Transcendent Fiendgod

by twilightblade57

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Romance Male Lead Non-Human lead Slice of Life Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

In 2370, Earth has long adopted the use of futuristic technology and virtual reality was a commonplace. The century's greatest VR MMO Auora Online had finally ended, ready to be forgotten in the ravines of time as civilization continued growing at an accelerating rate.

However, there was one player whose name struck fear in all those who heard it. The great demon king Azaroth was renowned for being the strongest existence in the game. An emotionless, ruthless war god who cut down massive guilds and challengers like flies. A mysterious persona whom never revealed itself to the world and whose fame was greater than even the most popular celebrities.

One day, unbeknownst to anyone, that player had vanished from the face of the planet. Meanwhile, at the far edges of the greater world Uvenia, the arrival of a single man took place.

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Dats It
  • Overall Score

Already an interesting and amazing plot. Hopefully more chapters in the future :)

  • Overall Score

Nice and funny. Just solid in general. It's a mish-mash of the tropes you see in a multitude of other novels, but they work together pretty well. 

  • Overall Score

Great,GREAT And Great!!!!!!!

Dude iam so interested i hope you wont abbandon it.

And quick new Chapter >:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Overall Score

Keep up the good work! :D, This is very refreching and I love the story so far. looking forward for more chapters. 

Andrew Cheyenne
  • Overall Score

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