hoof on the ground. Not a moment later, the huge body sprung forward after its hind leg kicked the ground and the mutant animal charged straight at him, again.

Zac's heartbeat pulsated furiously as he was conflicted on how to react before the mutant animal was too close for him even to think. Like many times before this, his began to witness everything in slow motion as epinephrine started to pump into his system. This was one of the 'tools' he found out in his research and he already experienced it a few times.

The awful snot from the animal's snout wiggled in the air almost made him forget the bloody sharp horn that was coming straight for his stomach.

It was a do or die situation, and at the last crucial moment, he did a quick side roll again just before straightening his machete in the boar's charging path, mimicking one of his favourite scenes from a movie.

Morpheus from the classic trilogy would've been proud.

The blade cut upward deep into its bowls because he apparently held it at an angle. Zac tighten his grip when he felt the machete shook while it was cutting the charging bull. He felt something was drained from inside him while he made the cut and he noticed the edge glimmered red before the cut felt smoother as its blade tore the abdomen open, soaking the blade with fresh blood.

"Must have been my imagination," he mused when the bull charged past him before his attention turned back towards the bull.

The mutant bull was galloping in a straight line with its fresh intestines making a trail of guts and blood. It stumbled after a few moments later and fell to the ground cold, creating a cloud of dust. Zac didn't realize how large the mutant was before but now it clearly as large as his mother's electric car and it has six pairs of legs?

"Was it some kind of mad scientist experiment gone wrong?" he mumbled.

He noticed the machete he was holding was clad in red while it was releasing smoke and that made him let go of the blade, but then the weirdest thing in all his life happened, a hovering translucent 'screen' appeared in front of him.

393'th solo {Raid Event} ended, welcome new participant to the Dungeon Apocalypse's {Tutorial Period}, curtsey of your Realm Admin.
Congratulations! You've earned a {Bail Ticket}, please select a base and then at least you won't die too easily.

{Status View} - unlocked.
{Hazard Sense} - unlocked
{Dodge}- unlocked.
{Melee weapon} - unlocked.

**Admin note: Better get prepared before the space rocks get too close, and don't forget to have fun while at it!


While he was still baffled by the sudden in-game like screen, Zac felt a sharp sensation inside his heart and he was enduring the pain when words started slipping out of his mouth, "why this shit is happening in this world too!?"

He was bewildered, "wha!?, what did I just say?" Zac was confused by the chain of odd incidents, one thing after another and it made him wonder... did he accidentally killed a black cat today?

* * *


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Jeff091 @Jeff091 ago


thanks for the story


need to see she faking it or something, and who knew, maybe she was faking it since they first meeting.

need to see her faking it or something, and who knew, maybe she was faking it since they first met / their first encounter/meeting


had a face of the man who

had the face of a man who


the boar's charging

the bull's charging