Descendants of the Divine

by Akio

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Male Lead Non-Human lead Supernatural

This Is the Era of GODS!

This is the Era of TITANS!

This is the Era of DREAMERS!

This is the Era of KINGS!

This is the Era to carve your name in history!

This is the story of Mansa’s first time leaving his village to see the world and the series of events that would lead to him dominating an Era in history.


The entire story is just the first draft so there might inconsistencies and stuff like that so just please point them out when you see them.

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Personally, I hate the start. Almost all stories that start in the future and then move to the past for everything is generally just shitty to me. Starting a story with such a hook is boring. Especially because it spoils the rest of the story considering 1. You know the MC doesn't die. And while yes no MC's really die in a story having an emotional and close call is a lot less heavy hitting when the shadow of the fact that he will be fine in the end kinda ruins it for me. 2. The grammar is slightly subpar. (Almost all quotes have the beginning capitalized and the ending with a period(some don't)) 3. The interuptions, while funny, also really ruin the whole flow of the story (At least in the first chapter I didn't want to bother to read further considering the start really turned me off) I would really only recommend this story if there is an overhaul on how the story continues, I will watch this story only to see if it improves or not.