Legendary Forger & Orian
27.78% 27.78% of votes
Life Shaper & Noctis
30.56% 30.56% of votes
Element Manipulator & Mora
16.67% 16.67% of votes
I don't care, do what you think is best. I just want MORE! (Author will choose.)
25% 25% of votes
Total: 36 vote(s)
A note from The Monk


Cracks neck and sets jaw.

Ah! So you were expecting a chapter part and the rest this week? Well, I'm sorry to say that is not to happen, as frankly I have been going blitz on chapter writing for the last 4 months(An impressive feat if I must brag) and I need a break. But! But, but, but that's not really what this is about, this is about the future of Katra and Kardin. So, for the rest of the week I will not be posting any chapter parts, but instead will leave this poll up. It shall be valid from April 16 to April 22, after that I will be taking down the poll and leaving this page up. 

So, with chapter 21 many paths were opened to Kardin, roads of possibilty. As such, it only makes sense for Kardin to focus on one path and strengthing his skills. So I have devised a poll as to see what you would like to see him focus on, of course, I can't have the poll just be that, no, no, no, it has to have MORE!

As with your choice of the path Kardin is to focus mainly on, not to say he won't dabble in other paths, comes one that will influence the plot. As with the last poll, World Building was chosen(and Kamar with it) comes a secondary choice to consider. Where will Kardin end up next.

 Down below I have put Kardin's choice of paths and where he will end up, with little blurbs to give you a general idea of what these paths and places entail. I will stress that you should think about your choice highly before deciding, because this will have a direct impact on plot and Kardin's abilities. (My personal favorite is Forger, it’s sort of the balance between Shaper and Manipulator)

 Feel free to discuss this down in the comments, ask me questions, speculate and about what these Paths might just entail, because these are just short blurbs, I have put possible combos with what Kardin can do with them, as he will mainly be focusing on one thing, but might try a few other things.

Artificer Paths:

Legendary Forger: 

You know your path lies in the shaping of arms and armor. You create weapons of great renown and legend, armor that is famed. You create spears that can pierce mountains and armor that can resist a dragon's claws, a gauntlet that can throw lighting and sentient weapons. You propel yourself to new heights of strength with each iteration of weapons you create, forging items of power. (Crafter, Weapon Manipulation & Summoning.) (Possible Combos: Living Weaponry)

Life Shaper:

You have done the impossible, created and manipulated life. You know your path lies in the manipulation and creation of new organisms to help further your goals and help you grow in strength. Your creatures aid you in battle, and help protect you while also acting as weapons. You can create beasts that can shred a man to peices in seconds, monsters that can seige castles, nightmare creatures that could stop a man in his tracks and animals that can burrow through solid steel. You propel yourself to new heights with each creation, learning to create the ultimate beast. (Bio Manipulation, Summoner & Tamer) (Possible Combos: Golems) 

Element Manipulator: 

You find your path lies down the road of control, to shape the very fabric of nature to your benifit.  You can control the very earth you stand upon, you can creates blades of water that can cut through steel, control and bend fire to your will, control the air right out of a man's lungs. To create spells that can freeze oceans and burn your enemies to ash. You propel yourself to new heights with each spell you create and element you master. (Spellcaster, Spell Creation & Element Manipulation) (Possible Combos: Elementals)



The flying nation, it folows a course around the coast of Auren. It is a place of powerful sacred artists and dangerous flying beasts. It a nation of rich and diverse culture, known for it's many powerful items. It is a land of adventure and danger, opportunities to become powerful and die equal in measure. Though, a new item has been introduced to its underworld, a drug known simply as Dragon Rage. It is highly addictive and seems to change the user slowly, making them more violent. The creator of this drug is unknown, but there is something sinister about the Dragon Rage.


A land thwrat with danger, from it's swampy landscape to its nocturnal beasts. It is a land most known for it's unique plants, ones that can sell for a fortune and be made into powerful elixers or deadly poisons. A culture of survival and greed has been cultivated in this land, a hardy people born and able to survive extreme conditions. The hunters keep back the tide of nocturnal beasts, working for coin and venturing far. But something brews deep in the swamps, a rot that grows and bides its time till it can consume all, twisting all that it touches.


A brutal land known for it's harsh conditions and resilient beasts. A place called colder than the 4 hells, this is a barren and desolate landscape that has developed a unique breed of creature. A culture of surival has developed, a resilient people being born. It is said, that far into the mountains, lays a ancient city that contains a powerful Artifact that can control ice and snow, and recently new information has been discovered on its possible location. Many want this powerful item, and they would kill for it, for those who control it control the land of Mora and it's barren icy landscapes.


