Taking off the heavy VR headset, Max Stewart gazed lifelessly at the ceiling.

Climbing off his bed in a fatigued manner, he opened his computer and immeditaley went onto the Auora Online homepage.

The game had officially shut down 10 minutes ago, and it was confirmed to be scrapped forever. 

He was known as the demon king of the virtual world, an undefeatable existence that was admired and feared by every single player regardless of status.

Standing up and walking out of his room for the first time in years, Max recalled his past as an orphan whose parents had both died in a terrorist attack since he was 5.

He had struggled to afford to money for school and eventually had to drop out, mocked by his fellow classmates and would not have survived to this date if it were not for his fortunate encounter with virtual reality games, allowing him to earn a living.

Looking into a large mirror, a 29 year old black haired man with a well built body could be seen. Standing over 1.8 metres, his chiseled facial features and dull brown eyes made his face possess a mysterious charm.

However right now, this man sported a lifeless expression on his face. The game he had played for the last 15 years was his lifeline and he was completely immersed into it's world.

Now that it had finally been shut down, Max felt that he no longer had a purpose in life. He had already earned enough wealth to live the rest of his life out without doing any work, however, the loss of his demon king persona and the connections formed with the life-like npcs within the game shattered his heart.

Opening the door to the balcony, the night sky reflected innumerable stars as he looked down at the clouds beneath him. Leaping onto the thin rails, Max jumped....

'I wish that I was born into an alternate fantasy world, like the one within the game..." was the last thought that he had before he blanked out.

Soon, a majestic voice rang out.

The user's soul strength is insufficient for dimensional travel. Now merging with alternate persona, the 'Great Demon King Azaroth'.

After a flash of light, Max had disappeared.


In a small dark cave.



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Bio: New to writing novels and has just recently started on a project of mine. Would appreciate some feedback if possible :p.

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axelsson27 @axelsson27 ago

Thanks for the prologue ^-^ looking forward to the next chapter ^^

Skull89 @Skull89 ago

Thanks for the chapter.

BlazingBlade @BlazingBlade ago

Hope you can keep both stories going