Author’s Note :

This is just a fiction story that I wrote just to fill my boredom. All of the names, places, and time in this story is not real. There will be violence and ‘a few’ gore stuff in the story as it goes slowly, please consider this before reading. I apologize for the inconvenience if there’s mistake in my grammar or spelling, it would be very pleasant if you would give me a hint or correction.

Also, this is the first time I publish a story on Royal Road, if there’s a story with a similar storyline as mine please tell me as soon as you could, so that I can change the story line.

Thank you so much, enjoy the story

“Is she dead?”

“No, she’s still breathing”

“Are you sure? She just fell pretty hard, like 15 meters out of nowhere”

“She haven’t wake up?” another voice asked.


“Anything from her broken?”

“I’ve checked her up, nothing, she’s very lucky” another voice pops up.

“If she doesn’t wake up, hope her soul doesn’t roam here. We don’t have time to make a funeral for her” told a voice with sarcasm.

“I am NOT DEAD” I screamed shocking them. One of them stumble backwards and fall his butt, he groaned shooting me an irritating look. “Oh look, she’s practically alive” scoff a boy at the corner watching me from afar. There were droplets of water from his blonde bangs, his blue sky eyes stare at me with a treathing look.

“Now” he walked up towards me. “Where did you come from?”

“Excuse me, but what do you mean?” I replied annoyed.

“I am asking you once more, where did you come from? You just fell out of nowhere and almost crushed Arvin to death”

“I AM still ALIVE and WELL” told a guy with messed brown hair shooting a glare. He has a fair tanned skin, his face was round, and his eyes were quite big. He mumbled a few words that I can’t understand before spitting a few curse words. “Don’t mind him, I’m fine, but I’m more worried about you. You just fell from above and hit the ground with a sound of crack” he explained. “But need not worry Neive took good care of you” he pointed to the brunette girl beside him. A blush crept up her cheeks as she tried to hide her face.

“Oh yeah, let me introduce the rest of us” Arvin implied.

“This is Roland”

“Sup” greeted the guy with a blazing red hair. His skin was very pale, that I would thought that he was sick. He scooted towards a young girl, who’s fiddling a branch between her fingers, she looked around not more than 10 years old and has the same hair as Roland, although her skin is more fair than Roland’s. “And that’s Rebecca, Roland’s younger sister”

Arvin took a quick shoot towards the blonde hair guy behind him and gave him a meaningful look. “Kein” he answered quickly, “And we haven’t know your name”. As I opened my mouth to reply, a horrible sound struck my ear, or maybe all of our ears. It didn’t stopped for about a few minutes until a well-suited men came out from a stage.

“Hello” he scanned around the room. It was very huge that I didn’t realized there are more people in the place, most of them are teenagers. All were confused and angry at the same time. “I see everyone had gathered”

“Now, before I start, I would like to introduce myself, Fraser Willow at your service. I will be your guide before we start the real thing”

“What do you mean by the real thing?” shouted a large guy near the stage. From his body structure he would have break anyone’s bone in a few seconds.

Fraser shoot him a meaningful look before continuing, “Let me explain this once, I won’t repeat twice. Now, I want everyone to check their wrist now”

As he speak, I could feel a burn on my left wrist, numbers suddenly appeared marking me, 0746. “Those numbers, you can consider them as your identity code, everyone will have different numbers. Those number are not exchangeable. Also, never lose your identity code, ever”. Those words struck me pretty hard, how can we lose these numbers if it was marked on our wrist. I took a small glance towards Kein, who simmingly understand Fraser’s words, he nodded a few times checking his numbers.

“How can we lose it?” the guy from before complained back “it’s on our wrist”. Fraser didn’t compliment anything from him. “Hey! Answer me” he shouted climbing the stage facing Fraser alone. I could see his ‘friends’ were terrified from his actions, they took a few steps back knowing trouble will came soon.

“Are you answering me or not?”

“Reese, I think it’s better for you to go back down”

“Huh?! What are you saying? You’re not my mother” the guy, Reese shot back towards his friend. “And I ain’t goin’ down until I got my answers” he growled raising his left fist trying to punch Fraser. He could have make Fraser fly a few meters back, but the next thing I saw was blood painting the front row and a hand flew towards my direction, 0217 was mark on it’s wrist. Roland quickly covered his sister’s eyes as Neive clasp her mouth in horror.

“What” I could hear Reese’s voice trembling dread as he saw his left hand was missing. Fraser stood in front of him with bloody knife, “I am very disappoint with your attitued and now I’ll give an example why you all shouldn’t lose your codes. Well, anyone want to take a guess?”

“He’ll die”

I turned to see Kein raising his hands. “What? In blood lost?” shot one of Reese’s friend. “No”

“Then what is it if you’re so smart?”

“If you’re blind you wouldn’t have take a closer look of your ‘friend’” Kein shot back looking at Reese. Neive screamed as there were small worms creeped up to Reese’s body. “What, what is this?” he screamed towards Fraser.

“You’re punishment of course. Never interrupt a guide” he answered calmly.

Reese looked pale as he tried to aimed Fraser, but the worms keep munching his skin and meat, starting from his legs, vital parts, up onto his head. Fraser stood there without any expression or even movements as Reese slowly crept up towards him. I couldn’t seen what happened next as people started to crowd towards the stage, all that I know is that he’s dead by now. I saw Arvin walked up towards the stage checking on the condition, he came back with a shook on his head, only his skeletons are there, he told us.

I took a quick glance around the room and saw a boy and a girl mumbling at the corner, they seemed have no interest on the attraction. But they kinda know what’s happening. The jet-black haired girl rolled her eyes glancing back towards the boy next to her as she scooted away from him.

“Well, now let’s continue” Fraser announce cleaning his knife. “I’ll start from explaining the rules. First, the theme of this game is not about how many peoples you have killed, murders are not welcomed here. Second, there will be different stages, each with random levels. There will be 3 types of stages; simple, intermediate, and tough. In addition, there will be special stages that will grant any wish”

The room was filled with muffled sound, chit chatting things that they would wish as they found the special stages. “But, be careful what you’ve wished for” Fraser cuts them “what you wish maybe won’t help you in the next stages” he shot a glare around the place as the muffled sound starts to calm down.

“Third brains and brawns are needed to continue each stage, consider this when gathering your team” he continued “Fourth, there will be teams that you can choose by your own one team consist of 10 peoples, no more than that tho it can be less than that. But if you consider to go alone, I have no problem, but remember brains and brawns are necessary. Last but not least, if you are acknowledged to break one of these regulation, punishment won't be avoidable, please remember this. The punishment will be different, and now you’ve all seen one of the example” he kicked Reese’s skeleton.

“You have 2 hours before you start, please use this time carefully to gather around teams. I’ll be back as the time is finished” Fraser disappeared as the stage became a giant digital clock counting down from 2 hours. All that I could see was silence, no one barely move around, only a few people do. Kein sat down next to Arvin who looked confused, “Well, this is our team” Kein said straight-forward without any discussion with his friends.

I rolled my eyes seemingly Kein saw me, “You haven’t tell us your name” he shot me. I sighed, I really hate when it comes to tell my name, “Simone Lane, Simone”

People always thought me as boy because my name.


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