About the author

The Monk

  • Look Behind You
  • Lord of Obscurity and Misdirection

Bio: Some say he is an all knowing being. Others think him a mad man living alone in the swamps. There have been many reports of successful demon summonings of him, but none confirmed. Some call him the root of all evil while others argue he is the embodiment of chaos and madness. But no one knows for sure

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Jazehiah @Jazehiah ago

The guy's dream is to become a blacksmith. I came here to read about someone driving to become just that.

The cultivation was just supposed to help him survive and supplement his creating skills. It's a means of obtaining materials. It even grants him the strength to forge them properly. Lately, he's hardly had any time to practice his craft. I want to see him succeed in his crafting career.

    The Monk

    The Monk @The Monk ago

    Yes, indeed. Kardin does enjoy creating things, which is why I chose all three Paths to have something in the way of creation. From life to spells to weapons. My personal favorite is Legendary Forger, because it is sort of the balance between Life Shaper and Element Manipulator.

Fenrir_070 @Fenrir_070 ago

I've always been a nut about forging. Tried forging a knife out of an old file when I was 14 in our home's coal furnace needless to say it didn't turn out to be a masterpiece...still never miss Forged in Fire so I think Kardin would make an excellent smith...could hear Doug saying to Kardin now " Eeet will keeel."

    The Monk

    The Monk @The Monk ago

    Forged in fire, bathed in a crucible of blood and pain. And perhaps Kardin will become no better than you at forging, lets hope not.

      Fenrir_070 @Fenrir_070 ago

      Well damn, I was never forged in fire nor have I ever bathed in anything other than good 'ole H2O so I hope that after going through all that Kardin is at least able to make a respectable prison yard shiv. Honestly I do favor the "Forged" option but your description of Mora has me intrigued as well. For me it was about 95% Forged as skill path and 65% Mora as interesting location. I obviously am all about the forging but a little info/side character story, whatever, regarding Mora would intrigue me as well. Just something about the way you described it and the beasts got to me. I was thinking about how Kardin would be able to use some of the "beast trophies" in his forging as raw materials if they're so bad ass. Thanks for option to vote, I guess that would make us readers some kind of demi-gods with the ability to change Kardin's fate...of course you are the all powerful "Overgod" that controls every aspect of his existence...I hear another "Mwaahahaha" coming...

      The Monk

      The Monk @The Monk ago

      Ima put a quote in about mad gods influenceing Kardin’s fate. And yes, perhaps we will visit Mora, even if Forger & Orian win. Though, it would probably be after the discovery and subsequent control of the Ice Artifact.

      Let’s hope Kardin can atleast make a prison yard shiv by then. He’s having some problems with construction currently. Though, we shall see which option wins, and remember, Kamar isn’t there just for the heck of it. Wink. Muahahhahahahah!

Acheron Cynbel @Acheron Cynbel ago

I voted for life shaper, the other two are interesting (Elementalist the least interesting sounding imo) but the reason I didn't vote for the Forger is it's been done so many times, I can think of three bookmarked stories I have on my list even that have it.

Not to say it wouldn't be interesting to see it done your way but it would be far more interesting to see something new than something done many times in a different way, this is especially true after seeing the grey katra monster that made other monsters, the way you described the creatures suggest you would be very good at making unique and interesting creatures for Kardin to create.

    The Monk

    The Monk @The Monk ago

    This is why I left things up in a poll. Now, if Forger wins, that doesn’t mean Kardin isn’t going to do nothing with he ability to control life, he will just generally focus on item creation(whether that item is living or inanimate remains to be seen) I too, think many possibilities can stem from Life Shaper, and I do like creating nightmare beasts. I’m a mad scientist/author in that regard. Ahahaha.

Mr. Bubbles @Mr. Bubbles ago

Legendary forger and Mora. Forge the weapons in icy flames ye fool!

Elins @Elins ago

I couldn't choose. Generally I'd think author knows best, RRL can prove you very wrong in that aspect, but Katra is doing fine ;)

I think even if a supposedly boring option wins, in the end it's still gonna be a good story. And I gues there is a route that's going to happen anyways, no matter the path. I mean Kardin has seen a bit in that ball that showed the future, so some things are already set or very likely to happen (and I guess the author has already a rough outline how to get there or how to avoid it, if there is a future vision of it).

Edit: also because not a lot of people have voted yet, it can change rather quickly. I guess if someone wasn't happy with the popular choice and got other people to vote for their option it could change even more rapidly, but for now there isn't much of a fight in the comments :D

    The Monk

    The Monk @The Monk ago

    Oh, indeed I have a future plan. But it will be a pong time before it comes to full fruition. We shall see yet if an argument breaks out, we still have 5 days left on the poll, either way, one option is bound to win. I thought it best to give people an option on future out comes.